Pray for the Liberation of England

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During World War II, Winston Churchill famously vowed that England would “never, never, never surrender” to the Imperial ambitions of Germany. But just five decades later that is precisely what occurred in the Treaty of Maastricht. A post-Soviet reunited-Germany — West and East — drew from both halves of its recent Nazi and Communist heritage to create the European Union, a satanic blend of amoral fascist corporatism and godless cultural Marxism. And Socialism-weakened Britain willingly signed away its sovereignty to Berlin, the Nimrod of a new Babylon. Few acknowledged Germany’s dominance then, but hindsight clearly reveals the reality today — and that the original plan was in fact Adolf Hitler’s:

Fewer still recognize the literal and overt demonic foundations of the EU. Check out these links provided by my friend Stephen Green of Christian Voice in Wales:

On June 23, 2016 the people of the UK will have an opportunity to vote on the question of whether or not they would like to remain captives to EU neo-feudalism or to finally regain the power of national self-determination. Corporate media polling has consistently shown the “Remain in the EU” side to be winning by a slim margin, which almost certainly means the “Leave” campaign is actually in the lead. (Leftists always lie and cheat.) That assumption is overwhelmingly bolstered by the fact that the uber-elite Bilderbergs (the now fully exposed club of global puppet-masters that people like me were once mocked as conspiracy nuts for mentioning the existence of) are holding an emergency meeting this week in Dresden, Germany (of course) to discuss an anti-Leave strategy.

My guess is they will dump a few billion dollars into last minute fear-mongering propaganda and if that doesn’t work they’ll get a ruling from an elitist-controlled court to simply declare the vote invalid. You can be sure they won’t simply capitulate to the will of the masses, no matter what the cost (to the masses).

Across the world the globalists are making their move to fulfill their dream of a centralized planetary government. Obama and Pope Francis kicked off the final phase at the UN in September 2015 with the 17-point “2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development,” and the Trans-Pacific Partnership (of which Obama and Paul Ryan are key co-conspirators), both of which institute new global controls over the nations.

But they’re moving so very fast that they’ve wakened the sleeping populist giant both in Europe and the United States, and risk literal revolution as they continue to press for their goal despite the increasing exposure of their plans and their identities. The Brexit vote is the most critical of the tests they currently face, because England is the second largest economy of the EU, and the EU is the model for the future political infrastructure of the one-world government. And because England is not just a country, it is the remnant of a former empire of still-interconnected, still largely Christian, freedom-loving nations. Where Britain goes, a gigantic part of the industrialized world presumably follows.

Christians and populists around the world have a vested interested in the outcome of the Brexit vote. If the Brits vote to leave the EU, the cause of freedom and national self-determination grounded in the Biblical traditions of the west will be dramatically strengthened. If the elites manage to retain their controlling power over the people and culture of the UK through fear-mongering, vote fraud or post-election judicial nullification, the cause of freedom will be seriously set back.

Those of us outside the UK may not be able to cast a physical vote, but we can certainly “vote with our knees” by assailing the Throne of Heaven in prayer: “Lord God, please remember your people in the UK and deliver them from bondage, both from the EU and from their own leftist elites.”


Breaking: This morning Drudge is citing a poll by the British Independent newspaper titled “Massive shift to Brexit.”

The mainstream media acknowledgment of a 10 point lead for Leave is unprecedented, suggesting the numbers are far higher or there‘s a new strategy in play by the elites. Let’s keep praying straight through to the June 23rd vote.

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