Why Obama Targeted General Michael Flynn

Dr. Lively congratulates General Michael Flynn on his exoneration and explains why Barack Obama was so infuriated with Gen. Flynn that he targeted him for personal destruction by the FBI and his team of corrupt Deep State agents. He details and documents his argument that Obama intended to trigger a hot war with Russia, which Gen. Flynn thwarted by urging the Russians not to take the bait. After his main commentary, Dr. Lively also adds a video version of his prescient January 3, 2017 article, “Obama’s Hitlerian Departure.”

On December 29, 2016, the Russian Collusion Hoax was already in play and had become the centerpiece of the Obama strategy for ousting Trump, but Obama needed to dramatically raise the stakes and turn Russia from “political trickster” to “dangerous enemy aggressor” in the public mind — to justify a planned accusation of treason against Trump and trigger a constitutional/military crisis that would allow Obama to stay in power, or at least cripple the incoming Trump administration.

and so he created a diplomatic crisis that most Americans would recognize as a prelude to potential armed conflict IF the Russians retaliated

On December 30th, the morning after the set-up, the Russians took the bait.

But later that same day, after General Flynn intervened, the Russians laughed it off.

And even had a little fun with it

Humiliating Obama and dealing a death blow to his nefarious plans

But the ball had already been set in motion by the Obama team.

Including false-flag attacks on US soil, blamed on the Russians, that were to have been the justification for further escalation

Forcing the Obama Deep State to publicly slam into reverse.

All because a patriotic American general threw a wrench into Obama’s war-machinery,
saving us from a potentially serious hot war with Russia — perhaps even WWIII.

And THAT is why General Flynn was Obama’s first target in the Trump administration! (In my opinion)

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