Is God Using Russia to Punish Ukraine

Before I get to the spiritual, let me recount the political realities.

In my last article I explained how Biden/Obama and the globalists set up Putin with a reverse “Cuban Missile Crisis” to have no choice but neutralize Ukraine militarily. In another recent article  I explained WHY they did it: America’s domestic crises are so bad for the Democrats and RINOs they desperately need a distraction. (And it’s working, judging by the almost total lack of public interest in the massive US Trucker Convoy rolling toward DC). 

In both articles I said a Russian war in Ukraine would also provide cover and a scapegoat (Putin) for their “great collapse” of the world economy in preparation for the “great reset” planned probably for this Spring, but perhaps later because the primary goal is solidification of Marxist control of the US in 2022 and 2024. (Cutting off Russian banks from the SWIFT international financial transaction network may well be the trigger to that collapse considering that Russia has the 12th largest economy in the world.)

But explaining WHY military action was necessary on Russia’s part does not equate to cheer-leading. Acknowledgment of geopolitical realities is not an endorsement of war or callousness toward its tragedies. 

Very importantly, we must remember that the Ukrainian people are pawns in a US/Russia proxy war, the blame for which falls squarely on Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, George Soros and a host of major players of the hard left (including the neo-con RINOs). They are the true culprits who first staged an anti-Russian coup in 2014 to take over Ukraine, and then proceeded to plunder it like drunken pirates while at the same time goading and manipulating the Ukrainians into taking a dangerous and unnecessary hard-line stance against Russia on the false promise that the US military had their back. 

It was also these US interlopers who backed an arguably genocidal civil war pitting Ukrainian nationalists against the ethnic Russian separatists in the Donbass region that borders Russia. The US media has not covered that war because if doesn’t fit the narrative.

Now, let me put on my pastoral hat to look at the spiritual side.

I have not just sympathy but love for the Ukrainian people. I did a mission tour in Ukraine in 2007 where I preached in churches in Kiev and Dnepropetrovsk, fellowshipped with many Christian brothers and sisters, did media interviews and held pro-family seminars. It was a deeply rewarding visit. When I returned from that trip I served for a year on the pastoral staff of a Russian-speaking church of mostly Ukrainian immigrants.

This history gives me a special insight on the spiritual cause of Ukraine’s national crisis. Let me introduce that topic by quoting the head of UK’s Secret Intelligence Service (MI6):

“With the tragedy and destruction unfolding so distressingly in Ukraine, we should remember the values and freedoms that distinguish us from Putin, none more than LGBT+ rights.”

Truer words were never spoken about the difference between Christian Russia and the US-created Ukrainian Woke-ocracy that rebuffed President Trump when he tried to help untangle the Biden web of criminality there. Here also is a disturbing short music video featuring Ukraine’s President in a homoerotic dance with three other men.

Even in 2007, under the George W. Bush administration there was a major push to turn Ukraine into an LGBT haven. At the very same time that I was holding pro-family seminars with Ukrainian Christians, an Elton John concert was being heavily advertised in Kiev with open references to his LGBT political agenda.

A couple of years after the Obama/Soros coup, I was invited to go back to Ukraine to lead a pro-family strategy conference. It was the only time in my life I turned down such an invitation. It was because I felt a strong sense in my spirit that the US political network in the country would somehow “take me out” if I went there. I felt like Paul being told by the Holy Spirit in Acts 16:6 not to go to Asia, so I declined. 

Between the time of my 2007 visit and the 2014 coup, the Ukraine government moved steadily to the pro-family side. The Christian values of family proved stronger than Elton John’s LGBT propaganda. After Russia passed it’s national ban on “gay” propaganda to children in 2013 (something I had advocated for in my tour of Russia), Ukraine was one of five countries I was then tracking because political leaders were talking about adopting the same law in Ukraine. Then, of course, Obama turned 180 degrees against Russia and his US/Russia “reset plan” that had been aggressively touted by Hillary Clinton’s State Department for several years. 

I contend that was when the Obama team decided to re-start the cold war and make Russia an international pariah, starting with LGBT public-relations sabotage of the Sochi Olympics in February of 2014, and escalating with the Ukraine coup. I sent and published a letter to President Putin in August of 2013 predicting that Russia would be targeted because of the ban. Once in US hands, Ukraine dropped all efforts to pass the ban.

Germany heavily pushes “gay pride” in Kiev.

I went to Moscow in late 2013 to attend the planning session for a major international pro-family conference that was to have been held, literally, in the Kremlin. We got a private tour of its conference facilities and several of the seven Orthodox cathedrals on Red Square. My sole purpose in attending that meeting was to promote the group’s endorsement of the Russian “gay” propaganda ban as a policy objective for every country that would be attending the conference. The issue was made moot when the Ukrainian coup and its intended Russian reaction (i.e. annexing the Crimea) caused the conference to be cancelled.  

I believe it was the choice by Ukraine’s leadership to embrace the LGBT agenda and reject the family values of its Christian and Orthodox Jewish heritage that caused God to withdraw His hand of protection from the nation. It is the same cause and effect relationship that has led to America’s descent into Marxist tyranny, like so many other countries in the western world. 
In His word, God has warned humanity that the widespread normalization of homosexuality is the chief harbinger of His wrath.**

As the “gay” activist said: “we should remember the values and freedoms that distinguish us from Putin, none more than LGBT+ rights.” Indeed we should, because on the critical spiritual issue of “LGBT rights,” Russia is on God’s side and Ukraine is on the side of Sodom, along with all the countries likely to come to Ukraine’s aid if this thing spins off into WWIII.  
My prayer is for God to spare the Ukrainian people but overthrow the corrupt Ukrainian government and replace it with a healthy pro-family one. I pray the same for America.


** To understand what the Bible actually teaches about the LGBT agenda from Genesis to Revelation, and to learn why Pastor Lively believes so-called “gay theology” is the heresy of the last days warned about by the Apostle Peter, read his book The Petros Prophecy, which you may freely access here) . 

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