Milo Yiannopoulos and the Rise of American Nazism, Part 3

Judgment, Mercy and Milo Yiannopoulos

In today’s hyper-frenetic news cycle, the Berkeley rioting against Milo Yiannopoulos is already fading from public memory. But we haven’t seen the last of leftist riots, nor of Trojan Horse “gay conservatives” trying to infiltrate and commandeer the conservative movement in this season of political turmoil.

Though I am both an attorney and a pastor, my articles generally address public policy issues from a Bible-based social activist perspective rather than an overtly evangelical one. This time I’m putting my Pastor hat on to address the spiritual aspect of what we’ve been witnessing both in the street activism of the political left and the insidious and little-acknowledged “gay theology” movement in the church and culture (of which Milo is a part, wittingly or not).

The Berkeley rioters (and their Soros-funded Social Marxist comrades across the world) and the LGBT movement (in every one of its shape-shifting forms) share a central common denominator: Satanic Delusion. All of them believe terrible self-destructive and self-degrading lies about themselves, their opponents, their society and God Himself.

Consider just how awful it must be to live in Milo Yiannopoulos’s world, condemned not only to an ugly and dangerous lifestyle of extreme self-debasement, but compelled by his demons to parade his shame publicly and aggressively: a walking mockery of the God who made him.

Consider how dark and hopeless is the worldview that sees the violent disruption of civil society, the killing of police officers and the open advocacy of the assassination of our President as valid social action – especially after decades of insisting that anything less than full commitment to “tolerance” as a central social value amounts to an actionable “hate crime.” How pitiably insane – literally – these fellow creations of God have become. How desperately needful they are of our fervent intercessory prayer.

In his 1960 masterwork, The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, William L. Shirer said of the homosexual men who founded and built the Nazi Party that they “quarreled and feuded as only men of unnatural sexual inclinations, with their peculiar jealousies, can.” That observation is particularly helpful in explaining the fierceness of the hostilities and outright Brownshirt tactics seen between the so-called “gay conservatives” and the heavily “gay”-laden ranks of the radical left. They’re playing for the same anti-Biblical team but fight amongst themselves like Orcs and Uraki. The judgement they render upon each other is venomous and merciless.  It’s a predictable manifestation of their self-obsessed satanic ideology.

Bible-believing Christians and Torah Faithful Jews have a duty to correctly discern and oppose anti-social movements and conduct, which gives us authority to judge right and wrong and act accordingly for the good of all. Too often in the past we have neglected that duty out of a fear of political correctness, or of being attacked as “moralists” or “bigots.” Now that the enemies of Judeo-Christian culture have abandoned their pretext of seeking “tolerance” and are actively attempting to enforce their warped morality through violence and terror, shouldn’t we stop trying to placate them by self-suppressing our own righteous authority?

The culture war has always been at its root a spiritual war fought in the physical world. The weapons of our warfare aren’t physical, but mighty spiritual ones: prayer, truth-telling, and leading by selfless example. Considering the circumstances I suggest it is time to bring those weapons to bear more forcefully and consistently, starting with a prayer assault on the demonic agents at work in the lives of Milo Yiannopoulos and the rioters.

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