Nebraska’s Duty to Prosecute the Fauci Mob

This morning I have been reading Nebraska Attorney General Douglas Peterson’s stellar legal opinion defending the use of Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine as an off-label remedy for early stage Covid 19 treatment by Nebraska physicians. The official request for this opinion was made by the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services, and the bottom line is that his office will take no action against physicians who prescribe these drugs, so long as the patients give informed consent. Its eloquent, dispassionate summary of the facts exposes the extreme guilt of our corrupt public health officials and their co-conspirators like a colorized x-ray of covid infested lungs. They can run but cannot hide from the documented, objective truth.

Peterson’s Opinion, which is the bureaucratic equivalent of a “ruling,” is a great victory for truth and true science in and of itself, and will undoubtedly save many lives both in Nebraska, and everywhere this document is used to help realign public health policies to scientific reality.

But as a Christian attorney myself, I believe the analysis detailed in this opinion logically, legally and morally compels Attorney General Peterson to take immediate forceful action against the Biden administration, Anthony Fauci, Rachel Walensky and other key players. Not just as a civil action to defeat bad policy by the FDA, CDC and other agencies, but to prosecute the key players for criminal malfeasance, and/or whatever judicial equivalent may be available in his legal toolkit.

State lawsuits against the federal government are not unusual, and in the past have served primarily as a mechanism for preventing federal policy from harming state interests (as perceived by the ruling party). Increasingly, those interests have been ideologically driven, especially against the Trump administration, which was hit with a record 138 lawsuits by state AGs. At least 43 of those suits were filed by the ultra-left wing open lesbian Massachusetts AG Maura Healey, whose office became a virtual anti-Trump lawsuit factory (reportedly at the expense of its legitimate responsibilities).

Now, state law varies, often dramatically, from state to state, and I don’t know Nebraska law or the specifics of what is possible through state litigation against the feds. That wasn’t my area of practice, so I can’t prescribe any particular plan of action. What I do know is that government officials CAN be held accountable, or at least held up to withering public scrutiny, if the people in the seats of state power are determined to pursue that goal and willing to expend state resources to achieve it (as NY and MA proved in their illegitimate harassment of Trump). The question is, does Nebraska have the will to force the federal government and its key agents to face justice for what they have done? I suppose that will depend in significant part on what its citizens want, and how assertively they make their wishes known. I urge them to do that quickly and decisively.

I do have some expertise in biblical law. Under that law, God’s law above the law, justice MUST be done in the effective criminal prosecution of crimes, especially the shedding of innocent blood. Under the letter of the Mosaic law, murderers were to be hunted down by “avengers of blood” and killed, per Numbers 35:19 “The avenger of blood is to put the murderer to death; when he finds him, he is to kill him.” Under the New Covenant in Christ, especially Romans 13:1-4, that law is tempered and modified to place the duty of justice on government rather than family members or other individuals. Government bears the solemn duty to “be a terror to evil” and “execute wrath against evildoers.”

It falls to our judicial system to prove the guilt of the wicked and sentence them accordingly, but if (for the sake of illustration) the citizenry of open-eyed Patriots can be considered an informal “grand jury” in the matter of public health tyranny and the enormous death toll associated with public health policy, there are clearly enough facts in hand – many summarized in the Peterson Opinion – to indict numerous public officials for murder, starting with the morally depraved patent-holding Anthony “gain-of-function” Fauci, his key minion Rachel Waleski, and their craven, sociopathic Big Pharma paymasters. And under the legal doctrine called “Felony Murder Rule” every person involved in their felonious criminal conspiracy, even the getaway driver (the drive-by media?) is also guilty of murder if anyone died during the criminal acts. (Andrew Cuomo comes to mind.)

Of course we no longer have a Bible-based common law legal system, but rather the remnants of a secular Roman-style statutory system (since the late 1940s) in transition to a full-fledged Communist one (that has matured slowly since the first Bush presidency but rapidly since Obama). The “evil-doers” under today’s system are those who dissent from the Marxist diktats of the elites (e.g. the opponents of CRT in public schools and the “unvaccinated”), while the federal law enforcement machinery, and that of all the Democrat and RINO-controlled states and cities increasingly serves the cause of tyranny.

Nevertheless, the law above the law remains constant and binding upon all humanity in God’s system of divine justice. Whether we somehow restore the America we true Americans love and proceed to prosecute them ourselves, or we move straight on into the tribulation and get treated like criminals and terrorists ourselves, JUSTICE will be done, and the true criminals WILL pay for what they have done. We who belong to Him will be revived and rewarded, but they will suffer the wrath that is due to them. Either way, as the Scripture says in Hebrews 10:30-31 “For we know Him who said, ‘Vengeance is Mine; I will repay,’ and again, ‘The Lord will judge His people.’ It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God.”

Who knows. It could be that the deciding factor in which way we go, humanly speaking, is in the hands of AG Peterson.

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