The Window of Reprieve Has Closed — Two Perspectives

The Purple Uniparty is Celebrating its Defeat of the Red Tsunami

The Culture War Perspective

Donald Trump’s remarkable victory in 2016 opened an 11th hour window of reprieve from the enslavement of the world to a global Marxist order. America became The Republic We Couldn’t Keep upon the finalization of the Trump takedown on January 6th, 2021. Trump’s 2022 counter-offensive to claw it back failed – and our window of reprieve closed – when the Purple Uniparty killed the 2022 red tsunami, neutralizing the threat of their overthrow in the short term, granting them another two years to consolidate their power and remove MAGA leaders/influencers from the battlefield. That consolidation will now proceed at a dramatically faster pace (enter the newly mobilized 87K IRS storm troops) — except for the Trump judges, which threat can also be neutralized if they “Scalia” Clarence Thomas (or one of the other conservatives) and put Roberts back in the swing-vote seat at SCOTUS. 

I’d love to be wrong, and we can’t stop fighting in any case, but I think we need to adjust our perspective and strategy to start building a “French Resistance” movement to fall back to if the civil war in the 2024 GOP primary shatters the MAGA movement, which looks likely at this point. You can be certain the Trump will not back down but will wage total war to reclaim what was stolen from him.

Only a fealty pledge by DeSantis to Trump on the grounds that a Trump second term is his by right could prevent this. In the potential 2024 primary field, only DeSantis has the street-cred to represent an existential threat to a second Trump term (but not enough to beat Trump head-to-head), so if he publicly defers and stands down, the other heavy hitters will likely do the same, preventing the political bloodbath the Never-Trumper RINOs so desperately crave. (They’re happy to remain controlled opposition in the minority so long as they keep the perks.)

Convincing DeSantis to respectfully defer to Trump should become the priority of every American conservative. And just maybe, given that a narrow MAGA beachhead was just established in the House of Representatives, we might just crack that window of reprieve back open an inch or two. But human nature, and the apparent appeal of the dump-Trump talking points to the useful idiots of the right, make that seem unlikely at the moment. 

In any case, there’s another existential threat to Trump lurking on the periphery, and that is the potential of a Tulsi Gabbard third party Ross Perot-style campaign run by the same Bush machine that currently has its hooks in DeSantis. After I published my recent WND Column Tulsi Gabbard and the Need for a MAGA Natural Rights Coalition, cautiously urging conservatives to give her a chance to prove herself trustworthy, several people reached out to me warning that Tulsi’s pro-MAGA overtures might be laying the groundwork for second run at the presidency, this time as an Independent.

I promised to raise that point in a follow-up article even before the Tulsi signed on as a Fox News contributor, where she is unlikely (even if she wanted to) to have the juice to defy RINO Paul Ryan and Rupert Murdoch’s Clintonista heirs like their too-big-to-fire golden goose Tucker Carlson does.

I have always been of the opinion that Ross Perot was in league with the Bushies to throw the presidency to Bill Clinton in 1992 because former Ronald Reagan vice president HW, titular head of a deeply and broadly conservative GOP base, simply could not roll back the Reagan policies as fast as Slick Willy could – and that was the key priority of the Purple Uniparty in the 1990s. Perot was essentially the scapegoat to take the blame for a massive defeat of the conservatives, while leaving the Bush Dynasty politically unscathed. The point being that the Bush camp knows how to run a spoiler campaign without getting their hands dirty, and Tulsi would be a highly suitable candidate to play the part of Perot. I hope I’m wrong about her – but even if I am, the third party spoiler strategy remains a strong possibility in 2024 with someone else in the Perot role. 

One thing has not changed, and that is the absolute fanatical commitment of the elites to destroy Donald Trump and the conservative/populist movement he represents. They have not been weakened but strengthened by the 2022 elections in the sense that they absorbed the full MAGA counterpunch at its greatest possible force and stayed on their feet with a minimal loss of resources and territory. Now its their turn to press forward again, against a demoralized and divided rebel army, with the freedom to escalate the savagery and intensity of their tactics without fear of public opinion. The Republic couldn’t stop them. Democracy cannot stop them. Humanitarian questions of justice and ethics and morality and even rationality will not stop them.

What comes next is likely WWIII, famine, pestilence and a deep culling of the human race to complete the Great Collapse make the Great Reset literally irresistible. They WILL have their global Marxist tyranny that only God Himself can and will conquer in His perfect timing. The only question is how long it will take them to get there and how much we can slow them down by fighting on for truth and right.     

The Deeper Prophetic Perspective – Same Facts, Different Vantage Point

The Feast of Trumpets in September 2015 marked the beginning of the first seven-year Shemita cycle of the first officially designated Jubilee year since the Roman expulsion of the Jews from the Holy Land in 135AD. 2015/16 was retroactively designated the Jubilee year by the newly reconstituted Jewish Sanhedrine, based upon its calculation that a majority of the world’s living Jews had returned to the Holy Land: the prerequisite for that all-important holiday to be officially observed. 

2015 also marked the emergence of strongly pro-Israel Donald Trump as a “deliverer” figure in the mode of the Judges of the Israelite Republic. Shortly after the fall feasts pilgrimage period ended in early October, 2015, Trump became the frontrunner in the crowded Republican field and from that point became an unstoppable political force.

In November of 2016, Donald Trump shocked the world by beating the Jezebel/Astarte figure Hillary Clinton, who had been intended by the Satanic elites to finish the work begun by the Israel-hating Barack Obama. The one-world globalist train, packed with human beings destined for slavery and death, was in sight of the final station when Trump derailed it. 

What then ensued was an all-hands-on-deck war on Trump, politically equivalent to the siege of Masada by the Romans or, perhaps more accurately the last days siege of Jerusalem by the armies of the wicked. Why? Because Trump defied all the principalities and powers of the wicked by formally recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and moving the US embassy there. The spiritual and prophetic importance of that move cannot be overstated, and far outshadows all of his other pro-Israel initiatives including the Abraham Accords. The Jews minted an enormously significant half-shekel temple-offering coin to honor him for that, equating Trump with the Persian Emperor Cyrus venerated in the Bible and lionized by the Jews as “Cyrus the Messiah” for conquering Babylon and liberating them from captivity.

It is important here to clarify the meaning of “deliverer” or “messiah” in the context of the Israelite Republic as showcased in the books of Joshua and Judges. None of Israel’s many judges were perfect like Jesus Christ was – they were all, like Trump, flawed mortals who fell far short of Christ, as the Bible documents in unflattering detail.  

That context is critical, because America IS the last-days reiteration of the Israelite Republic, right down to its 400 year lifespan, which can be measured from its birth with the Mayflower Compact of November 1620, to its death in November of 2020. In this reiteration Donald Trump plays the role of the last judge, Samuel, who tried but failed to stop the people from trading in their republic for a monarchy. And if Trump is Samuel, Biden is Saul, the demon-possessed first king defined by increasing mental instability.  

And if Biden is Saul, there is waiting in the wings a David figure – but a False David who will look to the world like a true deliverer, showing many signs and wonders to persuade the people he is their savior, but in reality being the Antichrist who will finally be revealed in God’s perfect timing.  

The False David will be the rider of the white horse, bearing the rainbow, the symbol of God’s presence and authority, and he will likely declare a false Jubilee just as the true Messiah, Jesus Christ declared a true Jubilee at the start of His ministry in Luke 4:14-20. 

The world will be desperately clamoring for such a deliverance then because it will be in the depths of the Great Collapse. And the False David will oblige by launching the Great Reset with a global debt jubilee and new economic/financial order. 

Since January 7th 2021 I have been offering this perspective and refining my analysis as events have made the prophesies increasingly less murky. The culture warrior side of me has argued that yes, our republic definitely ended with the November 2020 elections, but enough of our infrastructure remained that Americans could still claw back control in the 2022 elections. I argued that the window of reprieve Donald Trump had won for us in 2016 was closing but still open enough to reclaim our birthright that the founders had bequeathed to us. The pastor/teacher/prophet side of me knew this optimism was probably misplaced, but that there was enough ambiguity in the prophecies to keep hope alive.  

That window is now closed. I thought they’d need to use WWIII or a domestic false flag on the scale of 9/11 to pull it off, but in the end all they needed to do was tweak their election fraud and ballot harvesting methods. They already had the comprehensive lists of “voters” to harvest, and the hidden infrastructure for padding the ballot counts as needed thanks to the 2020 Zuckerbucks conspiracy, so it was probably easier to pull off this time, despite the heightened public scrutiny. 

2022/23 is the first year of the current Shemita cycle. The battle of good and evil in our land is by no means over, but the forces of evil largely defeated our 2022 counter-offensive, leaving us only a (potential) narrow beachhead in the House of Representatives (still tentative as of the time of writing this article). There is really nothing to stop them now from continuing their consolidation of power and transition to a “monarchy” under the Antichrist, whomever that might be. Indeed, with the threat of overthrow now neutralized, I expect they will rapidly escalate their roll-out of a draconian police-state and begin persecuting, cancelling and J6ing all those pesky MAGA leaders, using all the resources at their command, including the 87K new militarized IRS agents, a reinvigorated “public health” enforcement regime, and a cashless/social credit merit and punishment system led by Big Tech, Big Business and the Banksters.

The red horse of WWIII seems almost certain to appear soon, ensuring that famine, pestilence and a deep culling of the “surplus population” will follow in their turn. 

They will, of course, need to end the conservative majority on the Supreme Court and put the presumed Hobbs-case leaker John Roberts back into the swing-voter seat. I woke up this morning with the concern that they might do to Clarence Thomas what many of us believe Obama’s goons did to Scalia. (God save him from that fate!)  

And yet, even if all these speculations are prophetic, our job remains the same: occupy until He comes, gather the lost into the heaven-bound lifeboats, and keep fighting the enemy with all we’ve got to slow them down and maximize the reach and effectiveness of our evangelism and discipleship while THAT window remains open. So lift up your heads in holy anticipation, because beyond this dark night is the dawn of Christ’s own kingdom. 


PS. The brand new Jewish government is, according to the Israelis themselves “Israel’s First Religious Regime” which means that the construction of a Third Temple is far more likely now than at any time since the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948.

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