Scott Lively Says Trump Winning Again! This Time Over Coronavirus Media Fear-Mongering

Dr. Lively gives President Trump an A+ for managing the elites’ orchestrated pandemic so competently that his leadership as Commander in Chief is winning over even many Democrats. He predicts the media-created stampede will quickly subside once the “bailout” package is adopted by Congress and will be fully calmed once the actual US fatality and survival rates of the coronavirus are able to be determined with statistical accuracy based on actual cases and not media-spun projections.

Dr. Lively shares conservative concerns that another trillion dollars is being added to the national debt, but believes current circumstances warrant the spending. Further, he gives President Trump the highest possible marks for brilliantly co-opting the Democrat leadership by preemptively proposing the bailout remedy himself once he realized he was being outmaneuvered by media fear-mongering. He argues that debt can only be paid off in a strong economy and we won’t have one until we get this crisis behind us and get back to the work of pushing the Marxists out of power.

As a side note, Lively highlights the absurd panic-buying of toilet paper, programmed into the public response by media reporting at the start of the crisis, and then cynically covered as a “supply chain crisis” by the same media, as evidence that the stampede was definitely orchestrated.

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