Scott Lively on Keeping Things in Perspective in the Present Crisis

Dr. Lively urges Christians, especially Christian men, to actively calm and reassure the people in their circles of influence and help them to keep the present crisis in perspective. All believers should be setting an example of confidence and trust in God for all the circumstances of their lives, especially through hardship. He suggests that an important tool for combatting fear and depression is getting away from the artificial things in our lives such as TV and news organizations which only offer a second or third hand view of the world, and instead going to a park or other natural place to focus one’s mind and senses on God’s creation. He reminds viewers that the creation operates in cycles and seasons, ups and downs, valleys and mountaintops, and that we’d never appreciate the high points without contrast with the lows.

“We’re all in this together,” he says, “and we’re going to get past it. Whether this crisis is a short term bump in the road or the season of the last days, we can always rest assured that Our Lord has promised He will never leave us, nor forsake us.”

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