Satan’s Superbowl: “Gay Marriage” at SCOTUS


This article was published in my snail-mail newsletter on March 20, 2015 but I have decided to publish it here as well in light of the Indiana Religious Freedom Restoration Act debacle which confirms my thesis.  I take no joy in being right in this prediction.


Satan’s Superbowl 

During the 1992 election cycle I was the Communications Director for Oregon Citizens Alliance (OCA) during the Measure 9 campaign to amend Oregon’s constitution to define homosexuality as “abnormal, unnatural and perverse” (the Biblical perspective in secular terms).  From the initial filing of the ballot measure language in April, 1991 to the final vote in November, 1992 I was the spokesman for the campaign, and a front-row witness to an incredible display of Machiavellian political manipulation.  In my quarter-century of Christian social and political activism I have never seen anything like it at any level.  It was as if the Gates of Hell had opened and all the demons had been unleashed in fury. 

The “gays” used just about every dirty trick ever employed in politics, twisted every arm, broke every rule, and commandeered for their war-machine every government agency, business, non-profit corporation, church, foundation, service organization, school, college, labor union and media organ within their considerable scope of influence.  It was a breathtaking display of power in which the voters witnessed not just a few but a long series of public declarations of allegiance to the “gay” cause by public figures and organizations — like Babylonian captives bowing to Nebuchadnezzar‘s golden statue.   

I offer the above for context.  I predict the media blitzkrieg for “gay marriage” over the next weeks and months is going to surpass what the homosexuals and their allies did in Oregon in 1992.  We are about to witness a “shock and awe” display of solidarity for homosexual marriage like a Superbowl half-time show on steroids –coinciding with an unprecedented level of attack on Biblical Christianity and a variety of dirty tricks designed to portray pro-family leaders and activists in the worst possible light to the largest numbers of people. 

It has already begun with a legal brief to the court filed by more than 300 republican leaders  Watch for this and similar lists to grow into the thousands of signatories, steadily increasing every week, with accompanying media fanfare.  Watch for a parade of public figures from every sphere of life “coming out of the closet.”  Watch for a “change of conscience” to sweep like a wave through many supposedly conservative churches and religious organizations as they either endorse “gay marriage,” or offer some form of compromise.  Watch for various pairs of bitter rivals to come together in unity for “gay marriage (e.g. sports teams, politicians, religious leaders) and every possible celebrity to compete for attention as a champion of the “gay” cause.  Watch for subtle and not-so-subtle pitches for homosexual marriage in nearly every sit-com, TV talk-show, and “news/analysis” programs.  Watch for all of this to unfold like a finely-timed stage performance in a series of “news bombs” that capture everyone’s attention.  In the broadcast media, in public schools and colleges, and on social media it’s going to be “all-‘gay,’ all the time.”      

Look also for an increasingly virulent wave of self-righteous judgmentalism against faithful Christians and the Bible-believing church — the only remaining barrier to “gay” cultural hegemony in America.  This is Satan’s Superbowl and he is in it to win it.  And in the process to cause as much hurt and injury as possible to the opposing team.  I hope I’m wrong, but experience leads me to expect that by the time SCOTUS comes out with its pro-homosexual “marriage” ruling, the metaphorical Superbowl Stadium of Marriage is going to look to the average citizen more like the Roman Coliseum — the stands filled with triumphant advocates of homosexuality cheering the spectacle of Christians being fed to the lions.

Christians have one chance to avoid this grim scenario: by moving the heart and hand of God to intervene on our behalf through prayer.  No human power can defeat the demonic king of this world as he  moves his team onto the field.  I encourage every believer to hold a personal Vigil for Marriage at the Supreme Court or your closest federal courthouse.  Just go there to stand on the public sidewalk to pray and hold a sign as often as you can until the final ruling comes down.  I may see you there.   

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