Scott Lively on the Emerging Beast Government

The ‘New Normal’ and the Emerging Beast Government

After reading Cherie Zaslawsky’s great article “Beware the New Normal” on Canada Free Press, it suddenly struck me that the dystopian “new normal” of Covid 19 really IS normal from the perspective of the leftist elites, and all these blue state governors and blue city mayors reveling in their new dictatorial powers truly don’t have a clue what normal is for average Americans. They live in an ideological fantasy world where good is evil and evil good, family configurations are arbitrary, and people who disagree are witless boobs needing reeducation. They are sheltered from the reality of true morality, natural society and freedom of thought by a cocoon of comprehensive cradle-to-grave government provision (or their own “legacy wealth”) – so completely separated from the “old normal” that they can’t even connect the dots between the tax-revenue they gorge themselves upon and the tax-payers who provide it.

Case in point is the tyrant Gavin Newsom whose response to the citizens defiant pursuit of healing sunlight and saltwater at California beaches – one of the healthiest disease-suppressing environments available anywhere – is the iron fist of reprisal. But a separate Newsom dictate is even more revealing: the announcement that public schools will open “in weeks not months” but Christian churches must wait “months not weeks.”

To the leftist mind public schools are essential because they help to separate children emotionally and ideologically from their Neanderthal parents, while Bible-believing churches do the opposite. And especially critical for the “new normal” is helping the children put the Covid-19 crisis in proper context: they must be helped to recognize it as a consequence of, first, the dangerously incompetent mismanagement of the Trump administration, and second, the adult generation’s denial of the biggest crisis of all, “climate change.”

This reminds me of (my wife Anne’s favorite) culture analyst Peter Jones’ contention that the new religion for the masses is actually not a variation on any of the old world religions, or even Marxist Humanism (as I have argued) but a form of Romantic Paganism. That’s the theology the kids and young adults have been indoctrinated with – from Star Wars to Harry Potter to Game of Thrones: a theology of mysticism in which mortals with the right attitude and training can wield supernatural powers. It is reminiscent of the pre-Gutenberg serfs of the Middle Ages, when only the Roman Catholic elites had the Bible, and the masses interpreted the Latin ritual of the Eucharist “Hoc est enim corpus meum” (the body of Christ) as “Hocus Pocus” – a magic trick. And isn’t it interesting that Pope Francis, whose speech kicked off the UN’s 2030 Agenda (yes, the very globalist agenda) is the one who blamed Covid-19 on climate change denial (the revenge of Mother Earth).

To be sure, the elites themselves are mostly high church Marxist Humanists, but the secularized “common people” now have the less intellectual and more emotional religion of the earth and its “familiar spirits,” while the true believers in the “old gods” (Jesus, Mohammed, et al) are kept busy fighting each other for turf (especially in Christian Europe and North America) through the “open borders” strategy.

Now, back to Gavin Newsom and the other principalities and powers of the world of the “new normal.” I suggested above that they can’t connect the dots between tax-payers and tax-revenue, but that’s not really true. They may be psychopathic, but they’re not stupid. So why would these despots kill the goose that lays the golden eggs? Could it be that they have foreknowledge of a new financial order being readied for implementation – one perhaps requiring the collapse of the old? Is is mere coincidence that so many CEOs of the elite strata – such as Bill Gates and Michael Eisner – resigned just before the Covid-19 stock market crash?

My guess is the new system is ready to roll out like a new company “going public” with an “Initial Public Offering” (IPO) in which the insider elites, as always, already hold generous portions in their shiny new Beast-Market portfolios. I’m guessing it will be initiated with a “Global Debt Jubilee” – in which all pre-existing debts of any kind are wiped clean worldwide, but only for those who accept membership in the new system (with a mark on their hand or forehead?) and those who don’t are blamed for all the problems caused by not being able to “close the books” on the old system – leading to severe persecution (even from fellow “believers” ) for those who refuse to “take the mark.”

We’ve long endued a wealth-perpetuated caste system in the “free world,” it’s how the elites have remained the elites, while pushing socialism on the rest of us. Tucker Carlson did a great commentary on this theme recently, asking first how the dull-witted Chris Cuomo managed to get into Yale to then expose the larger conspiracy of elite schools routinely admitting the merit-less children of mostly Democrat politicians. The super-rich set themselves apart from the rest of us and steer the policies of the world system to suit themselves. That’s a point I expounded upon in my recent lecture for the Salt and Light network: Marxism, Eugenics and Transhumanism.

As depressing at it may be to think we may never recover pre-Covid 19 America, it is even more disturbing to realize we now consider that “old normal” a good one by comparison. I suppose all things are relative when it comes to this fallen world.

But we who are in Christ are not of this world. He told us in John 17 to be in it, but not of it. Our duty as American is to fight like Patrick Henry to restore the earthly kingdom God has blessed us with, while keeping the wins and losses in perspective like Paul the Apostle in the time of the Romans.

And just as God allows us aging humans to experience increasing aches and pains as we are prepared for leaving our earthly bodies, He has warned us of tribulation before His second coming, when we will receive glorified spiritual bodies. That’s the “new normal” I’m yearning for!

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