The Storm before the Calm

For several months I have been predicting that the globalists will stage a “great collapse” this winter as a set-up for the “great reset.” I am writing this article in the very early hours of February 24th as live-fire military conflict begins in Ukraine. The corporate media is spinning this conflict as unprovoked Russian aggression, but it’s really a logical Russian reaction to deliberate un-ignorable provocation by the Biden/Obama administration. Biden has created this crisis both to deflect attention from serious political trouble at home, and to create a scapegoat for the “great collapse,” which I believe is imminent. 

The start of this mess was Joe Biden’s sudden, arbitrary and unilateral push to fold Ukraine into NATO, essentially to put anti-Russian nukes on the Russian border. It was the political, geographical and diplomatic equivalent of the Cuban Missile Crisis in reverse, with Vladimir Putin in the role of JFK.

Ukraine didn’t ask for this. The European powers did not ask for it — and in fact Germany is in very the last stages of approving their already built and much-desired Nordstrean 2 oil pipeline to double the flow of Russian oil and gas to Europe via Germany. Some even suggest that stopping this pipeline is the real goal of the Biden administration because US influence in Europe would diminish as Russia’s grew — but I think this is only one contributing factor in a much larger strategy. (Political realities have forced Germany to suspend the pipeline approval — for now — but I suspect it will open as scheduled in April after things have calmed down a bit.)

Setting up Russia to have essentially no choice but to respond militarily was exactly what Obama, Biden, Clinton and Soros did in 2014 with their coup to remove Ukraine’s pro-Russian president and replace him with an Obama puppet. As I’ve said many times before, that coup — especially regarding the Crimean Peninsula and its centuries-long military importance to Russia — was the geo-political equivalent of Russia taking Hawaii away from the US. We would never accept that. To protect his legitimate national interests Putin had no choice but to annex that territory, an action which was overwhelmingly ratified by the mostly ethnic and culturally Russian inhabitants. 

Smug and smarmy LGBT zealot Barack Obama (who had come to hate Putin with a deep burning passion for banning “gay” propaganda to children nationally in 2013) set up these events like a row of dominos: planning from the very start to accuse Russia of military aggression. That military “aggression” was then used both to re-start the cold war and justify US military intervention in Ukraine as a pretext for plundering it. That kicked off a campaign of Mafia-style piracy — a “protection racket” on an national scale — which was, of course, headed by Joe Biden (the big guy) in the role of Tony Soprano with son Hunter serving as his in-country head Capo.   

Also in consequence of the Obama coup, two other less strategic but strongly culturally aligned Ukrainian “oblasts” or “states” (Donetsk and Luhansk) declared independence, triggering an on-and-off civil war that continued to the present. When, this month, Biden rejected Russia’s demand for a promise that Ukraine would NOT become a base for anti-Russian nukes, Putin’s predictable decision was to formally recognize Donetsk and Luhansk as independent countries, and to enter into mutual defense agreements. That, from the Russian perspective, justifies the current military incursion into these two states including the offensive assault on Ukraine airports, weapons and military infrastructure.

Geographically Donetsk borders Russia and has a stretch of coastline on the Sea of Azov (with access to the Black Sea) close to Crimea. Luhansk is immediately north of Donetsk and also borders Russia. The two states/countries now essentially form a friendly buffer zone for Russia between itself and US-controlled Ukraine. The Putin strategy copies what the US has done in the Baltics and other places, and is thus legally comparable to similar US actions under international law. I predict the international community will eventually recognize these states as nations. 

The world’s attention is now riveted on Ukraine, as the Biden/Obama administration intended, and, even before the outbreak of hostilities, the US media this week began blaming our domestic crises on the Ukraine/Russia conflict. The US elites now have their distraction and their scapegoat in the form of a Russian Bear, which most Americans (even far too many conservatives who should know better) still think of in Cold War terms.   

President Trump, who would never have gotten into this situation in the first place, will be the main beneficiary of this crisis IF the MAGA movement keeps its eye on the prize of retaking the country and doesn’t get caught up in anti-Russian jingoism. We may see American deaths in Ukraine (where we have had special forces personnel all along), triggering a pre-set full court media blitz to gin up patriotic furor amidst a call to “rally behind our president,” with accusations of treason if we don’t. (The anti-war movement will stay curiously silent at best, or join the war chorus at worst). We may see some sort of false flag event on our soil blamed on Russia — my best guess is a cyber attack on our energy grid in the northern states. I have argued that Obama staged the now-forgotten fake power shutdown in Vermont in 2017 as part of a plot to start a hot war with Russia during the Obama/Trump transition — so there is precedent for this. 

Through all of this, never forget the blame belongs to Biden!

In any case, if there is going to be a “great collapse,” now is the time. If I’m right, the crisis will be short-lived so the “great reset” can be launched this Spring. But war could “spiral out of control” as well (accidentally or by design) and drag out the process much longer. Either way, it’s all about the US 22 and 24 elections — on which hangs the fate of the world.

BUT we know that this world — and our lives — are in the hands of our Savior, Jesus Christ whose own plans will not be thwarted. Whatever those plans may be, we can trust HIM!!    

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