World War D, Part 3: The “Purple Revolution” is About to Run Red

During the 2016 election, I wrote a series of articles explaining how Barack Obama’s global fast-tracking of the “progressive” agenda had caused the the traditional left/right division of western society to morph into a war of Nationalism vs Communism, essentially recreating the hyper-polarization that Germany experienced in the 1920s and early 30s. This was a phenomenon I predicted in 2009 with the rise of the Tea Party and Occupy movements, and saw come to fruition in 2016 in a 25-nation personal fact-finding tour.

Just after the election, news emerged of a planned “Purple Revolution” in the United States, to be orchestrated by George Soros and the Clintons along the lines of Soros’ “color revolutions” in various countries of the former Soviet Union.

I then predicted the following, some of which has already occurred, sooner than I expected:

“1) An army of faceless anarchists engaged in civil disobedience and property destruction on an “anti-fascism” theme (imagine the explosion of street violence in the late 1960s but employing “social justice” rather than anti-war rhetoric – like Black Lives Matter but bigger and broader). This is designed to terrorize the public but also to deliberately provoke police reactions that can be documented on film and edited to misrepresent the police as Brownshirt-style fascists.

2) A coordinated propaganda campaign by all the usual suspects on the left in media, academia, Hollywood, and the non-profit/foundations sector, branding the Trump administration as a fascist regime akin to the Third Reich. This will build slowly but inexorably as the left gathers and weaves together its case like a crooked prosecutor in the courtroom of international opinion.

3) Obstruction of conservative policy through guerrilla litigation tactics by groups such as the Center for Constitutional Rights and Southern Poverty Law Center, and their silent partners in the federal judiciary.”

In the weeks leading to the Trump inauguration, Barack Obama jumped into the “resistance” movement with both feet and conducted a campaign of sabotage of our government designed to deny President Trump an ability to effectively govern. I compared Obama’s actions to Adolf Hitler’s sabotage of Cherbourg, France as the Germans withdrew from Brittany, and predicted an American leftist version of the German post-D-Day counter-offensive known as the Battle of Bloody Gulch.

Obama also attempted to trigger a hot war with Russia in his final days in office, a move that might well have worked save for the remarkable restraint of Vladimir Putin. To the US provocation of withdrawing its diplomatic staff from Russia in manner historically taken only on the threshold of military action, Putin responded with grace and humor, diffusing the crisis. US military maneuvers in Europe that had been set in motion by Obama in anticipation of a hot war footing were forced to play out in an entirely unilateral and unjustifiable context.

From Day One of the Trump administration, Trump-hating leftists and elitists from both parties, including the leadership of the GOP establishment, have worked to undermine every aspect of his administration and policy agenda and to lay the groundwork for his impeachment or forced resignation. It was only through superior strategic thinking that Trump outmaneuvered these “deep state” operatives and removed the linchpin of their strategy: James Comey. (This is really a must-read analysis).

The “Impeach Trump” strategy was essentially gutted at that point, though those who set the Special Prosecutor process in motion to accomplish the goal were left building a gallows in the public square without a “culprit” to hang.

Like the malicious schemer Haman in the Biblical story of Esther, I predict that some of the very people that set up President Trump are going to dangle from their own noose.

But that’s a sideshow, now. The main event is the full-throated blood-in-the-streets Communist/Anarchist revolt that the political left has always dreamed of. They came close to achieving it in the 1960s. And they got a little taste this decade with the carefully orchestrated Black Live Matter rioting, and more recently with the Steve Scalise shooting. However, now that the “mainstream” media and Hollywood appear fully on board, and Bernie Sanders has given the order to his army to “resist” by any means necessary, and (after Ossoff) the “centrist” Democrats realize that they can’t seem to win through the legitimate political process any more, the perfect storm of political rage and opportunity appear to be shaping up for the summer of 2017.

I was a bit early in my prediction of widespread violence, stating in March of 2016 that I expected it to erupt before the November election

However, as I pointed out then, the original agitators that started the war in the streets of pre-Nazi Germany were not the Nationalists, but the Communists. Nationalism was the reaction, not the cause. It’s very unfortunate that the closest blueprint for what’s unfolding in America is Germany, since the Nationalists here are by no means Nazis, nor is overwhelmingly pro-Israel Trump in any way another Hitler. However, Communists are Communists wherever you find them, as predictable as voter fraud in a Democrat-controlled city: they WILL initiate serious violence and blame it on “fascism,” its only a question of when and to what extreme.

Mark my words, the “Purple Revolution” will run red.


Update: Just a few days after posting this story comes news from Portland, OR:

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