The LGBT Shepherds of Apostasy

This is the video version of Part 18 of Dr. Scott Lively’s book The Prodigal Son Prophecy: God’s Amazing Plan for the Restoration of the Two Hebrew Houses and the Salvation of the Gentiles. Having fully explained his approach to theology and prophecy in the prior segments, Dr. Lively tells how his culture war ministry shifted to prophecy and why he believes the rising last-days age of apostasy in the US has from the start been driven socially and politically by the LGBT movement.

Click on graphic to watch video. Following is a portion of the text version. Both the video and full PDF of the text are available HERE. From the book:

The Emerging Age of Apostasy

Here I will shift to a testimonial style as a first-person witness of the topics I will address.  
I began writing this book just over a decade ago in 2011, at which time I had already devoted twenty years of my life to fighting the culture war as a front lines Christian social and political activist across the globe. It was not accidental (in God’s plan) that the focus of my ministry was opposition to the so-called LGBT movement. The “sexual revolution” has always been led (sometimes from behind the scenes) by this small but powerful faction since it emerged in Germany in the 1860s. This sexual juggernaut is both the centerpiece of the globalist agenda (in the sociopolitical context), and the fulfilment of prophecy regarding the age of apostasy (in the religious/spiritual context).  

Regarding the sociopolitical context, my first book (co-authored by Orthodox Holocaust researcher, Kevin Abrams), The Pink Swastika: Homosexuality in the Nazi Party (1995) details key aspects of that history and their effect on Germany. My fourth book Redeeming the Rainbow: A Christian Response to the “Gay” Agenda (2009), addressed the continuation of that history in the United States, which became the new center of LGBT-driven “sexual revolution” after Germany was defeated in WWII. In many ways, the German experience was the “dress-rehearsal” for the American saga of debauchery and deviance-created chaos we are living today.  

In any case, for the first twenty years of my thirty year ministry, I was single focused on the sociopolitical battles – to such an extent that in 2014 the largest and most powerful LGBT organization in the world, the Human Rights Campaign, named me the top opponent of their agenda internationally, in a dossier funded by the billionaire “gay rights” activist Paul Singer. I have thus had a particularly crucial vantage point on geopolitics relative to the rise of apostasy, which, importantly, the Apostle Paul in Romans 1:18-32 (bolstered by 2 Timothy 3:1-9) describes as 

1. A spiritual phenomenon measured by cultural effects 

2. Triggered by the widespread normalization of homosexuality. 

So, when in 2011 the Lord turned my attention to prophecy as a parallel ministry track, I already had a unique understanding and perspective of the cause/effect relationship of LGBT activism to cultural chaos. That gave me special insights into end time prophecy, culminating in my sixth book The Petros Prophecy: Simon Peter’s Prophetic Warning About the Heresy of the Last Days (2017). Significantly, that book began as a section of this book, but took on a life of its own through its identification of “gay theology” as a heresy which became increasingly conspicuous as the LGBT conquest of Christian churches and denominations escalated in conjunction with the legal, cultural and political imposition of “gay” marriage on the nation.

The most important references to homosexuality in the Bible are catalogued in the chart on page 172 which was created to support the claim of The Petros Prophecy that the sum of the parts revealing the mind of God on this issue is greater than the whole, showing that the social normalization of homosexual perversion has always been the chief harbinger of the wrath of God. The implications for that – in the context of our question “What Happens Next” – are both profound and disturbing…   Continued HERE.

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