World War D, Part 4: Why the Left has Slammed into Reverse on Russia

Demublican and Republicrat elites portray Donald Trump as a clueless boob and many seem to believe their own propaganda. As a Christian I don’t endorse some of his boorish actions, but there is no question that Trump the President is the same “think outside the box” political genius as Trump the Candidate, continuing to win the populist majority by disdaining the political correctness that makes nearly all other politicians slaves of the leftist media.

Never in our nation’s history has a president faced such a massive array of opponents united across partisan lines on so many simultaneous battle fronts. Not even Ronald Reagan suffered this level of hostility, misrepresentation and sabotage: partly because the elites had already forced him to accept their man George H.W. Bush as Vice President, and partly because Reagan’s anti-Soviet focus did not overly conflict with their own geopolitical agenda on such things as US hegemony in banking and oil. They basically tolerated President Reagan’s conservative domestic agenda (with some legislative foot-dragging by “Moderates”), knowing they could reverse it once Bush took over: and they were only forced to “go to the mattresses” once – to stop him from putting a second Scalia on the Supreme Court in the form of Judge Robert Bork (and to instead nominate the Quistling Anthony Kennedy, father of “gay” cultural supremacy).

President Donald Trump, on the other hand, is their worst nightmare. He not only won the election despite all their best – and highly public – efforts to defeat him, but he did so with the backing of a huge army of patriotic populists cognizant (fully so by the election if not before) of the existence, nature and tactics of the global elites. This is the audience for his Tweets, which explains both their tone and why he will never stop sending them. (Populists love a bare-knuckle street fighter.)

Compounding the globalist nightmare is Mr. Trump’s ideological, though not yet transactional ally, Vladimir Putin who is backed by an even larger percentage of patriotic populists in the Russian Federation. The elites are simply apoplectic at the thought that the American and Russian populists will eventually recognize the astonishing similarity of their moral and fiscal conservatism and unify against the globalist agenda. This is the real reason that Obama and McCain worked so desperately to trigger a hot war with Russia before Trump could be inaugurated, and why both the leftist and neo-conservative media have continuously perpetuated the false premise that US/Russian “collusion” is the real crime behind the “Russian election tampering” (fake news) scandal. Since the fall of Communism in 1991, the increasingly Christian Russians are NOT our enemy. Unfortunately, “Big Lie” repetition works, which is why Adolf Hitler perfected it during the Third Reich.

This is so very devious, especially by the neo-con media, who are now singing to the conservative choir that Obama should be investigated and punished for “collusion” with Russia. It’s akin to the continuing manipulation of conservatives regarding Syria, tricking them into backing illegal military strikes there by portraying Obama as “weak” for not enforcing his “red line,” though we all learned at the time that the supposed Assad use of chemical weapons was almost certainly a false flag, as was the recent US strike on the same “chemical weapon” pretext – unverified by any independent monitors.

To this latter point, I suggested at the time that ok-ing the latest Syria strike was probably the elites’ price for finally confirming President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, now Justice Neil Gorsuch. That’s just an educated guess, but what’s not guesswork is the larger strategy they had in play to neutralize the president: impeachment (or forced resignation ala Nixon).

The key to the impeachment strategy was James Comey, the long-serving Clinton Family fixer whom they moved like a Queen on the D.C. chessboard, finally elevating him to FBI Director. Republican Comey was perfect for the bipartisan Trump takedown desired by the entire left, and the GOP establishment in leadership of both chambers of congress. But, the unpredictable political genius Donald Trump bided his time, letting the flood of leaks and the frenzy of media impeachment hysteria make him appear impotent, and then completely turned the tables on his adversaries in one fell swoop. He fired Comey without notice while Comey was in California and (allegedly) a team from Trump’s newly secured Justice Department (under Trump loyalist Jeff Sessions) was in D.C. scooping up all of Comey’s records, files, notes, video recordings and whatever else may have been there.

(That was the assertion of this article, which fact I cannot independently verify, but appears consistent with the way subsequent events played out, and may be the real reason Sessions recused himself from the Russia investigation – so as to retain his legal right to hands-on control of the FBI in that matter.)

Importantly, President Trump did not have full control of any part of the US government when he took office, not even the Executive Branch. Nearly all of the career government workers in Washington in all three branches of government were appointed or hired by the elite political class, going all the way back to President George H.W. Bush in 1989, followed by Clinton, W. Bush, and then Obama. Most were either Bush or Clinton/Obama loyalists, and thus presumably enemies of Mr. Trump.

It took most of his first 100 Days just to get his own people into the strategic seats of power. Meanwhile, both parties engaged in sometimes open warfare with him on every act or issue in which it was possible to delay or deny him a victory. Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell forced him to dance the bipartisan two-step on every policy goal, and repeatedly pulled the rug out from under him – willingly suffering political damage to themselves in order to hurt the president. That continues.

However, once President Trump had fired James Comey, the impeachment strategy was gutted. Comey did an almost full reversal under congressional questioning a couple of weeks later (likely to save his own butt) and the Special Prosecutor process was forced to unfold without its intended defendant.

Three things happened at this point. First, the elites in both parties realized they’d not only been blindsided by Mr. Trump, but that he was now in tentative de-facto if not legal control of the Special Prosecutor’s office by virtue of his moral victory and (presumably) Session’s possession of documents and intelligence harmful to the anti-Trump conspirators. Second, the Democrats realized that it was no longer as much to the Republicans political advantage to continue working with them against Trump, but worse, that a broader Special Prosecutor investigation of the 2016 election could, and likely will, go badly for them. This is why they suddenly shifted into reverse on Russia and began telling all their people to back off the election hacking narrative. (I wouldn’t be surprised to see admissions on the left that Trump is innocent and suggestions that the Special Prosecutor is now unnecessary). Third, the largest impediment to President Trump’s full control over of the Executive Branch was now removed.

In my view, President Trump’s first “100 Days” really started with the Comey firing. I expect to see a steady increase in his ability to enforce his agenda, and a concurrent steady shift back to the positions he held during the campaign, hopefully including enhanced relations with Russia. The Left will fall back to Marxist v Fascist street-revolution mode as their power in government and the courts slips. The GOP establishment will continue to generate as much heat as they can on the president but increasingly fall back to deal-making mode to maximize their personal power and minimize conservative wrath in the mid-term primaries.

The real Trump presidency has now begun.

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