Where We Go From Here

This 6 minute commentary was filmed at dawn on January 7th, 2021.

Where We Go From Here

It is 4:40 am on November 9th, 2022 and I have been awake for about half an hour reviewing the news from yesterday’s election. While there are some positive outcomes in key races, with Florida being the brightest star, on the whole my first impression is that our collective effort to claw back our constitutional republic from the Marxists has largely failed. It wasn’t a total failure – the flame of hope still flickers in the darkness — but in my estimation it wasn’t enough to stop the Marxists from consolidating their power but will merely slow them down. Their now twice-proven proficiency in election fraud, combined with continuing control of the federal government, news and social media and a huge swath of the judiciary puts them in a slightly more fortified position today than they had yesterday. 

Is it possible that we could still win the war to restore America in 2024? Yes. Is it more or is it less likely based on yesterday’s outcome? Less. If we fail to get a majority in the House after all the mail-in ballots are “processed” it will be lesser still.

Yesterday I published the first draft of my new short book The Battle for Measure 9: The forgotten true story of how pro-family conservatives (temporarily) WON the LGBT war on civilization in 1992 as told by a first-hand witness. I chose that publication date because it was the 30th anniversary of the vote, but perhaps His prompting of that choice was the Holy Spirit’s way of highlighting that the tide of battle has never really changed. As I’ve said before, my entire thirty plus year career has been one long rear-guard action as the pro-family movement has steadily lost ground to the Marxists – and this seems to be just a continuation of that reality.

To be frank, I feel more like a Brazilian today than an American: both nations have succumbed to systemic corruption seemingly beyond the ability of honest electioneering to overcome. In both countries I predict an increase in frustration-driven violence and escalating police-state countermeasures. I hope I’m wrong. My prior warnings over the past few months that the elites might get the US into WWIII or stage a false flag to better control the election battleground proved false – but only because they didn’t need to go that far because they knew they could simply tweak their election fraud tactics to accomplish the same result. I still think those extreme measures are open options for the larger geopolitical conflict that rumbles on.  

As the prospects for worldly victories grow darker, the likelihood increases that the promised final redemption of end-times prophecy will truly soon be dawning before our eyes. BUT, as the old saying goes, it is always darkest before the dawn, and we’re not in its blackest depths yet by far. We have yet to experience the fullness of the “Great Collapse” (the four horsemen – what Jesus called “the beginning of birth pangs”) and the “Great Reset” (the Antichrist kingdom) which seem to be looming menacingly on the near horizon. Like a woman in labor, joy comes in the morning, but the night of travail must come first.

I have always had a two-track ministry emphasizing the parallel mission-fields of the Gospel and the Culture war (exemplified in the title of my TV show Prophecy and Politics). My priorities shift back and forth between the two as circumstances and opportunities change but only as a matter of degree because I never stop working in both realms simultaneously.  

Two years ago, on the morning of January 7th, 2021, when it was clear that the Purple Revolutionists had completed their 2020 election coup the day before, I did a short video titled “America the POW Camp.” It was the first time I opined that we actually lost the republic. Only later did I begin arguing that we had a short window of time to claw it back. Still later I began opining that the 2022 elections would determine if recovery of the nation was possible, and that if we failed in 22 I would shift my priority to evangelism, because the Marxist consolidation of power would make further political efforts futile. Last night was enough of a mixed bag that the path ahead looks more foggy grey than clear black or white, so I will continue to keep a balance and stay active in both arenas. 

A New Battle Strategy

For the last two decades the Lord has been incrementally awakening me to the theme of natural rights as the ultimate answer to the LGBT agenda (which agenda and timeline I contend includes the emerging crisis of transhumanism). Formally recognizing and conserving the natural family in the same way the environmentalists work to conserve the natural order of rainforests and tide pools will be the most powerful and effective counter-action to LGBT cultural hegemony.

The conservative political movement must stop its long-pursued losing strategy of conserving the ever leftward drifting “status quo” and begin conserving our foundational natural rights that derive from “the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God,” both enumerated and implied in our Declaration of Independence.  

That means, in brutal frankness, we must fight just as hard or harder against Adultery, Fornication and Homosexuality as against Transgenderism, and must NOT stipulate that those “lost” battles justify our acceptance of a “new normal” moral standard for each successive generation. It is IMPOSSIBLE to defeat transgenderism while normalizing homosexuality and heterosexual immorality because all these forms of sexual deviance are just separate heads on the same hydra.  

BUT, because that unassailable logical truth will be strongly resisted by the majority (or large plurality) of conservatives who are already morally compromised – there must be an alternative approach that both emphasizes moral and logical clarity about natural rights and provides a realistic chance of creating public policy that acknowledges and protects the natural order of sexuality and the family. The solution is create the equivalent of “nature preserves” for natural rights in the law.

Natural rights was a common interest I held with the late pro-family hero Julio Severo. And as it happens the Lord has just opened doors to begin working with pastors in America who are from Julio’s native Brazil. My plan is to seek their help to develop a natural rights agenda with specific public policy objectives and to make a mission trip to Brazil to discuss that agenda and possibilities for its advancement in the Brazilian legislature, where Julio had an outsized influence, even from exile. The time to do that is now, before the Marxist tyrant Lula is able to rebuild the homofascist coalition that drove Julio’s family from the country in 2007.

And I will take whatever strategies and tactics that gain traction in largely pro-family Brazil and shape them for use here in the US. If you would like to support that effort, donate here and choose the option “Julio Severo (to carry on his work)” 


PS. While in Brazil I will also seek to raise financial support for Julio’s widow and children. To those who have already given to that fund, I thank you deeply on their behalf. Our ministry gives 100% of those donations to the family.

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