The Rainbow Belongs to God

A trap being laid for February’s Russian Olympics could give homosexuals a world-wide exclusive claim on the symbol of the rainbow. 

The word “gay” once meant “happy” and “carefree” until it was appropriated by the homosexual movement.  Now it’s a word that defines sodomy and gender identity disorder.  Intuitively, children who have never known the true meaning of the word now use the phrase “that’s so gay” to describe things that are wrong and undesirable.  The “gays” tried to sanitize a lifestyle of unnatural sex by giving it a new name, but instead corrupted something that once was clean and wholesome.  The world has irreversibly lost a unique and precious gem of the English language that still adorns the poetry and musical lyrics of a more innocent time, like the fading photograph of a beloved child who died long ago.  The word was stolen and destroyed like a kidnapped child who never came home.

The word “homosexual” was invented by the early homosexual movement in 1860s Germany to accomplish the same impossible goal.  In that case, a brand new word, homosexual, was invented to replace the term “Sodomite.”  “Homosexual” was intended to sanitize the lifestyle defined by the practice of sodomy, but instead the word became so corrupted in the public mind that the movement eventually felt compelled to abandon it in favor of “gay.”

This brings me to the symbol of the Rainbow.  Even now the rainbow has come to be associated with the homosexual agenda.  Not yet exclusively, because there are many besides “gays” who still use the rainbow for other purposes.  However the day is fast approaching when only those wanting to promote homosexuality will dare to use it.

Christians and Jews (and even Moslems) should not let this happen!

The rainbow belongs to God and was created by Him as a symbol of His authority over creation.  Revelation 4:3 describes a rainbow around His throne in heaven.  Genesis 9:13-15 declares that He placed the rainbow in the sky as a promise to never again punish the earth by flood.  Then in Genesis 19 He gave a preview of the future destruction of the earth by fire — by incinerating Sodom and Gomorrah.  Both Peter and Jude remind us that the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah  was a warning to all generations not to follow the gross sexual immorality of those cities (1 Peter 2:6, Jude 1:7).

Who were the sinners of Sodom that prophesy warns  will rise again in the end times to dominate society (Romans 1:26-32 and I Timothy 3:1-9)?  They were first called “Sodomites,” then “homosexuals,”  and now “gays.”  Their movement has adopted the rainbow flag as an act of defiance against God, and their final attempt to sanitize their sin is to wrap themselves in His own cloak.

This article is a call to Christians and Jews (and Moslems — who also revere the book of Genesis ) to take back the rainbow from the “gays.”  I am urging pro-family leaders and advocates everywhere to start using the rainbow again, especially in ways that clearly link the symbol to Biblical opposition to the “gay” agenda, or which remind the world of its true meaning.  One way to do this is to create our own rainbow flags and banners bearing the slogan “The Rainbow Belongs to God: Genesis 6-9, 19” or a similar message.

The global homosexual movement, in cooperation with the leftist media, is making a final gambit to gain exclusive control of the rainbow symbol.  They have set a trap for the Russian government that they intend to spring during the Winter Olympics scheduled for February 2014 in Russia.

Very simply, they plan to protest Russia’s new law criminalizing homosexual propaganda to children by encouraging individual competitors and other highly visible figures, including celebrities, to display the rainbow symbol during the Olympic Games.  The media will ensure that each such display is broadcast to the world.

It is a no-win scenario for the Russian government.  If the Russians ignore the tactic, the “gays” will declare victory and claim that the Russian government was ashamed to enforce its “hateful” law while under the scrutiny of the world. If the Russians attempt to enforce the law by punishing those who display the rainbow, the media will portray those persons as heroic victims and martyrs, while portraying the Russians as “homophobic” bullies secretly intent on exterminating homosexuals.  Either way, the media will segue any rainbow related stories with coverage of violent hate crimes (real or staged) against homosexuals that occur anywhere in Russia during the games (or any time since the passage of the new law).  They will imply that these incidents are the result and intent of the new law, and the “climate of hate and fear” it has engendered .  Worst of all, whichever way this protest campaign goes, the rainbow will be perceived by the world as the exclusive property of the “gay” movement.

However, with a simple judo move, the Russians could catch the “gays” in their own trap, and at the same time rescue God’s rainbow from being dragged through the mud.

Imagine the Russian Olympics taking place under a giant rainbow banner declaring that the rainbow belongs to God!  And rainbow symbols incorporated in virtually every aspect of the games and the celebrations surrounding them.  The scheme to display rainbows as a rebellious act by Hollywood celebrities, and left-leaning Olympic contenders would be rendered impotent.  The “gay” movement would be thwarted in its attempt to steal for itself what belongs to God and to all of us as His children.  And, best of all, the entire world, including the “gays,” would be reminded of the truth of the Bible: that God gave us the rainbow as a reminder not only that He judges sin, but that He forgives and heals those who repent.

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