Of Human Shields and Swords

The image that best defines the clash of barbarism vs. civilization in the world today is that of innocents used as human shields. The barbarians use our humanity against us and force us into a moral conundrum. Do we bomb the enemy missile-launcher in the hospital complex or do we let it continue to let it rain death on our own population? We are forced by the barbarians to choose the lesser of two evils, whatever that might be and then face the scorn and wrath of whichever half of the polarized public we disappointed by our choice. It’s a tactic straight from Hell.

But even more devious and diabolical is the use of innocents as a human sword, as in the so-called “Syrian refugee crisis.” Credible reports suggest that this river of human misery — carrying God only knows how many Jihadist Trojan Horses in its current — was deliberately created by the barbarian Obama administration. It is said he was bombing civilian infrastructure in Syria to 1) deplete Syrian President Assad’s pool of available men of military age, and 2) to force Europe to take a more active part in ousting Assad by blaming him for the consequent social chaos in the European nations. The tactic might have worked if not for Russia‘s direct military intervention to preserve its Syrian ally.


Obama Rejects “Cooperation” with Putin on Syria: Washington’s War on Terror is A Fabrication, Zero ISIS Targets Destroyed…

Now this might be too much conspiracy theory for American conservatives to swallow, given the extent to which the Obama/Neocon anti-Russian propaganda has influenced the conservative movement. Many have been persuaded to give Obama a pass on his Middle East “debacles” to the extent that they conform to Neocon war strategy — which now as usual seems to be about oil and the petrodollar, and specifically about the Qutar/Turkey oil pipeline that Assad refused to allow across Syrian territory (see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Qatar-Turkey_pipeline).

So let’s test the old Latin maxim of police detectives everywhere, “Cui Bono?” (literally, to whose profit?), regarding the question of whether Obama is Machiavellian-enough in his character to deliberately displace millions of people and destabilize entire regions of the world to further his political interests.

Who benefits from the “Syrian Refugee Crisis?”

First in line are the Moslems, who are flooding into Europe in unprecedented numbers. Jihad by immigration, followed immediately with Jihad by terrorism. Obama’s most consistent foreign policy objective if measured by actual result rather than rhetoric, is strengthening Islam in all its forms.

Second are the Cultural Marxists, who above all other things hate Christianity. We know how regime change works as regards nations. In the Moslem immigration-invasion of Europe we are seeing the world’s first attempt at continent-wide “religion-change.” Obama is dramatically weakening what is left of the Christian identity of Europe (which in turn is offering only secular-themed counter-measures to the Islamist threat, such the “Je Suis Charlie” meme, lionizing the vile atheist magazine Charlie Hebdo).

Third is Obama pal and benefactor, George Soros and his Open Society agenda. The Soros vision of a world of borderless countries has never had a greater champion than Obama. Let’s not forget last year’s cresting wave of “child refugees” into the United States from South America, which appears in retrospect to be a dress rehearsal for the European invasion.

We were expected to believe that wave of “children” was a spontaneous reaction to un-scripted political events in their home countries. But is there any country in the world today not being manipulated by Obama’s CIA, State Department, and Marxist co-conspirators like Soros? Maybe we should ask Bibi Netanyahu, one of the few to survive Obama’s globe-hopping political hit squad, partly by exposing Obama’s deep personal hatred of him to the American people through the dramatic showdown over his historic speech to Congress (proving once again that offence is the best defense).

Fourth are the Neocons themselves, aligned most closely with the Sunni Moslem governments of Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qutar, who would all greatly benefit financially if regime change in Syria allowed them to install their own pro-pipeline puppet (though the Russians have thrown a monkey wrench into that plan).

Now, some might say there’s a silver lining to the Syrian invasion in that it has prompted a populist backlash in Europe, but let’s not forget that inciting the far right while ignoring or suppressing measured conservative solutions is an age-old sub-plot of these tactics, designed to justify suspension of civil rights and enhanced police-state actions by leftist-controlled regimes. Look what’s now happening in Socialist France — and yet many conservatives are now literally cheering martial law because finally France is “doing something.”

There’s another danger to principled conservatism in the populist determination to lump all the refugees together as a single mob of dangerous Islamists, rather than as individuals to be judged on their own merits. It’s the leftists who push group identity and rights, not conservatives! But we are playing right into their hands by bending to populist mob psychology.

We’ve grown conditioned to applying group identity to illegal aliens — which in a narrow context is deserved since they each made themselves criminals by choosing to violate our immigration laws.

But refugees are an entirely different matter. No matter how many of the “Syrians” seeking asylum have evil intent, they are not one monolithic block of criminals. At least some of them are innocents who have been made refugees by the evil actions of others. (Wouldn’t you do the same to save your family if someone deliberately made your community unlivable?)

These are the “human swords” of the Obama regime-change agenda — people who genuinely did not want to leave their homes and seek safety somewhere else, and would immediately return if they could have their old lives back.

Let’s not allow the puppet-masters to steer us into simplistic populist reactions that serve their interests and not our own. Let’s place the blame where it belongs — on the globalist manipulators — while honoring our God and our principles by treating the refugees as individuals who may in fact be victims of the very same enemy.

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