The Snake in the Garden of Heathens

Dr. Lively resumes his “Sunrise Commentaries” with some farm-life “Show and Tell” before offering a video version of his essay “The Snake in the Garden of Heathens” in which he questions whether China is being thrown under the bus and being made the scapegoat by the globalists now that President Trump has ruined their plan to make China the model for global socialism by winning his trade and monetary war with the Chinese Communist Party, and luring American corporations back to the homeland. In this scenario, these same elites that helped make China an economic and military rival to the US, would like now to push for US/Chinese military conflict to create further geopolitical chaos for the western Marxists to exploit.

One of the most chilling comments in the testimony of the recently un-gagged Dr. Judy Mikovits, (which I watched before it was censored by YouTube) was her confession that part of her job years ago as a young scientist working under the snake Anthony Fauchi was to “teach” Ebola how to invade human cells. Now comes a story out of Hong Kong that “People In Hong Kong Are Becoming Ill With Rat Hepatitis For First Time Ever. No One Knows How It’s Happening.”

Given the timing and location of this Hong Kong outbreak, it seems obvious that Communist China is either engaging in biological warfare (suggesting Covid-19 was a sort-of Pearl Harbor beginning to a larger strategy), or, that a third party wants the world to believe that it is. Both scenarios evoke the specter of imminent – or already emerging – war, and suggests major events are in play beyond the public view.

What I’ve concluded from news reports during the Covid 19 Pandemic is that the Wuhan China virology labs were to the corrupt scientists of the western world what captured terrorist renditions to Muslim countries were to military intelligence agencies: a place beyond the reach of the rule of law, where the annoying limitations of Judeo-Christian ethics and morality could be ignored.

In short, Wuhan was the “Garden of Heathens” – a Satanic counterpart to the Garden of God in Eden – where human Malthusian Eugenicists like Bill Gates and Dr. Fauchi could feast on the forbidden fruit of the knowledge of evil — and “become like gods” by creating deadly new pathogens and their antidotes: the perfect weapons system for controlling the world and, perhaps, culling millions if not billions of its “useless eaters” and “undesirables” in the process. Like many, I suspect the coming Bill Gates Covid 19 vaccine of being a big part of this admittedly unproven but historically, ideologically and (perhaps) prophetically consistent conspiracy.

Now China is not an innocent party in all of this. When the Cultural Marxists of the Bush and Clinton Dynasties gained control of the US, they formed a corrupt partnership with the Communist Chinese party and built the NAFTA superhighway to China, along which the all-too-frequently amoral, sociopath-run and predatory corporations of American manufacturing abandoned the US and willingly turned China into an increasingly powerful economic and military rival to their own homeland. (Importantly, this was all the consequence of our society, including the business world, slowly but inexorably trading Judeo-Christian morality for the Secular Humanist worldview after WWII, but that’s not my main point.)

However, I do not believe China is the mastermind of this set-up to WWIII, if that’s what is actually occurring. The masterminds are the western globalists of the US, UK and EU: the ones who arranged the marriage of Communist China and the Multinational Corporate Cartel to create an Asian-based model for global socialism without all the nationalist resistance they encounter in the west. The same ones working unceasingly to take down Trump.

And I believe these same Machiavellian elites are ready to throw China under the bus now that Donald Trump has destroyed their plans and ruined the China model by winning his trade and monetary-policy war with China, and luring manufacturing back to the homeland. One could say that Trump has been the proverbial “Bull in the China Shop.”

In any case, now damaged and useless for their purposes, China will now (I believe) be transformed by the elites (through media propaganda and selective leaks of insider knowledge) into a “rogue empire” deserving military pay-back. This is intended to stir up global chaos that the elites hope to use as cover for revolutionary change serving the Marxist agenda – a sort of self-gifted consolation prize. And, just as the elites piggy-backed on Ronald Reagan’s goal of taking down communism in the Soviet Union to advance their banking and oil interests, they hope to piggy-back on President Trump’s goal of ending the threat of China’s vision and plan for global economic dominance to advance their own plan for global control.

Granted, this is complex geo-political calculus, but I believe it is accurate, and note that anti-Chinese war-drums are already beating, independent of the Trump administration (which clearly does not control the media).

Now on to the snake in the garden, Dr. Fauchi. I am convinced that President Trump was forced to lock-down the country against his will by the elites, whose control of media, and mastery of fear-mongering temporarily stampeded his base. But, strategic genius that he is, he put Fauchi out front and center in his daily news conferences, knowing that the truth about Fauchi’s conflicts of interest over suppressing Hydroxychloroquine and his links to the Clintons and the Wuhan labs would eventually be exposed. And once the public caught on to both Fauchi’s duplicity and the media’s intentional sabotage of the economy, the stampede of panic would turn into a giant pro-Trump protest rally. That’s where we stand today. The Trump base is coming back stronger than ever, his America First agenda has been fully vindicated, and the emerging economic depression is ready to popularize populism like never before.

The Democrats actually want another Great Depression because they remember how far FDR was able to move the needle leftward during those years – and in fact, if the Dems retake the White House in November, we’ll become a socialist empire in the blink of an eye. BUT, Trump is the ultimate anti-FDR, and at the moment it looks like he’s holding all the cards again, especially as the Obama team, including Joe Biden, are starting to be exposed to the public as the nest of vipers they are – with hard documentation already starting to dribble out about their illegal espionage against the Trump team, and the Durham investigation still grinding toward the announcement of criminal prosecutions.

Despite everything I’ve written above, I don’t think President Trump is going to allow war with China to get past an initial confrontation, if it even gets that far. I believe he will instead force China into submission to a US-led economic recovery plan with mutual benefits. That’s just a hunch, but it’s the more Christian thing to do, and he has surrounded himself with Christians. Frankly, I believe that is the secret to Trump’s brilliance. With a couple of glaring exceptions, he’s apparently being guided by the Holy Spirit – either directly, or indirectly via his team.

So it really doesn’t matter what the snake from the Garden of Heathens wants or what the global elites have planned. It either fits with God’s timetable or not, and He, as always, is still in charge.

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