Scott Lively on Bogus State Lockdowns

As I watched the bluest of the blue states, California and New York go into Coronavirus Lockdown this week, I couldn’t help thinking about those inane comic-book Transformer movies where everyday machines transform into giant robotic villains and turn American cities teeming with weak and helpless human beings into smoking ruins. Except in our real-life version the transformers are the media-controlling evil globalist elites scrambling to transform America into a police state before the hard numbers on actual hospitalizations and fatalities can be used by President Trump to finally neutralize their fear-mongering.

Once it can be proven to the now panic-stricken public that this disease is actually less lethal than the Flu – based on actual cases, not exaggerated projections and spin – then the stampede will end, and the people will realized they’ve been played for fools and start looking for pay-back in the form of a Trump reelection landslide.

We’re still a couple of weeks away from that turning point, so the globalists are maximizing their leverage while they can. That’s the purpose of the state lockdowns, to ratchet up the fear factor, because they know that the stampeding herd will do far more damage to our economy than the disease itself, and that’s their strategy for defeating Trump.

Democrat bastions California and New York kicked this off because they’re hard-left cultural trend setters, then Blue Illinois and Pennsylvania followed immediately to create the sense of momentum, then the media began firing their rhetorical guns in the air to try to stampede the rest of the state governors. Some have already followed suit. Now comes the media thumb-screws for President Trump, who may be forced to initiate some form of national lockdown to placate the increasingly hysterical masses who might otherwise turn against him. Remember, a stampeding herd doesn’t think, it only reacts to the ones shooting the guns (in this case the media) and can thus be steered in any direction, even against the White House.

But there’s light at the end of the tunnel: hard science and simple math are already knocking down the propaganda among citizens who pay attention and know how to use a calculator. The numbers to watch are hospitalizations and fatalities. Of course, getting the flu is never fun, but if you don’t need hospitalization you’re irrelevant as far as justifying a police state emergency goes. So with just those two numbers (dividing the smaller by the larger and moving the decimal point two spaces to the right) you can follow the actual mortality rate of the disease.

For example, using Center for Disease Control stats, the 2018/2019 winter flu season had a roughly 6.97% mortality rate for hospitalized patients: 32,400 deaths divided by 490,600 hospitalizations. The 2017/2018 winter flu had a roughly 8.9% mortality rate: 80,000 deaths divided by 900,000 hospitalizations. So far, with numbers changing by the minute, the Coronavirus mortality rate is under 8.7% of hospitalizations – serious but certainly not sufficient to justify a world-shaking panic-attack.

From now on, every day the US statistics on Coronavirus will get clearer and the mortality rate will drop further because of the various known cures that have emerged in just the past few days using time-tested and readily available drugs. Keep in mind that these cures (for a disease that only started spreading about three months ago) were not known about in hardest hit China and Italy. Once those numbers become common knowledge, everything will change for the better. We might even be able to buy toilet paper again!

One last point. The Democrats and Never-Trumper Republicans are causing huge damage to the country with this scorched earth strategy, but they’re doing the most damage to themselves.

So the best thing all of us in the grassroots can do is spread the word that this pandemic is going to be under control very soon. It will be very helpful in the rebound phase to have documented all of the leftist fearmongering to use against them this fall. Take screen-shots and gather other evidence now because they might delete the examples of their treachery later.

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