Understanding Sexual Disorientation

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Understanding Sexual Disorientation: A Natural Law Analysis of Gender Identity Disorder

Natural law is very simply the byproduct of accurate perception of the natural order by a rational mind devoted to truth-seeking. America’s Founding Fathers held this perspective and defined such truths to be “self-evident” in the Declaration of Independence.

The Apostle Paul wrote that God reveals the truth about the natural order of human sexuality and gender, and about His authorship of it, so clearly that people have no defense for false perceptions of it and actually suffer His anger for suppressing it (Romans 1:18-32).

Even secular Aristotle rooted his invention of the scientific method, foundation of all modern secular science, in the natural law presupposition. His axiom, called Teleology, held that the purpose of any thing can be discerned from its design and function. Thus the purpose of the eye is to see, and the purpose of human sexuality is to bond men and women together in self-contained natural families, which collectively establish natural communities, which makes civilization possible. These are self-evident truths.

The phenomenon of gender identity confusion is also self-evident to any truth-seeking person with a rational mind. Pope John Paul affirmed this most succinctly when he observed that homosexuality is “intrinsically disordered.” But people, especially the most powerful ones, tend to “suppress the truth in unrighteousness” to rationalize their indulgence in disordered conduct (Romans 1:18), and consequently western societies have witnessed the so-called sexual revolution smother our former natural law social consensus under a tsunami of irrationality cloaked in pseudo-science.

But truth abides, and truth-seekers continue to discover it easily by simple observation.

The truth about the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) coalition is that all of its members hold one thing in common: gender-identity disorder. And the category into which they fall is determined by the degree to which they deviate from gender normalcy.

In his landmark 1945 article, The Meaning of Normal (Yale J. of Biology and Medicine), Dr. Charles King noted that “Normalcy is that which functions according to its design.”
The heterosexual physiology of human beings is self-evident. The very concept of gender necessarily derives from our male/female complimentary design.

The masculinity of normal men and femininity of normal woman is also self-evident, as is the fact that each gender shares some of the personality traits of its opposite — in a roughly balanced proportion that slightly favors the characteristics associated with one’s male or female design.

Gender identity disorder occurs when a person’s gender-balance tips to either a masculine or feminine excess. The greater the imbalance, the more severe the gender-identity dysfunction.

When the gender-identity imbalance contradicts the person’s physiology (a man acting like a woman, or a woman like a man), the most extreme result is deliberate surgical mutilation of one’s body — transsexualism.

When the imbalance leans the other direction — toward excessive masculinity in men or femininity in women — the extreme is a complete loss of complimentarity, resulting in animalistic brutality in men (the Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde phenomenon) and utterly slavish passivity in women. These conditions are so clearly disordered as to make denial of this fact a form of insanity.

The self-evident solution to gender identity disorder is simply to help people regain a balanced male/female equilibrium. How that balance may be restored, as a practical matter, is the province of healers employing Aristotle’s “scientific method.” But it can certainly never be achieved if we continue denying plain truth in favor of a politically-correct mass-delusion that insists sexual disorientation is good and normal.


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