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In a recent WND.COM article, I opined that the State of Nebraska has a duty to prosecute Anthony Fauci and others for their malicious and deceitful suppression of life-saving low-cost Ivermectin, based upon Nebraska Attorney General Douglas Peterson’s impressive legal opinion in which he documented just how truly safe and effective that drug is.

Today I want to discuss the drug that Fauci and his co-conspirators in control of our health systems have aggressively pushed instead of Ivermectin: Remdevisir. The leading whistleblower on Remdesivir is fellow Brighteon.TV host Dr. Bryan Ardis who makes the following assertions in his public warnings about the drug: 

  • On May 1, 2020 Dr. Fauci released a memo related to the FDA emergency use authorization of Remdesivir in which he said it has been shown to be safe and effective in two studies. Dr. Ardis says that is a brazen lie.   
  • The first was a study of its use against the Ebola virus in 2019. Dr. Ardis says that Remdesivir was by far the least safe and effective of the four drugs in the Ebola trial, and that the one-year study was cancelled by safety monitors in August of 2019 after just 6 months because of a 53.1% mortality rate – not from ineffectively treated Ebola, but from kidney and other organ failure caused by the drug itself. 
  • The second study cited by Fauci as evidence of the safety and effectiveness of Remdesivir was a March 2020 study of 53 people with Covid, done by the owner of the Remdesivir patent, Gilead Sciences, a major pharmaceutical company. Instead of the 28 day course of Remdesivir used against Ebola, a 10 day course was used. 23% developed acute kidney and/or liver failure, while another 8% had to be pulled from the study before 10 days with such severe reaction that they needed emergency kidney or transplants or they would die. That’s a combined 31% with life-threatening adverse reactions.
  • By mandating Redemsivir as the exclusive Covid 19 treatment drug in American hospital protocols instead of Ivermectin, Fauci knowingly set up the American population for a massive death toll from kidney and liver failure complications caused by Remdesivir poisoning.
  • Dr. Ardis explains that kidney failure (especially for those being artificially hydrated by IV bags) causes the body to flood with water internally, including the lungs, creating the condition wrongly characterized as “secondary Covid pneumonia” when in fact people are literally drowning in their own body fluids.    
  • Also in May of 2020, Fauci asked the US Government to buy up all the reserves of Remdesivir, for exclusive use in America through 2020. That guaranteed that Americans would be the only population suffering the increased mortality related to Remdesivir – the motive being to heighten fear and urgency among Americans to drive future global vaccine sales [and, I would add, to justify lockdowns, universal mail-out voting and other malfeasance by Dem and RINO politicians to facilitate massive anti-Trump election fraud]. 
  • By the end of 2020, the US, with 4.5% of the world’s population, had 25% of the Covid 19 deaths, 95% of which occurred in US hospitals with Remdesivir protocols that had been proven in the manufacturer’s own study to destroy the kidneys and or livers of 31% of its users [for a disease with a 1% fatality rate globally] . As of today the death toll stands around 750,000, virtually all dying in hospitals from Remdesivir poisoning.

At the close of his summary, Dr. Ardis cited two publicly available government documents that show just how evil Fauci’s actions have been. The first is the National Institute of Health’s own “Covid 19 Treatment Guidelines”  in which Ivermectin is listed as the second of three drugs approved for Covid 19 clinical studies, along with links to many studies for each drug.
The second is a Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Service document titled “New COVID-19 Treatments Add-On Payment (NCTAP)” which offers a 20% bonus payment to hospitals who use Remdesivir instead of other options, complete with billing codes to claim the bonus.  

This is the policy that has driven excess mortality among the elderly and infirm, and turned profit-hungry hospital administrators into aggressive enemies of Ivermectin advocacy.
After sitting through Dr. Ardis’ interview with righteous anger against Fauci and his co-conspirators building within me, I did some of my own follow-up research.

I looked at several of the Ivermectin studies linked from the NIH document and discovered 0% serious adverse effects for Ivermectin (nearly across the board), and a much lower mortality rate than Remdesivir, even in patients with severe cases. These studies had smaller samples, so they are not as statistically reliable as bigger studies, but this begs the question why bigger studies were not conducted. I think we know this was to give cover for Fauci and company to dismiss Ivermectin as unproven, which they did formally on February 11, 2021, saying “There is insufficient evidence for the COVID-19 Treatment Guidelines Panel (the Panel) to recommend either for or against the use of ivermectin.” HA! 

Here is a typical Ivermectin study on the NIH site. (Scroll to the bottom for mortality and adverse reaction numbers).

Meanwhile, a great many studies were done of Remdesivir. When I looked at the first two dozen of them linked from the NIH document I noticed that most of the completed studies did not post the results, which seems suspicious to me. The first study with results posted was a large one with over 4000 participants, led by Kaiser Los Angeles
Scroll to the middle to see results for the four groups. 

  • Mortality rates of 12.5%, 14.21%, 25.24% and 11.73% respectively and
  • “Serious Adverse Events” rates at 21.5%, 34.52%, 42.89% and 23.66%.      

I then spent just a few minutes researching Gilead Sciences and discovered (even on ultra-leftist Wikipedia) they have a history of serious price gouging and, on their own website discovered their board includes at least one Obama-linked member (Welters) and, of all things, an expert on kidney disease (Rodriguez). 

All across America are survivors of the hundreds of thousands of men and women killed by the Anthony Fauci mob. While we hold our breath waiting for the Biden justice department (or the state AGs) to hold him accountable, some of these citizens should start the ball rolling with wrongful death lawsuits to gather discovery against the hospitals who have profited from their knowing or negligent cooperation with America’s most prolific mass murderer. 

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