The Common Root of LGBT Dysfunctions

Scale of Gender Balance (men & women, chart 01) v02

Scale of Gender Balance (men, chart 02) v02

Scale of Gender Balance (women, chart 03) v02

The “gay” movement promotes itself as a coalition of “sexual minorities:” Lesbian, “Gay,” Bisexual and Transgendered (LGBT). “Transgendered” is a category that includes all people who seek to change their physical appearance to that of the opposite gender from which they were born. It includes both transvestites, who limit their gender alteration to clothing and cosmetic changes, and transsexuals, who have their bodies surgically altered to resemble those of the opposite sex.

One day, while pondering the relationship between homosexuality and transgenderism, I was reminded of Genesis 1:27, in which God explains that He created all human beings in His image as male and female (i.e.. “His image” is both halves taken together). I have often sermonized on this topic: that He created us not just as two genders, man and woman, but that each of us, regardless of physical gender, is intended to have a balance of masculine and feminine qualities. Jesus Himself exhibited this principle in His earthly ministry: on one hand comparing himself to a “mother hen” wanting to protect Jerusalem under her wings (Matthew 23:37) and on the other forcefully driving the money changers from the temple with a whip that he made with His own hands (John 2:15).

Naturally, men tend to have more masculine qualities — task orientation, aggression, risk-taking, for example — and women tend to have more feminine qualities, such as relationship orientation, nurturing and security-mindedness, but each of us has some of both. It’s what allows men and women to understand and appreciate each other and to cooperate in family life and the raising of children.

Society’s failure to understand and respect this principle has been the source of many problems, such as when men scorn their own moderating feminine qualities in favor of a destructive ultra-masculine “machismo” or other devaluation of females and femininity. Consider modern China, where the customary killing of girl babies has created a gender imbalance of 30 million extra boys who will be without wives.

Contempt for the feminine is clearly not the Biblical view, though many professing Christians over the centuries have held it. In the United States, the blame for the rise of militant secular feminism can be laid squarely at the feet of an earlier generation of American men who abused their masculine authority to mistreat women, on the theory that they were inferior. The secular feminism that has arisen in response to men’s failures is equally destructive to social health (but that’s a topic for another book).

The Biblical view is that men and women are equal in value, different in function (e.g. Galatians 3:28, Ephesians 5). This principle is the essence of heterosexuality: a balance of the complimentary forms and qualities inherent in our male/female duality. The principle sounds almost Taoist (perhaps an indication of its universality), but is solidly Biblical. Men and women are made to fit together, in every sense of the word.

From this starting point, it struck me that a whole new understanding of homosexual and transgender disorientation becomes possible. They are both the result of gender imbalance and can be plotted on a scale that measures the degree of imbalance.

The Scale of Gender Balance

Let us envision a seven point scale in which the center represents gender normalcy and the ends represent extremes of masculine and feminine imbalance. Gender normalcy (GN) is the state of having a close to even balance of masculinity and femininity — not a perfectly even balance, which would amount to androgyny, but just enough of an imbalance to cause the average man to be more masculine than the average woman and vice versa.

Extreme Masculinity————–( GN )—————–Extreme Femininity

Gender normalcy itself encompasses a range of slight gender imbalance. We all know men and women who are more masculine or feminine than the average. What makes them normal, despite their greater than average imbalance is that they function according to their heterosexual design. They are attracted to the opposite sex and in fact often choose a spouse whose own degree of imbalance is the reverse of theirs (e.g. a very feminine woman marrying a very masculine man).

For various reasons, including those listed in the prior segment, a person can suffer gender imbalance severe enough to harm their sense of gender identity. The more pronounced the imbalance, the more psychologically affected the person will be. This range of unhealthy gender imbalance encompasses all of the various so-called sexual minorities, which can be plotted on the scale based on the degree of gender imbalance they represent. For example, the most severe gender imbalance in men to the effeminate side is represented in the category we call transsexuals.

Male Transsexuals: Men Imbalanced to the Feminine Extreme

Extreme Masculinity————–( GN )—————–Extreme Femininity

Male to Female Transsexual (MTS)

What defines a male-to-female transsexual? A complete rejection of masculine identity. The identification with the feminine side is so complete that the man will hire a surgeon to remove his penis, replace it with an artificial vagina, and fit him with breast implants: this is a male to female transsexual (MTS). This person (who will always remain genetically male) is at the furthest feminine extreme of the gender imbalance scale. He has completely rejected masculinity and all that it represents.

Female Transsexuals: Women Imbalanced to the Masculine Extreme:

Extreme Masculinity—————( GN )—————-Extreme Femininity

Female to Male Transsexual (FTS)

What defines a female-to-male transsexual? Exactly the reverse process to the male transsexual. The woman so completely rejects her feminine nature that she wants to “become a man.” Since this is genetically impossible, she pursues the next best thing: cosmetic surgery to make her body look like that of a man.


What is a transvestite? A transvestite is a person whose gender imbalance is severe enough to cause him or her to want to be perceived by others as the opposite gender. A Male Transvestite (MTV) will dress as a woman, and a Female Transvestite (FTV) will dress as a man. The imbalance is not so extreme that the person will seek cosmetic surgery, and he or she may actually spend most of their time clothed appropriately for their sex, but their sense of gender identity is disordered and manifests in an attempt to masquerade as the opposite sex on a part-time or full-time basis.

Extreme Masculinity—————( GN )—————-Extreme Femininity
Female Transvestite (FTV)                                      Male Transvestite (MTV)

Effeminate Male Homosexuals and Masculine Female Homosexuals

The next, less severe form of gender disorder in men is Effeminate Male Homosexuality (EMH). A man in this category acts much like a woman. He doesn’t dress in women’s clothing or change himself with surgery, but there is no mistaking that his sense of gender identity leans strongly to the feminine. This is the “classic” male homosexual type, in many ways a caricature of womanhood; this is the type of homosexual most likely to come to mind when one hears the term “gay man.” Some of this is due to media stereotyping, but it is also self-evident that a homosexual man acting like a woman will stand out more than a homosexual man with more masculine leanings.

The parallel form of gender disorder in women is Masculine Female Homosexuality (MFH). A woman of this type acts like a man. She doesn’t necessarily dress in men’s clothing, although she might. The social taboo regarding women dressing like men is much less pronounced than for men dressing like women, so it is difficult to draw a line between the outward manifestation of female transvestites and lesbians in the same way it can be drawn between that of effeminate homosexual men and male transvestites. In addition, female gender identity disorder is based much more on fear and rejection of one’s own gender than on attraction to and identification with one’s opposite gender. A woman in this category fits most people’s idea of a lesbian, a slightly masculine-acting woman whose gender disorder manifests itself in same-sex attraction but not in a complete rejection of her femininity.

Our scale is getting a little crowded, so we will divide it by gender, but it remains the same scale for both females and males.

Extreme Masculinity————–( GN )—————-Extreme Femininity
(FTS) (FTV) (MFH)                                 Lesbian Fems (LF)

Extreme Masculinity————–( GN )—————-Extreme Femininity
”Gay” Bullies                                                                  (EMH) (MTV) (MTS)

The Hidden “Sexual Minorities”

So far on our scale of gender imbalance we have plotted the “sexual minorities” that are most visible in our society, but there is another full side to the spectrum that is not as obvious to the casual observer. This side includes the categories of gender disorder in which the individuals are afflicted with an absence of the gender qualities associated with the opposite sex: men with too little of the feminine, and women with too little of the masculine.


Masculine Homosexual Men, AKA “Gay” Bullies.

Moving toward the opposite extreme of the scale, the male categories are measured by their degree of rejection of females and femininity. These are masculine-oriented homosexual men. The existence of this type of homosexual comes as a shock to some people. When they think of homosexuals, they think of effeminate men who act like women, but, in my observation, there are at least as many masculine-leaning homosexuals as there are effeminate ones.

But these are not simply masculine men, they are anti-feminine men. Importantly, they are less against women per se than against effeminacy — especially in other men. The further one tends to the masculine extreme, the greater his rejection of and hostility towards effeminacy. (In my observation, effeminate homosexuality and transgenderism seem to be a product of childhood gender identity disorder as described above, while masculine-oriented homosexuality in men seems to be a product of childhood or adolescent sexual abuse.)

The first category therefore is the classic “gay” bully, and his victims are often effeminate homosexuals. It is very common to hear “gay” activists refer to these “gay bashers” as “latent homosexuals,“ and I believe they are correct, though I suspect that many of these men are not latent, but active (though often self-loathing) homosexuals.

Lesbian Fems, AKA “Lipstick Lesbians”

Gender imbalance, when it crosses the line from gender normalcy, is not just an overabundance of the qualities of one gender. As we observed above, it is also a rejection of the complimentary qualities of the opposite gender. This results in an unhealthy manifestation of the remaining gender qualities. In men it is most obvious in the level of aggression. In women, it is most obvious in the approach to interpersonal relationships. The greater the imbalance toward the feminine extreme, the greater the degree of emotional dependence on other people, especially the romantic partner or partners. This is often reflected in intense jealousy and possessiveness among lesbian partners, leading frequently to domestic violence.

“Lipstick lesbians” are lesbians who want to appear feminine, but who don’t want to be romantically or sexually involved with men. As with the men who occupy a parallel position on the male scale, the “gay” bullies, they tend to blend into society. No one really notices a lesbian who is dressing and acting like a woman, or a “gay” man who is dressing and acting like a man. These are the “invisible” homosexuals who, if they are activist-minded, often can play the part of secret agents in the pursuit of “gay” political goals. No one knows they are homosexual unless they intentionally reveal themselves.

These women commonly enter “heterosexual mimicking” relationships with “butch” lesbians, who take the role of the man.



Along with a rejection of effeminacy, comes a loss of the feminine-associated qualities that serve to moderate male behavior. The less influenced a man is by these moderating qualities, the more aggressive, even brutal he becomes. This is not to say that gender normal men cannot be “ultra-masculine.” Some are, but usually their attraction to women creates an incentive for these men to moderate their behavior to be more acceptable to women (the characters often played by the actor John Wayne come to mind here).

In contrast, Super-Machos are both ultra-masculine and anti-feminine to the point of misogyny. They actively reject the moderating influences of the feminine as weakness and cultivate a persona of brutal forcefulness. The best examples of this type were the male homosexuals of the Nazi Sturmabteilung, also known as the Brownshirts.

Many people wonder how the Nazis could have been homosexual, when homosexuals were among the targets of their brutal social engineering policies. The secret is that many of the Nazi leaders were masculine-oriented homosexuals, while many of their political enemies in the German Communist Party were effeminate homosexuals.


At the furthest extreme of the scale are men whose gender imbalance has left them without any hint of feminine restraint. Fortunately there are few of them, because they are capable of the worst atrocities. Many of the guards of the Nazi extermination camps were of this type. In our society, such men have often been responsible for mass murders, serial killings, torture slayings, and the like. They seem less like men than like animals to us, since we recognize that a fully human nature is made up of complementary, balancing and mutually restraining male and female components.

Doormats & Slaves

The final categories in the scale represent escalating degrees of the dependency phenomenon in women. These are women who are deeply emotionally dependent on their (usually) lesbian partners or male partners, to the point of neurosis. Lacking all but a trace of the masculine in their personality, they are virtually unable to assert themselves. In the most extreme examples, they live as the literal slaves of their partners. These partnerships often include or are based upon sexual bondage and domination and/or sadism and masochism (BDSM). Significantly, due to the supersubmissive nature of these women, they are frequently bi-sexual, since it is extremely difficult for them to withhold consent from anyone, male or female, who gains a position of authority over them in the context of a romantic or sexual relationship.


Extreme Masculinity————–( GN )—————-Extreme Femininity
(FTS) (FTV) (MFH)                               Lesbian Fems (LF), Doormats, Slaves

Extreme Masculinity————–( GN )—————-Extreme Femininity
Monsters, Super-Machos ”Gay” Bullies                        (EMH) (MTV) (MTS)


Allow me to state very clearly at this point that this scale of gender imbalance is my own invention, based solely upon my observations and analysis. It is not the product of controlled scientific studies, nor has it been reviewed or endorsed by medical or psychiatric professionals. I am not a medical doctor or mental health professional, just an attorney and pastor with 25 years of ministry focus on LGBT issues.

I wouldn’t be surprised to find something similar to this scale in the scientific literature, because I believe these observations are not only intuitive but objectively accurate, but I have not yet found such a source, nor am I searching for one. I believe this scale stands on its own as a reasonable and logical model of homosexual/transgender dysfunction.

In terms of the Biblical support for these ideas, we find them in two areas. First, in the recognition of multiple categories of homosexual dysfunction. This includes 1 Corinthians 6:9-10, “…[b]e not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind [sodomites], nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners, shall inherit the kingdom of God.” Note that Paul differentiates “sodomites” from “effeminate” which may be taken either as a reference to masculine and feminine-oriented male homosexuals, or to homosexual and transgendered men, or both.

It also includes Old Testament passages addressing “dogs” (male, probably effeminate, homosexual prostitutes; see Deuteronomy 23:18).

Masculine oriented homosexuality (recognized by its predatory nature) is seen in Genesis 19 (the story of Sodom and Gomorrah) and Judges 19 (the homosexuality-related incident that sparked the Benjamite civil war).

Second, we find a firm Biblical opposition to the confusion of gender, beyond what is implied by Genesis 1:27. Deuteronomy 22:5 reads “The woman shall not wear that which pertains to a man, neither shall a man put on a woman’s garment: for all that do so are abomination unto the LORD thy God.”

As always when dealing with statutory Biblical law, we note that while the strict letter of the law may not always be applicable in a modern context (see Romans 7:6), the spirit and principle of the law remains constant and binding, in this case reflecting the fact that gender distinctions matter to God. This principle is specifically reaffirmed throughout the New Testament as well (e.g. 1 Corinthians 11:14-15 as to physical appearance, Matthew 19:4 as to gender identity).


Postscript: As of the writing of this article I am still subject to a federal lawsuit charging me with “Crimes Against Humanity” for preaching against homosexuality in Uganda. Perhaps the top example of my allegedly malicious hatred of homosexuals given by the plaintiffs and their media and activist supporters is that I supposedly told the Ugandans that all homosexuals are monsters who engage in mass murder and other atrocities. The basis for that utterly false and frankly evil misrepresentation is this teaching, which I presented in lecture form in Uganda

(see for yourself how grossly they misrepresent what I said here:

and which is re-printed from Chapter 4 of my book “Redeeming the Rainbow: A Christian Response to the ’Gay’ Agenda” here:

I believe you can always tell which facts and arguments are most damaging to the LGBT supremacist agenda by measuring how outrageously “gay” propagandists misrepresent them. By that standard, this teaching on the common root of LGBT dysfunction is highly valuable pro-family information. I urge you to distribute it to your friends and allies.

Post-Postscript: I apologize for the awkwardness of my attempt to depict this scale graphically. If you or someone you know would be interested in volunteering to create a graphic to depict the Scale of Gender Imbalance in LGBT Sufferers, I’d love to hear from you at

UPDATE:  The excellent graphics at the top of the page were created by a supporter in response to my request.

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