The global conservative/populist/nationalist revolution that began with the US Tea Party rebellion against Obama in January of 2009 has become huge and powerful — despite the elites’ counterpunch that knocked Donald Trump out of the White House, Netanyahu out of the Israeli Prime Minister’s office, largely neutered BREXIT and (through un-ignorable provocation) launched a $trillion war in Ukraine to destroy Christian nationalist Russia. Yes, they also largely neutered the 2022 Red Tsunami in the US and its counterpart in the Bolsanaro/Lula contest in Brazil but the threat to the elites remains an existential one so long as the rebellion keeps growing — as IS happening. The number of people awakened to the reality of tyranny and the murderous malice of the puppet-masters just keeps increasing, as do the demands for accountability. Will the elites simply surrender and give up their plans? Or will they use the their police-state powers to crack down on dissent like never before?  

Click on the graphic above to watch Dr. Lively’s discussion of this topic in this latest episode of Prophecy and Politics.

If the link from the graphic doesn’t work , try THIS.

For a text version of the two essays that Dr. Lively reads at the beginning of this video go HERE.

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