Experiment in Kyrgyzstan: The Natural Life Movement

Dr. Lively posing with Almaz Azunov, leader of the Nomadic Cultural Revival Movement in Kyrgyzstan.  https://www.facebook.com/jolchoro

Dr. Lively posing with Almaz Azunov, leader of the Nomadic Cultural Revival Movement in Kyrgyzstan. https://www.facebook.com/jolchoro

Anne and I have just left Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan where I launched an entirely new and non-confrontational strategy for protecting the marriage and the natural family: The Natural Life Movement.

As you know, I have been a soldier in the so-called culture war since the late 1980s and my response to the attack on marriage-based society has been consistent with that warfare paradigm. It was and is an accurate metaphor, because the political left been waging all-out war against Biblical family values since the Stonewall Riots of June 28, 1969 (Gay Pride Day). That’s when the LGBT movement abandoned its pursuit of “tolerance” for a new goal of “gay” supremacy. It adopted Herbert Marcuse’s Culural Marxist Strategy to end what he called “the repressive order of procreative sexuality” through “elimination…of the patriarchal and monogamic family.”

However, after Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy’s lawless declaration of a constitutional right to “gay marriage” by judicial fiat in the Obergefell case, and Barack Obama’s eight-year transformation of the federal government into an arm of the LGBT movement, the culture war from the pro-family side looks a lot more like a military occupation. Surveying the current battlefield I see skirmishes over transgenderism that look like “mop up” by the “gays” and looming on the horizon an enormous new threat called “transhumanism.”

The “culture war” was always a war against the natural order of human sexuality, family, community and civilization which all spring from the root of “one flesh” male/female complimentarity. Now that the left has all but won that war, the transformation of all other aspects of human society and the material world around us from natural to artificial will escalate rapidly. While I believe continued resistance to the LGBT agenda is essential, we must also plan for the coming transhuman dystopia in which many of the people who fought against us in the culture war will switch sides as the terrible consequences of their displacement of the natural order become increasingly more obvious. Virtual reality is already supplanting actual reality in many ways, but the emergence of AI, robotics, genetic and cybernetic augmentation of all types of living organisms, and other artificial alternatives to natural life has only just begun – and that should trigger a back-to-nature reaction similar to what followed the start of the Industrial Revolution.

I believe it is time for a part of the pro-family movement to shift focus to a new paradigm that emphasizes conservation of the natural family and other aspects of the natural order in the face of an increasingly artificial world. If we can’t preserve the primacy of the family as a cultural norm, perhaps we can at least protect the natural family and natural living model from extinction in the way we protect forests and wetlands. And perhaps in the process of presenting this paradigm, we can wake up some of the environmentally-conscious progressives to the fact that the natural family is the essential ecosystem of humanity.

I call this paradigm the Natural Life Movement and have framed the prototype in the form of a declaration which is posted below.

I have chosen to launch this model in Kyrgyzstan because upon my arrival there I discovered that it seems uniquely well suited to the Natural Life paradigm. Though the country is ostensibly Moslem, it’s primary cultural influence is its nomadic heritage and in fact many Kyrgyz people still live in Yurts. There is a sense of harmony with the land, extraordinarily similar to that of “Native” Americans (who actually share native roots with the Kyrgyz in Siberia). Indeed, my hosts with whom we lived closely for a week in Bishkek are Moslems, but in exploring the Natural Life model as a possible direction for the Kyrgyzstan pro-family movement, we enjoyed a harmony of purpose that transcended both our theological and cultural differences. We have planted the first seed in their soil, and will watch to see how it develops.

It is hoped that even the misguided supporters of the LGBT agenda will appreciate this positive and non-confrontational approach as an alternative to the culture war.

The Bishkek experiment has been launched. I will continue to develop and promote the Natural Life Movement elsewhere.

Dr. Scott Lively

Bishkek Declaration on the Establishment of a Natural Life Movement in Kyrgyzstan

1. The universal values of all humanity are grounded in the natural order of Creation.

2. The foundation of civilization is the natural family: a man and a woman created to join together as one flesh to bear and raise children together with mutual love and nurturing.

3. The true strength of a healthy nation is a network of natural families organized into natural communities which create stability and economic independence through mutual cooperation.

4. The community which sets the best interest of its children as its highest priority guarantees the highest level of security, prosperity and happiness for everyone.

5. A child’s best interest is to be raised in harmony with the natural world and respect for the God who created it.

6. The natural-life society allows for beliefs and practices that do not conform to majority views, and practices tolerance for those who respect the mainstream culture but choose to live outside of it. It also recognizes the value of technology that compliments the natural order without doing harm to it.

7. The natural lifestyle simply prefers the natural to the artificial as a general, flexible principle:

  • Natural foods as contrasted to artificial, genetically modified, or pesticide tainted foods,
  • Natural healing as contrasted with artificial chemicals and processes,
    Natural persons as contrasted with “legal persons” such as corporations, robots, and “transhumans.”
  • Natural families as contrasted with lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or polyamorous groupings,
  • Natural communities made of independent, self-sufficient families as contrasted with forced urbanization and dependence on government, and
  • Natural practices in all aspects of life, as exemplified by the historic nomadic lifestyle of the Kyrgyz people.

It is the goal and purpose of the Natural Life Movement in Kyrgyzstan to improve the lives of all the people by promoting this Natural Life perspective as model for our society, its government and our neighbors across the world.

With our host family in Bishkek

With our host family in Bishkek


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