A Letter to the British People

On my second visit to the land of my ancestors, Great Britain, just before the turn of the millennium, my family was traveling on a shoestring budget and the only accommodation we could afford was an old holiday caravan at the back end of a working sheep farm. It was rough going for us because it was the dead of winter and bitterly cold. But despite the challenges our sympathies were with our elderly hostess M. who had been forced by her own difficulties to take measures such as renting out her caravan just to make ends meet — despite owning an old and well established sheep-breeding farm. She was on the verge of losing her business, she said, because the European Union had designated France as its region for sheep farming and England’s sheep farmers were being intentionally and systematically put out of business through regulation and bureaucratic harassment.

We learned two things about the EU that winter. First, that it’s vision and tactics were straight out of the Soviet Communist playbook: deliberately undermining the self-sufficiency of its member states to ensure dependency on the collective. Second, that the EU was no match for the legendary backbone and resolve of the British people. We watched that incredible woman in her seventies, partially crippled with a broken pelvis caused by a rogue ram, delivering the lambs with her own hands, alone in the bitter cold at four o’ clock in the morning.

Such is the true nature and heritage of the British people that the world saw reclaimed in the Brexit vote this week. Despite decades of cultural debilitation under political slavery to Berlin and Brussels, and a massive campaign of fear mongering, intimidation and media deceit by the 1%, you Brits rose to the challenge and broke the EU’s shackles. You successfully performed a painful but necessary self-surgery to remove the cancerous tumor of globalist socialism — and have begun the process of recovery: a body still riddled with the disease, but now separated from the toxic environment that allowed it to thrive.

I’ve spent a quarter century battling Cultural Marxism in the United States and around the world — the same camp of ideologues that nearly ruined your country — and I offer you these suggestions.

1. Give glory to God and declare a national Day of Thanksgiving. He has shown you great mercy in this answer to your prayers. You know you do not deserve this reprieve from the judgment that you have brought upon yourselves by turning from Him and following the false gods of materialism, secularism, and “Nicer than Jesus” humanism. Reassert your spiritual authority. Don’t wait for the timid or compromised church establishments to lead the way, take the path of the Apostle Paul to boldly speak truth and directly effect change as independent agents and ambassadors of the King of Kings.

2. Press your advantage immediately! Don’t wait for the politicians and bureaucrats to change the statutes: begin dismantling the EU policies today. As you assert your spiritual authority, assert your political authority as well. Act according to the spirit of British law and ignore the letter of the now-repudiated EU law. Quickly and proactively reclaim the land, and the seats of power and influence, starting NOW before the “Remain” puppet-masters can regroup. Work diligently from this day forward to take back the political system, the media, the schools, the social services into your own hands. Carry the revolution into every hamlet, village, town and city by standing for office or simply asserting authority where you already live or work, and by supporting other patriots who do the same.

3. Ignore the wailing and gnashing of teeth of the Remainers (the activists and elitists, not your duped but well-intentioned neighbors). These are not the spontaneous anguished cries of sore losers as you may suppose, they are the strategic choruses of veteran social engineers who have adeptly steered public policy with temper tantrums and feigned outrage and since the 1960s. Don’t fall for their trickery! The more they scream and hiss and accuse, the more you can be sure you’re on the right track. Let their blustering fury be the wind beneath your sails. (And don’t neglect to help your neighbors onto the Leaving ship as the nastiness of the elites vindictiveness opens their eyes to the truth).

4. Lastly, invest in the nation. As the Banksters and Bilderbergers work to punish you by undermining the economy — hoping to make an example of you to put fear in the hearts of other rebel movements — recognize the golden investment opportunity before you. As you invest in your own national self-sufficiency, the engine of British productivity and creativity will roar back to life and you might never again have such a chance to “buy low.”

In summary, I am convinced that Britain will thrive, but only if she remembers her Godly heritage and pursues its restoration with faith and fortitude. And if her people recognize that Brexit was not the destination but only a doorway to the possibility of renewal. Weak and subservient Britain lies in the past. It is your task to become Great Britain again.

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