Milo Yiannopoulos and the Rise of American Nazism

The Soros army of Communists is rioting at Berkeley and we conservatives are expected to take sides with the one whose speaking tour has sparked it. However, I have two words for conservatives being enticed to embrace attention-hog Milo Yiannopoulos as a hero of conservatism: run away! With Trump now in office we can take back the education system ourselves, thank you very much. We don’t need this poseur’s help.

What we are witnessing in the contrived “Milo Phenomenon” is not the answer to far left control of our university system but an attempt by so-called “gay conservatives” to hijack the cultural pendulum that is finally swinging our way after half of century of hard work. Not only is Yiannopoulos a recently minted political opportunist rushing to grab the spotlight just as the tide of battle is turning, he also represents the very antithesis of conservatism: the abandonment of the marriage and family foundation of civilization that conservatism exists to conserve.

Don’t fall for the “Milo” branding campaign by granting him Madonna-like single-name stature. Open homosexual Yiannopoulos does not represent conservatism. Like homosexual Adolf Hitler did in Germany, he represents the rise of American Nazism and embracing him will do nothing but empower and justify the Communists who are his true counterparts. To steer this nation back to the civil and manageable political framework of liberal v conservative, the liberals must shun the Bolsheviks, including the Berkeley rioters and the conservatives must shun the Nazis, including Yiannopoulos.

Is the leftist claim that Yiannopoulos represents Nazism credible? Yes! (as to him but not yet as to Trump). Because they know what conservatives do not: that Nazism was always about Nationalist “butch” homosexuals wresting power from Communist/Socialist “femme” homosexuals, first in the streets and then in the seats of government and the treasury. (Anti-Semitism was only incidental to the Nazi agenda for the first dozen or so years.) In that sense “Milo” represents the very essence of Nazism as will the Trump Administration if it aligns with the homosexuals instead of the Christians and Torah-faithful Jews. (By definition it’s an either-or choice for Mr. Trump.)

As Voltaire said, those who fail to learn the lessons of history are doomed to repeat them, and we are watching a repetition of Germany’s fall into Communist/Fascist hyper-polarization. As the author of The Pink Swastika: Homosexuality in the Nazi Party, along with Orthodox Jewish researcher Kevin Abrams, I know better than anyone what that lesson of history is supposed to teach us and that is NEVER back homo-fascists as your answer to violent Communism.

First of all, there is no such thing as a “gay conservative” if words have any meaning. I wrote about this here:

I have always embraced the original goal of the “gay” movement, which was “the right to be left alone.” That’s true tolerance for people who choose to live outside the mainstream of society and I will defend them from invasion of their privacy. But advertising one’s homosexual identity as something good and normal is a deliberate act of subversion of the natural-family norm and not only deserves but requires opposition by the civilized world.

The emergence of homosexual leadership in the political right is a red-alert danger sign about the health of the movement, indicating that the primary force behind it is no longer Biblical but secular. I warned that this was coming back in my newsletter of April 1 2009:

“There is no question that the times are growing darker, and the Gospel is being challenged in this country like never before. And it will almost certainly get worse. Barney Frank is predicting the passage of at least three major pro-homosexual laws during Obama’s first term and globally, the ‘gay’ juggernaut is advancing apace. In recent months some have been equating his election to the rise of the Hitler, but I disagree. Obama’s election is actually equivalent in a historical sense to the Weimar government prior to Hitler, which was characterized by disastrous socialist economic policies and a concurrent extreme sexual libertinism. The resulting social chaos invited over-correction to the ‘right’ which opened the door for Hitler. There as here the transformation of the moral culture over decades from conservative to corrupt was orchestrated by the ‘gay’ movement: that is the central message and thesis of The Pink Swastika.

“Right on cue, we’re seeing a populist anti-socialism uprising across the country in the form of Tea Parties and other gatherings. I’m all in favor of these, because at this stage the movement is largely Christian sponsored and manned. However, if the movement grows to the point that secularists outnumber Christian activists and begin to assume leadership roles, its tone and goals will likely shift hard to the right and away from Biblically-grounded moderating principles.”

That was 2009. This week the Trump administration made it’s first big mistake in shifting from Biblically-grounded moderating principles by deciding to continue some of Obama’s policies regarding LGBT issues. My friend Peter LaBarbera wrote about that here:

My guess is that all this pro-homosexual stuff, including the Yiannopoulos tour, is a strategy of Trump’s advisor Steve Bannon of Breitbart. His team thinks they can undermine the LGBT power-base by backing “gay conservatives” while redefining some aspects of the “gay” agenda as a part of conservatism, while suppressing the truth about its common roots with abortion (which they oppose). But if sodomy can be endorsed by conservatism so can baby-killing since the law against both is God’s: the law above all laws.

President Trump can’t have it both ways by “triangulating” the issues. “What fellowship hath Christ with Belial?,” the Bible asks. Trump is either with God or with the demons on this question. And the demons behind the debasement of human sexuality and marriage are far too powerful to be constrained by human conniving. Solomon himself, the richest and wisest ruler of all time, failed to learn that lesson of history and lost his kingdom for it (1 Kings 11:1-12). Somebody really needs to get past Bannon (whom I admire as a strategist in most other respects) to point this out to Mr. Trump. Perhaps Mr. Bannon will come to his senses on this, but the degree to which he’s apparently invested in the Yiannopoulos strategy suggests not.

The “gay” monster whose nose is just barely into the GOP tent at this point (the movement, not the man) will soon own it if it is not stopped now. Rather than cheering Yannopoulos like he’s “our prizefighter” on university campuses, we need to shut off the cameras so he’ll stop posing for them and go back to the closet where his unfortunate lifestyle belongs. Instead of letting Mr. Bannon’s team steer the conservative movement away from Biblical alignment, let’s both pray and actively push this ship back on the course toward true conservatism as it was understood by the pro-family, anti-homosexuality Founding Fathers.

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