Never Trump Equals Clinton Forever

This is it. When we awake on November 9th we will know whether We the People were successful in snatching our government from the clutches of the multi-tentacled Clinton Crime Family and the global elite it represents. Ironically, the outcome may rest with a portion of the electorate who have decided, “on principle,” that Donald Trump must never become president because of his moral flaws. It is this small but important group of voters who represent Hillary Clinton’s best hope of victory – and perhaps with it the death of hope for effective principled resistance to the elites.

A principle is a precept that defines a paradigm. The principle at stake in the Trump/Clinton election, in the freshly jeopardized BREXIT vote, in the newly rekindled “Cold War” with Russia, and all of the many battles around the world pitting the LGBT agenda and Open Borders against national sovereignty, is the principle of Self Rule Under God as opposed to control by human masters.

In each of these contests Hillary Clinton and her two-term surrogate and placeholder Barack Obama represent control by the humanist elites. Donald Trump, as did Ronald Reagan before him, and the American Founding Father long before both of them, represents an imperfect but workable attempt at establishing government “of the people, by the people and for the people.”

Even the Never Trump camp is split along this same divide. There are Hillary’s political kindred spirits in the GOP (i.e., the Paul Ryan/Jeb Bush types) who stand for the Neo-Con agenda of establishment control and its enrichment through perpetual war. (These types are the enemies of freedom and must be uprooted and replaced if Trump wins or we’ll forever be fighting a “fifth column” in our midst.)

Then there are the well-intended but misguided Christian moralists who think they’re standing on principle by concluding that people with moral flaws are unfit to serve in government. That’s not principled, just irrational since it logically disqualifies EVERY candidate as a greater or lesser “evil.”

Self Rule Under God was Our Creator’s preferred system for human self government in the Old Testament period of the Judges (before the people demanded to be ruled by a monarchy instead), and it was the essence of the American experiment started with the Mayflower Compact of the Pilgrims, and reaffirmed in the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights to the United States Constitution. It is the system we used to call the “Rule of Law” back when “law” was aligned with the principles of the Bible, and the system undergirding our “Constitutional Republic” back when our judges actually followed the constitution.

Trump has promised us a Supreme Court that will follow the doctrine of “original intent” and that alone (if God allows) could save the world from the globalists.

Like many of the Never Trump folks, I took a “Never RINO” stand when the choices were Bob Dole, John McCain and Mitt Romney. NOT because they were the “lesser evils” and thus disqualified on moral grounds, but because they were shills for the elites – being forced on us by the GOP establishment. (I voted for “W” because I thought he was a Christian conservative – though he turned out to be a puppet of the Neo-Cons).

The REAL question in those elections was never “Which candidate is less evil, Blank or Blank?” It was “Who gets to decide America’s future, the People or the Elites?” The “lesser evil” framework was and is nothing more than a devious rhetorical and psychological trap of the elites to push us into moral compromise as a way of life. Indeed, keeping the people continually floundering in the sea of ethical dilemma – and fighting amongst ourselves about it — was and is far more important to the elites than the choice we ultimately made on election day – so long as THEY choose the candidates.

But this time, as was true with morally flawed Ronald Reagan, we have a candidate who allows us to vote, not for a man, but for the principle of Self Rule Under God.

The other day, Barack Obama said that the fate of the world hangs on this election. As a constitutional attorney, historian and Christian social activist who has spent the past year touring over 20 countries to assess and assist the populist/conservative movement, I absolutely agree. This is the most momentous election in my lifetime and will decide whether America can be restored to a Constitutional Republic or be permanently morphed into a global version of ClintonWorld, a world-wide leftist totalitarian dictatorship under Ahab and Jezebel Clinton.

November 8th is the point of no return. If you still insist on “Never Trump,” you may give us Clinton Forever.

PS. Caveat. Make no mistake, I am not telling anyone how they should vote. In fact, I think there is an argument even for affirmatively voting for Clinton, IF you’re of the camp that believes America is under judgment and Trump represents nothing more than a delay in the inevitable punishment of our nation for the innocent blood of millions of unborn babies that we have shed. I’m only arguing against the false logic of the “lesser evil” debate as a basis for the Never Trump position. Frankly, if Clinton wins, I will take that as proof that God intends no delay in His judgment of America. He is sovereign and perfect in His rulings. But He is also long-suffering and merciful and I am hoping for a reprieve for my country.

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