The Hidden Homosexual Core of Militant Islam

A few weeks ago the Daily Beast ran a story titled “The Secret, Hypocritical Gay World of ISIS.” The clueless leftist reporter predictably called these homosexual terrorists “hypocrites” for murdering a 15-year-old “gay” boy for homosexual activity while giving a pass to the adult homosexual military leader who either shared “consensual sex with” or “raped” him.

The article went on to expose what was to the journalist a surprisingly rampant homosexual culture in the militant Islamist community.

He obviously never read my book The Pink Swastika: Homosexuality in the Nazi Party (co-authored with Orthodox Jewish researcher Kevin E Abrams) which describes in extensive detail the age-old and ever-present — but seldom acknowledged — phenomenon of “super-macho” male homosexuality and pederasty (man/boy sex).

This is precisely the hyper-masculine male-warrior culture which produced the Nazi Brownshirts and defined Adolf Hitler’s inner-circle of power during the rise and reign of the Third Reich.

In pre-Nazi Germany, the ISIS-type Butch homosexuals were first organized as the “Gemeinschaft de Eigene”, the “Community of the Elite (CE), in hostile response to the rise of the Scientific Humanitarian Committee (SHC) as a political force which attempted to repeal German sodomy laws on the argument that all male homosexuals were really “female souls trapped in mens’ bodies” (thus “born that way“). This “Femme” perspective was highly insulting to the hyper-masculine “gays” of the CE, who considered feminine-oriented homosexual men to be sub-human “kummerlings” (puny beings). The Butches of the CE passionately hated the Femmes and largely created what we recognize today as the German variant of Fascism as their vehicle to oppose the Communist/Socialist affiliated Femmes of the SHC.

The word “homosexual,” by the way, was invented in 1869 by the SHC’s founders to portray male sodomy as a medical condition and not a moral weakness and was frequently rejected as a term of self-identification by the “gays” of the CE and later the Nazi Party, just as it is today rejected as a self-label by masculine-leaning ISIS “gays”, and through the years by some American “gays“ as well. As Butch homosexual Roy Cohn, lawyer for anti-Communist Senator Joseph McCarty once famously said, “I’m not a homosexual. I just like to f*** with guys.”

The Butch/Femme schism in the “gay” subculture is essential to understanding homosexuality in Nazism, and why “homosexuality” was publicly condemned and some homosexuals were killed by the Nazis (and now ISIS) . Again, the German Butches were Fascists while the Femmes were primarily Communists, but their internecine rivalry began in the 18th century, spanned many national borders, and continues in a shadowy form even today.

But back to the problem of the invisibility of the super-macho male homosexual culture to the general public — as evidenced by the ignorance of even the overwhelmingly “gay-friendly” Daily Beast:

“ISIS murdered a 15-year-old accused of being gay but spared the life of his ‘rapist,’ a senior jihadi commander. What lies behind the brutal double standard? The murder of a 15-year-old teenager, thrown to his death by ISIS for being gay, not only reveals—yet again—the terror group’s murderous homophobia, but also the hypocrisy that exists alongside it.”

Compare that tone and reasoning to the following comment in the 1920s by Adolf Brand, publisher of “Der Eigene,” the magazine of the CE, regarding the Nazi Party.

“Men such as Captain Roehm, are, to our knowledge, no rarity at all in the National Socialist Party. It rather teems there with homosexuals of all kinds. And the joy of man in man, which has been slandered in their papers so often as an oriental vice although the Edda frankly extols it as the highest virtue of the Teutons, blossoms around their campfires and is cultivated and fostered by them in a way done in no other male union that is reared on party politics. The threatened hanging on the gallows, with which they allege they want to exterminate homosexuals, is therefore only a horrible gesture that is supposed to make stupid people believe that the Hitler people, in the matter of male-to-male inclinations, are all as innocent as pigeons and pure as angels”

It is the identical phenomenon: a sexual dynamic driven by super-macho Butch “gays” who reject the “homosexual” label and feel no compunction about hurting or killing Femmes, but whose members have always been at the core of male homosexual culture. They are the brutes who “bash gays” even while living as sodomites themselves.

In my book Redeeming the Rainbow: A Christian Response to the “Gay” Agenda, I invented the “Scale of Gender Imbalance in the LGBT Spectrum” to portray my conception of how the various factions and sub-factions of the LGBT community can be explained by the degree to which each subset departs from gender normalcy (center) to either a masculine-oriented or feminine-oriented extreme. Gender normalcy is defined by a healthy balance of masculinity and femininity in one’s nature, and exhibited by a heterosexual orientation. Imbalance produces men or women with either too much or too little masculinity or femininity causing sexual and gender disorientation. See pages 51-54:

On this scale, a Male Butch Homosexual (imbalanced toward the masculine extreme) may fit in any one of three possible categories based on the degree to which he rejects the moderating feminine aspect of his human nature and embraces aggressiveness and violence. They are: 1) Bullies, 2) Super-Machos, or 3) Monsters, and are represented in the “gay” community as decreasingly populated sub-sets, with increasingly more animalistic behavior (ie, there are lots of Butch “Bullies” but few “Monsters.” I would class the Nazi Brown Shirts and ISIS terrorists of the Daily Beast article as primarily Super-Machos, with a smattering of Monsters among them (the only ones capable of the level of animalistic brutality necessary to throw people into ovens -or cages- to be burned alive).

Importantly, pederasty in Islam is not limited to ISIS. Just today a story was published in Breaking Israel News titled “The Islamic Rape and Murder of Christian Boys” describing commonplace behavior by rich Moslem men in Pakistan:

In short, pederasy has always been at the core of masculine-oriented male homosexual culture and the militaristic cult of jihadist Islam is today’s best example, just as Nazism was in the 20th century.

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