Russians, Resets and Recusal

Recusal is the act of voluntarily taking oneself out of the seat of decision making on a matter in which there is an appearance of bias that could undermine public confidence in one’s decisions. Recusal does not equate to guilt, only to the perception of bias which may or may not be accurate, and amounts to sacrificing oneself to preserve the authority and dignity of the court. Only the most law-abiding of people, like Senator Jeff Sessions, recuse themselves when the perception of bias is false. What one sacrifices is the legal right to keep control of the matter in one’s own hands, which is an act of virtue and thus why Democrats almost never do it.

Justices Gingsberg and Kagan didn’t have just the appearance of bias when they refused to recuse themselves on the “gay marriage” case at the Supreme Court: they had actual and blatant conflict of interest in having performed “gay weddings” while the case was pending! Judge Vaughn Walker didn’t have just an appearance of bias when he struck down protections for authentic marriage in CA’s Prop 8 case, he had actual conflict of interest in that he was a homosexual who only disclosed his dysfunction after retirement. Loretta Lynch didn’t have just the appearance of bias in the Hillary Clinton criminal investigation, she had actual conflict of interest in meeting with Slick Willie Clinton, her husband, while the matter was pending. Despite this, none of these Democrats recused themselves. These are only four examples of hundreds from just the past decade.

The perception of bias in Attorney General Sessions’ recusal is not only a false perception, it is based on his response to an bogus intelligence report invented by Obama for the purpose of discrediting the Trump administration. Obama has set up a shadow government for that purpose as I predicted here back on November 17th : : and January 3rd :

At the root of the Obama strategy and propaganda is the false premise that the Russian government is an evil America-hating regime that seeks to weaken or control the United States through James Bondesqe subversion and spycraft. Back in the 1960s and 70, when the liberals were politically aligned with the Russians, the Russian-based Soviet Communist bloc WAS in fact an evil empire, and DID work to subvert America. Indeed, the Cultural Marxism dominant in our university system and mainstream media attest to their success. Today, however, the Russian Federation is socially and fiscally conservative and strongly anti-Marxist.

Obama’s strategy and tactics depend on Americans general ignorance of the dramatic reversal of Russian culture since Ronald Reagan facilitated a Christian revival in what is now the Russian Federation and various independent nations in Eastern Europe. When the Berlin Wall came down, the churches torn down by the Obama-style Soviet Communists were rebuilt and, after a couple of decades of gangsterism due to social disorder, today’s primary cultural influence is not Marxism (as it is in the Democrat Party USA) but Orthodox Christianity.

I am speaking from first-hand observation. I’ve been to Russia three times over the past dozen years including a ten day mission trip to the Russian far east in 2006, a fifty-city speaking tour in 2007 through Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Belarus, Ukraine, and Russia (from Siberia all the way to St. Petersburg) and I was in Moscow in 2013 where I was interviewed on Russian national television by the Orthodox Patriarch’s right hand man for family issues. In 2011 I did a mission trip to Moldova and helped the 95% pro-family population stop their US-influenced government from sneaking through a major pro-homosexuality law whose passage was timed to match the arrival of Joe Biden. Since 2013 I have visited Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Slovenia and Kyrgyzstan, helping the latter protect marriage in its national constitution in 2016.

I know from whereof I speak: ideologically and culturally the Russian people are the closest match to American conservatives and populists in the entire world, and it is only the constant Obama/McCain/Soros/MSM/Deep State anti-Russian propaganda that keeps the Americans from seeing it. Yet, I fault the conservatives and populists themselves in this, since the very people they’re trusting for news on such matters as Syria, Ukraine, the US election and Russia itself are the one’s they know for a fact ALWAYS lie about cultural and spiritual issues here at home.

I can’t speak to Putin’s character pro or con, but I know he’s a more faithful representative of the will of the Russian people than any of our US presidents from HW Bush through Obama, and I certainly don’t trust the people who are poisoning western minds against him. If anything, their hostility to Putin should enhance his credibility among conservatives.

Sure there are legitimate geopolitical factors at play that cannot be ignored: such as Russia’s alliance with terrorist Shiite Moslem Iran, which blew up our embassy in Beirut and sponsors Hamas and Hezbollah, but that’s hardly worse than the US alliance with Sunni Moslem Saudi Arabia from where most of the 911 attackers originated (and whose brand of Islam spawned both Al Queda and ISIS). There’s also the conflict between “our” oligarchs vs “their” oligarchs who are competing for control of various oil reserves and pipelines (perhaps the biggest factor behind the Syrian proxy war). But a strong US/Russian partnership on global issues could solve those problems.

If I were President Trump I would do three things to turn the tables on Obama’s shadow government and the deep state.

First, I would take on the Russian issue head-on and declare a new and better reset, Trump-style .

Second, I would rehire General Flynn and put him in charge of draining the swamp in the federal bureaucracy.

Third, I would ask pro-America/pro-Russia Prime Minister Viktor Orban of Hungary to host a summit meeting of Presidents Trump, Putin, Prime Minister Netanyahu and like-minded world leaders to discuss a new global alliance in which natural resources are shared without warfare, basic human rights to religious freedom and family values are prioritized, and the Moslem world is forced to end terrorism by its adherents and to recognize Israel’s right to exist.

The world would be a far better place under such an overtly Judeo-Christian alliance than what we have now under the greedy, Godless globalists.

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