A Note to the Australians

Along with my congratulations for your election victory I want to remind the Australians of the international pro-family movement’s greatest weakness: conservatism.

Even now, while Christians and other pro-family people in your nation are breathing great sighs of relief and turning back to the normal cares and responsibilities of life, the homosexuals and their “progressive” allies are in their war rooms determining their next battle strategies. Like the indestructible robot from the future in the movie, The Terminator, they never, ever, ever, ever give up.

For the spiritually-minded, the better analogy is drawn from the Biblical story of Sodom in Genesis 19, where the homosexual men of that city would not be deterred from their efforts to rape Lot’s rescuers, even after they were struck blind while clawing at the front door.

Whether or not you believe it is demonically inspired, what defines the “gay” movement is an implacable militancy intent on conquest and control.

In the United States this is exemplified by the situation of the Boy Scouts of America. Despite winning a major landmark U.S. Supreme Court case in the year 2000 recognizing its constitutional right to discriminate against homosexuality (what to any other group would have been perceived as an unbreachable defense), the “gays” simply redoubled their attacks like the Romans besieging Masada. After 13 years of continuous and increasing pressure the Boy Scouts finally surrendered to the “gays” earlier this year.

In contrast to this fanatical zeal of the “gay” activists, pro-family conservatives are just normal people who desire to “conserve” the status quo against changes they perceive as negative and harmful.

Conservatives react and respond to the homosexual/progressive initiatives, but in between the battles they go home, thinking their jobs are done. They draw lines in the sand which they staunchly defend — until they lose that ground to the offensive campaign of the left, at which point they draw a new line in the sand. Indeed, the entire history of our movement since the 1950s can be viewed as a long, slow, incremental retreat.

For Australians to prevent the homosexualization of your country, you must stop approaching this problem as conservatives, and start thinking and acting pro-actively. You must turn from a defensive to an offensive strategy, setting new goals for your public policy and culture that are MORE family-friendly, and MORE values centered than what you currently enjoy. The new Russian law prohibiting homosexual propaganda to children can be an inspiration, but there are innumerable ways that creative pro-family strategists could move the ball forward toward our goal of a genuinely family-friendly society.

Lastly, I want to remind you that a team that only plays defense may be very successful at blocking the other side’s goals, but it can’t block every goal forever. More importantly, it never win the game.

Dr. Scott Lively
President, Defend the Family International

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