Report from Kyrgyzstan

Dear Friends,
Greetings from Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. Anne and I arrived yesterday
morning as sunrise was breaking over the rugged Tien Shan mountains,
along which runs one of the major arteries of the famous “Silk Road.”
It was a magnificent start to our most exotic missionary journey yet.

Kyrgyzstan is a land-locked country south of Russia and Kazakhstan,
west of China, east of Uzbekistan, and directly north of the Kashmir
region of Pakistan (with Tajikistan in between). It is the home of
ancient nomadic peoples whose roots trace back to ancient Siberia.
Even in this remote corner of central Asia the Obama and EU
governments, along with the NGOs (“non-governmental organizations”) of
the leftist elites, are attempting cultural “regime change” to force
the global LGBT agenda on an overwhelmingly morally conservative

Although the nation is 85% Moslem and 12% Russian Orthodox Christian,
my hosts tell me the people here are largely afraid to stand up to the
“gays” because doing so could bring reprisals. Homofascism has truly
gone global, and it is following the same pattern– building on the
foundation of false “human rights” and a “sexual orientation”
anti-discrimination law — but moving much faster, because they have
perfected the strategy.

In about an hour I will hold a press conference to advise the
Kyrgyzstani people to reject the LGBT campaign (being pushed very
aggressively by the US Embassy) and instead to 1) define marriage as
between a man and a woman in the constitution (which has been formally
proposed and is currently under consideration) and 2 to ban LGBT
propaganda to children as the Russians have done.

Tomorrow we will hold a pro-family conference where I will explain the
LGBT strategies and tactics and their consequences in America and

My press statement is posted below. Please be in prayer for us.

Blessings to you,

Dr. Scott Lively

Press Statement

I am Dr. Scott Lively, President of Defend the Family International
and author of the Riga Declaration on Religious Freedom, Family Values
and Human Rights. I have come to Kyrgyzstan at the request of a group
of citizens concerned about the promotion of the Lesbian, Gay,
Bisexual, Transgender political agenda by the United States and
European governments and various NGOs. I have come to reassure the
people of Kyrgyzstan that many Americans and Europeans oppose the LGBT
agenda as strongly as you do, and to explain how that agenda has
harmed my country and how you can stand against it. Tomorrow, I will
address these topics fully in a seminar titled “Healthy Families and
the Struggle Against Extremism.”

In my brief comments today I want to say that I am a Christian pastor
who cares deeply about my faith and the values taught in the Bible.
However, the international pro-family movement that I represent is
shared by all faiths and by good people from every nation, tongue and
tribe. I stand today in solidarity with Kyrgyzstan’s majority Moslem
population, Russian Orthodox Christians, and people from many other
confessions to affirm that marriage between a man and a woman who then
bear and raise children under their love and protection is the
foundation of all civilizations. The right of a child to be born into
a natural family is the first and highest human right — a universal
right shared by all people everywhere.

As an attorney and human rights consultant I have traveled to more
than 50 countries and studied the so-called “sexual revolution” and
its effect on human rights. What I have seen is that every country
that has accepted the concept of human rights based upon abnormal
sexual conduct has suffered a rapid collapse of respect and protection
for the true human rights of religious freedom and natural family. In
a very short time the laws and courts begin to protect LGBT rights at
the expense of religious freedom and family values.

This process always begins with the promotion of social fragmentation
by foreign governments and NGOs so that a person’s rights are seen as
a function of their identity in a group, such as race, disability or
ethnicity. This process allows the concepts of “sexual orientation”
and “gender identity or expression” to be introduced as a category
deserving of special rights, even though these categories are a recent
invention of the LGBT movement with no roots in the four thousand year
history of human rights laws.

After the people and their government leaders accept the concept of
group rights, then a law is enacted prohibiting discrimination against
people based upon their group identity, including “sexual orientation”
and “gender identity or expression.” Importantly, an
anti-discrimination law based upon “sexual orientation” is the seed
that contains the entire tree of the LGBT agenda, including “gay
marriage,” “gay adoption,” promotion of LGBT teachings to children in
public schools, and the criminalization of beliefs and policies that
disagree with LGBT teachings.

I urge the people of Kyrgyzstan to have tolerance for people who
suffer from LGBT disfunctions, but not to grant them any special
rights in law. Don’t let foreign powers rob you of the treasure of
true marriage and natural families by creating special protections for
the LGBT group.

Instead, your laws should strengthen family values by passing a law
defining marriage as only between a man and a woman, and by following
the Russian example of prohibiting LGBT propaganda to children.

If you do not take quick action to protect true human rights, you will
suffer the same destructive social consequences that Americans and
Europeans face today under the crushing fascism of LGBT special

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