Trump and the LGBT Agenda

According to the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), the world’s leading champion of “gay” supremacy, I am public enemy #1 of their global agenda. It is a badge of high honor. When Donald Trump granted openly homosexual Peter Thiel a prime spot at the Republican convention to proclaim his pride in being a Sodomite, I responded with an article titled The Myth of the “Gay” Conservative, in which I also criticized Fox News and Breitbart media for promoting that myth.

My greatest concern about the Trump presidency is his obvious lack of support for the pro-family side of the Christian vs LGBT cultural showdown, and I expect that some aspects of the “gay cause” may even advance under his administration, especially in the short term. However, I voted for Mr. Trump and am reasonably optimistic that, on balance, the pro-family movement will benefit from his presidency in the long run. To preserve my own peace of mind through the coming short term disappointments I’m rehearsing the mantra, “What would Hillary have done?” because whatever Trump may do that we don’t like, Hillary would most certainly have done ten thousand times worse.

If President Trump keeps his promise to repeal the Johnson Amendment (LBJ’s infamous change to the U.S. tax code in 1954 which prohibited churches from endorsing or opposing political candidates), and to appoint pro-life constitutionalists to the Supreme Court, the two biggest barriers to effective Christian stewardship of the culture will be eliminated. And, as the eminent Dr. Michael Brown has just reminded us, the future state of the culture is the responsibility of the church, not the Trump administration. (Cite) As I’ve said repeatedly, if Mr. Trump simply emulates Mr. Putin and defers to the church to repair the damage caused by long-term Marxist rule, we’ll be able clean up the mess in relatively short order.

Trump and the Republican majority in both houses of Congress have every reason to quickly repeal the Johnson Amendment since it was the historic 81% Evangelical Christian vote that put Trump in the White House, and will continue his revolution into the mid-term elections in 2018 if Christian voters are convinced that Mr. Trump recognizes America’s Christian foundations as the key to her former greatness. Conversely, if he tosses us aside like yesterday’s newspaper in the tradition of Republican leadership since Reagan, then the Trump revolution will die faster than Newt Gingrich’s “Contract With America.”

As for SCOTUS and its role in the culture war, it must be remembered that on the so-called “gay rights” issue, Christians essentially won that war twice only to be robbed of victory by the pro-“gay” cheating of “swing vote” Justice Anthony Kennedy and the four hard leftists on the court.

The first time was in 1992 when Colorado adopted the citizens’ ballot initiative known as Amendment 2, the No Special Rights Act. That Act barred civil rights minority status based on sexual orientation and spelled the effective end of the “gay” agenda because the Supreme Court had already ruled that minority status required “immutable characteristics” such as skin color. Checkmate! But then, in the first of his five landmark rulings in support of “gay” supremacy, Kennedy declared in Romer v Evans (1996) that SCOTUS needn’t submit Amendment 2 to the established constitutional test because Colorado had “no legitimate state interest” in passing the law, but was motivated solely by “animus” (hatred). It was an utterly lawless ruling that robbed the people of their decade-long, hard won victory through the legitimate democratic process and spawned the now ubiquitous LGBT strategy of defining all disapproval of their agenda as “hate.”

The second time, Kennedy again ruled to neutralize a slam-dunk victory for Christians in the culture war, represented by 35 state DOMA laws (by often overwhelming large popular majorities), defining marriage as only between one man and one woman. In his majority opinion in Obergefell v Hodges, the so-called “gay marriage” case, Kennedy simply declared “gay marriage” constitutional by judicial fiat. It was another legal opinion devoid of constitutional authority, and made all the more offensive to the peoples’ rights by the refusal of Justices Ginsberg and Kagan to recuse themselves from the vote of the court, after having both presided over same-sex “wedding” ceremonies during the pendency of the case — the most egregious and blatant abuse of judicial ethics in the court’s history.

President Trump’s first Supreme Court appointment will only restore a conservative to the seat left vacant by the death of Justice Antonin Scalia, and Kennedy will remain the swing vote, but Mr. Trump is very likely to make a second, and perhaps a third or more appointment to the court during his term. If after filling Scalia’s seat he appoints only one additional true conservative to a seat formerly held by a liberal, Kennedy and his homosexualist fellow travelers will presumably never again be able to repeat their past acts of violence to the constitution and its Biblical foundations.

The most hopeful outcome of the Trump/Clinton election for pro-family conservatives is the revelation to the world that the “Emperor” of elite liberalism has no clothes. The vaunted power of the elites was revealed to be an illusion created to manipulate public opinion by a relatively small number of Cultural Marxist co-conspirators who occupy key seats of power in government, academia, entertainment and especially media. The conspiracy of these ideological zealots to create a false reality consistent with their social justice narrative was finally exposed.

The greatest beneficiary of the false reality conspiracy has always been the LGBT movement, which even now seems to be protected from the cleansing spotlight of public scrutiny. President Obama’s highest priority was to establish “gay” supremacy in every country of the world but strangely his entire agenda is under examination EXCEPT so-called “gay rights.” No one is even mentioning that the global uprising against the elites tracks the ramrodding of “gay marriage” down the throats of the international community just as closely as it tracks the Third World “immigrant” invasion of the US and EU.

Both the liberal and GOP-aligned “conservative” media are ignoring the LGBT factor as if it had no effect. Why? Because, in my view, the “gays” have infiltrated Fox, Brietbart and other otherwise conservative media and are actively shielding the “gay” movement from negative attention. They are quietly protecting the social justice narrative regarding the LGBT agenda and shifting all focus to the fiscal issues, immigration and abortion, with the willing cooperation of the Republican Party.

However, if it is true that the people have been awakened to their populist power, and haven’t simply fallen under the sway of a new class of puppet-masters, the smoke and mirrors protecting the LGBT community from its (gigantic) share of blame for the ruin of the culture will not survive the populist swamp-draining that has only just begun.

While I publicly criticized Mr. Trump for allowing Peter Thiel in the GOP tent, I recognized that politically he really didn’t have much choice – even if he was personally opposed to the LGBT agenda. In the pre-election false reality being perpetuated by the leftist media and elites, the recent Obergefell decision represented the (apparent) defeat of the Christian value-voters and the “gays” were riding a powerful wave of perceived momentum (thanks to Kennedy’s treason against the U.S. Constitution).

If Trump had taken a strong pro-family stand on LGBT issues, he would have opened up a huge new battle-front in the war for the presidency with virtually no support from conservative GOP leaders (nearly all of whom have retreated from that fight due to the ferocity of the leftist cartel on “gay rights”). And he would have energized the Bernie Sanders bloc of the Democratic base, especially the young people, the most thoroughly brainwashed portion of the US electorate on LGBT issues due to nearly monopolistic “gay” influence in public education and the entertainment media.

However, by embracing renegade Thiel and saying Obergefell was settled law, Trump neutralized the “gay” card and kicked the can past the election. I didn’t support that tactic but I understood it. Now, while the leftist cartel is reeling from the Trump pummeling, Christian conservatives have perhaps their last opportunity to take back some ground on marriage and family values – irrespective of Mr. Trump’s personal views on the issue and the GOP’s willingness to throw the pro-family cause under the bus. The fact is that support for the sodomy lobby is driven almost entirely by fear of the Great and Powerful OZ of Political Correctness backed by media thuggery. But the curtain has been pulled back and guess what? The Wizard is as naked and impotent as the Emperor, so there is no good reason to let political correctness about homosexuality continue to trump family values in our public policy.

Back in 1992 I had the opportunity to challenge then-candidate Bill Clinton on the “gay” issue on a live “Town Hall”-style television program. In a strategic follow-up to my approved question (that I was required to submit to the hosts in advance), I mentioned the then-current effort by the LGBT movement to force the Boy Scouts to accept homosexuality and asked Mr. Clinton which side he was on in that dispute. He tried to dodge it, but I pressed in and Bill Clinton, cornered, publicly sided with the Boy Scouts – a fact mentioned the next day by Rush Limbaugh on his radio show.

I’ve mentioned this to showcase what we all know about politicians. They largely take positions based on public perceptions of the issues, which is why the “false reality” conspiracy of the leftist gatekeepers has been the most potent weapon of the elites. And why the Trump campaign’s exposure of the “false reality” to public scrutiny is so momentous.

I’ve been a Bible-based front-lines Christian social activist for more than 25 years — after having been a long-haired, pot-smoking leftist through my teens and most of my 20s (the sort who would gladly have joined Occupy, Black Lives Matter and the Soros street-activist army just for the party-atmosphere of that crowd). I can testify that the opportunity we Christians have before us today is absolutely unprecedented. But knowing how the establishment on both sides of the two-party system works to coopt every populist wave (remember initial promise of the Tea Party movement), our window of opportunity will not last forever. Indeed, it may not last past the mid-term elections.

Now is the time to drain the swamp, while the passion for change is burning so fiercely in the hearts of American patriots. If we wait for the Trump administration to do it, the work might never actually get done due to the nature of Washington, especially regarding the pro-family issues. The real power of this movement is not at the top, it is the grassroots, which the only truly trustworthy force capable of breaking the leftist cartel – and preventing it from morphing into a new, GOP version of the “false reality.” Part of our task is holding the feet of the Trump administration to the fire, but the bigger part is replacing every entrenched leftist interest at every level with people devoted to faith, family and freedom.

The true litmus test for whether this movement actually remains one of, by and for the people and not the elites, is whether the many problems caused by the destructive and self-serving LGBT community are addressed and rectified. That will not occur without the activists and advocates of the Biblical worldview taking responsibility for making it happen through prayer and action.

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