The Populists Take the Bait in Charlottesville, VA.

Under normal circumstances the first question most people ask after a fight has broken out is “Who started it?” because we all know that while “it takes two to tango,” there’s almost always an instigator and it isn’t necessarily the person who threw the first punch. When it comes to mob psychology and the phenomenon of rioting or war, identifying the instigator is a little trickier because there’s often an unseen hand stirring the pot of social unrest. In the “white nationalist” incident in Charlottesville, VA, I suspect the instigator is the same network of Bush, Clinton and Obama deep-state intelligence agents, politicians and street activists that’s been working since the election to remove President Trump.

Importantly, this is a network of one-world statists with a common cultural-Marxist worldview. The tools of their trade are ideological polarization to create social and political factions, inflammatory propaganda to breed emotionalism and “group-think” in those opposing factions, and staged street activism to incite conflict between them (conflict usually of a political nature but sometimes of the physical sort). Tactically, they almost always lead with the left because leftists are easier to manipulate, and they use them as provocateurs to get a counter-reaction from the right. Their strategy today is to sucker conservatives into following extreme hard right populists into a war for the streets just as occurred in Germany after WWI. I’ve been warning of this since 2009: , though my prediction of violence was a bit premature.

The Black Lives Matter movement is a big component of the strategy, complete with Soros-funded rent-a-mobs and roving “community organizers” looking for the next opportunity to stage a “spontaneous” riot against the police. But there’s a much larger target than the police in this strategy: it is the entire “right wing.” The purpose of leftist social agitation is not “social justice” (as many of BLM’s “useful idiot” foot soldiers believe), it is to inflame the right. They want war, in whatever form they can get it, because it’s in the chaos of war that the elites make their greatest gains toward a global socialist government. The pattern is similar to how our intelligence agencies have conducted “regime-change” operations in foreign nations for decades (making them all the greater hypocrites for their breathless “Russian collusion” narrative) and now we see a version of it here it home.

I’ve stated publicly that I think the takedown of Bill Cosby, just as BLM was about to be launched, was a part of this project. “America’s Dad,” with his vast reservoir of good-will among white Americans, and a history of rebuking leftist pop-culture stupidity in the Black community (like telling wanna-be gang-bangers to pull up their pants) was the biggest potential threat to their plan. Reviving quarter-century-old allegations of sexual impropriety against Mr. Cosby was a preemptive strike, like taking out an anti-aircraft battery before flying in the bombers.

The Bill Cosby incident is, in my view, directly related to the Charlotte incident, because they are part of the same conspiracy to create race war – or any kind of civil war they can get — in America. You have to think like a “war gamer” to understand how this works and remember that the war gamers of the deep state have almost unlimited resources to play their games with, a broad, birds-eye view of the entire battlefield, and a very long view of history.

I’m a 5th generation Yankee from Massachusetts with relatives who died in the civil war, so I have no particular love for the confederate flag. However, I have no sympathy for the people trying to ban it, in part because I recognize that Southerners’ respect for the confederate flag is not a defense of slavery or racism. But mostly I recognize the present attack on the flag as deliberate provocation for war. The attack is not motivated by idealism but cynical political opportunism. Messing with somebody’s flag is about the surest way to start a fight there has ever been in the history of the world. It’s especially effective for drawing out zealots and crazies.

That having been said, the organizers of the Charlotte march are either completely stupid not to have realized they were walking into a trap, or they were in on the conspiracy. Likely it was a bit of both, since it defies reason that these groups aren’t infiltrated by undercover government agents. If you’re a war gamer, there’s no better asset on the field than your own agent posing as an enemy extremist. I always suspected, without proof, that the Westboro Baptist Church “God Hates Fags” group was their asset in the “gay marriage” battle. What better way to hurt the pro-family movement than to have a supposedly “anti-gay” group stage obscene protests at the funerals of combat veterans in front of network television cameras. What better way to discredit conservative populists than TV footage of rallies where conservatives mix with Nazis (real or planted) carrying racist and antisemitic signs.

I was once a leftist and hung out with the very type of people being described as “counter-protesters” at Charlottesville. I had hair half-way down my back and sometimes wore a ratty denim jacket with a button that read “Smash the State.” I was hanging with that crowd in 1977 when “gay” Nazi Frank Collins organized the infamous Nazi march on Skokie, Illinois (which actually took place in Chicago). Http://

My fellow leftist travelers were simply giddy at the prospect of going to Illinois “to throw rocks at the Nazis” (which some of them did). There wasn’t a hint of “social justice” in their hearts, only eagerness to indulge in rioting with virtual impunity. Being a rather naive young man, I was a little shocked at their cynicism, but I’ve learned over the years it’s the true nature of a great many on the left. I’ve since observed with my own eyes – as a conservative leader being protested by them – that nothing has changed about leftist street activism over the years. There’s a large core of semi-transient twenty and thirty somethings (a subset of whom are hard-core anarchists) and a smattering of grey haired holdovers from the 60s, and they all show up whenever there’s a rally or protest on the issue of the day: abortion, “gay rights,” environmentalism, Black Lives Matter, whatever.

That’s who the majority of Charlottesville counter-protesters were, notwithstanding media efforts to portray them all as local concerned citizens. Almost certainly a few were posing as alt-rightists, carrying the most offensive signs.

I’ve been writing about the phenomenon of social polarization as a tactic of the elites for years and recently shown how this strategy operates in the Obama/Clinton/Bush/Soros “Purple Revolution” against President Trump, predicting growing street violence in 2017.

The left wants war and chaos, and they want conservatism to be equated with Nazism. They got a two-fer in Charlottesville. We must defeat both of those goals without descending to their level to do it. That means re-grounding conservatism in Biblical values and countering propaganda-driven emotionalism with clear-headed rationalism and a focus on healthy, positive goals.

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