Holocaust Revisionist? Look who’s talking.

I am in Oklahoma City this weekend to give a series of talks at Draper Park Christian Church starting this evening.  It seems that my every appearance now is considered a crisis by the “gay” community.  A-List trouble-maker Wayne Besen flew in from Vermont to participate in a press conference designed to portray me as a Holocaust Revisionist.    http://www.truthwinsout.org/blog/2012/04/24605/

The Oklahoman published this story:

I drafted the following response:

The Pink Swastika Fact Sheet

The Pink Swastika: Homosexuality in the Nazi Party, Scott Lively and Kevin Abrams, Veritas Aeterna Press. First Edition 1995. Current Fourth Edition 2002. 387 pages.

Thesis: The National Socialist German Workers Party (Nazi Party) has its roots in the German homosexual movement and was controlled throughout its history by an inner-circle of men, including Adolf Hitler, who shared a common homosexual orientation.

Purpose: The Pink Swastika was written to counter an effort by the American homosexual political movement begun in the 1970s, symbolized by the use of the pink triangle, to fabricate a “Gay Holocaust” equivalent to the Holocaust of the Jews by exaggerating the Nazi persecution of homosexuals and suppressing documentation of the role of homosexuals in the rise and rule of the Nazi Party.

Sources: Over 200 sources are cited in The Pink Swastika, primarily mainstream historians who wrote during or shortly after the Nazi era, such as William Shirer (The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich) and Hitler contemporaries Conrad Heiden and Otto Strasser. Over 25% of the sources are homosexual publications, such as Homosexuality and Male Bonding in Pre-Nazi Germany by Harry Oosterhuis and Hubert Kennedy.

1. The Pink Swastika is not Holocaust revisionism. Scott Lively is a Pro-Israel Christian. Kevin Abrams is an Orthodox Jew. The book affirms the Holocaust of the Jews as factual and undeniable. Accusations to the contrary are false and baseless.

2. The Pink Swastika fully and factually addresses the persecution of homosexuals by the Nazi regime, citing leading “gay” scholars to affirm that from 5,000-15,000 homosexuals died in Nazi work camps.

3. The Pink Swastika does not assert that homosexuals caused the Holocaust.

4. The Pink Swastika corrects historical revisionism by the homosexual political movement which greatly exaggerated claims of homosexual victimhood to falsely equate “gays” with Jews under the Nazis. In nearly every instance the book counters these false claims by citing responsible homosexual sources. After its publication the “gay” activist community was forced to drop that effort and traded the pink triangle for the rainbow flag as the primary symbol of the movement.

5. The Pink Swastika compiles, for the first time since Samuel Igra’s 1945 book Gernany’s National Vice, the extensive documentation of homosexuality in the Nazi movement, but with the benefit of hundreds of additional sources that were not available to Igra.

6. The apparent contradiction of homosexual Nazis persecuting other homosexuals by imprisoning them in work camps is fully explored and explained by examining the division in Germany’s “gay” subculture between a masculine-oriented “butch” faction which found a home in the Nazi Party, and a feminine-oriented “femme” faction which primarily aligned with the rival Communist Party.

7. The Pink Swastika has not been “discredited” except by homosexualist reviewers, most of whom have failed to disclose their ideological conflict of interest. The few non-homosexual critics of the book have no expertise in the history of the “gay” movement and are thus not qualified to render judgment.

8. Author Scott Lively sdllaw@gmail.com has for 17 years issued a standing challenge to debate any challenger in any neutral public forum. Not a single challenger has dared to accept.

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