Lively Asks Court of Appeals to Overrule Ponsor


Yesterday my attorneys filed a special and little-used Writ of Mandamus with the Federal Court of Appeals, asking that it overrule Judge Ponsor’s denial of my Motion to Dismiss the frivolous SMUG lawsuit against me for alleged “Crimes against Humanity.   See the writ here: Writ of Mandamus

Senior litigation counsel Harry Mihet’s reasoning and articulation is again masterful and highly persuasive.  God has truly blessed me with a advocate equipped with great skill and intellect.

The writ is relatively short and straight to the point so I’ll let you read it for yourselves, but I’ll cite one paragraph here that sums up why I am in this suit:

“Few people would ever engage in the political process if the cost of doing so was having to defend through discovery and summary judgment a transnational crimes against humanity suit brought by their political adversaries. Here, this is SMUG’s admitted purpose in bringing this suit – to make it “too costly” for Lively and others to engage in speech and advocacy that offends SMUG.”

This lawsuit is harassment, pure and simple.


Pastor Scott Lively



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