Them Cheatin Dems: The Iowa Debacle

The conservative media is exultant over last night’s utterly disastrous Iowa Caucus, with every outlet leading with clips of trains derailing or the crash of the Hindenburg. Some are beginning to suggest the chaos is intentional, as I have believed from the start. It’s not that the Dems want to look like the Keystone Kops, it’s that their greater fear is the Socialists’ loss of control of the party to the Communists, meaning Bernie Sanders or Pete Buttgig. Because the Dems control the mainstream media, they don’t care how bad they look in the short term, because they simply revise the facts later in the official Marxist narratives that the corrupt media and “record-keepers” like Wikipedia present as “reality” forever after.

It’s the same end-justifies-the-means logic that motivated Jerry Nadler to race Adam Schiff like 5th graders to the microphone to give the Dem closing comments on the final day of the failed Trump Impeachment. An even closer analogy is the willingness of Bill Clinton to endure his own impeachment over the (survivable) Lewinsky sex scandal in order to derail the much greater (unsurvivable) threat of exposure for treason in his craven sell-out to the Chinese, including advanced military technology.

Election fraud has been thee hallmark of Democrat politics since “Landslide Lyndon” Johnson’s blatant cheating in the Texas Dem primary of 1948.

Indeed, for seven decades now, American elections have followed the “Chicago Rules” where the only criteria for voting in Dem controlled precincts is a valid death certificate. [Sarcasm] So it’s fully consistent with Democrat philosophy and methodology to sabotage their own primary machinery to create a scenario in which the controlling Socialist elites can cheat Bernie Sanders out of an Iowa victory with “plausible deniability,” however tenuous.

Scapegoating the “New Technology” is the new favorite tactic for establishing “reasonable doubt” about suspected fraud. The RINOs of the Mass GOP tried this against me in my second run for governor. At the 2018 GOP Convention electronic voting was instituted for the first time – after two previous elections when fraud by paper balloting kept conservative candidates off the primary ballot, and – being prepared for it the second time – 2014 candidate Mark Fisher successfully sued the party and was placed on the ballot by the court.

Republicans – even those fully aligned with Democrat policies – are not as adept at cheating as the Dems. When, after the lesser races were finished successfully, the GOP officials called me and the Senate race campaign reps into a back room to announce problems with the balloting wifi, necessitating a switch to paper ballots, I (an attorney) marched out promising litigation. Before I reached my own convention war-room down the hall, the Executive Director came running to stop me, saying “we fixed it, we fixed it!” I then garnered an historic 27.6% of the delegate vote and a place on the ballot with great media fanfare.

I don’t see any way the Dems survive this debacle without civil war in their own ranks. I don’t think they dare rig the votes for Biden, which would be their preference, all things considered. But they can’t allow Bernie to win this, either. My guess is they declare the crisis unresolvable, and either release conflicting tallies to keep everything under a cloud of doubt, or schedule a new vote for some date following an expected Biden win in another state or states. In any case, it’s going to be fun to watch.

UPDATE: What they did instead is trickle out the results, leading with Buttgig beating Bernie in early returns that they let stand through most of the next day news cycle, accomplishing the goal of suppressing Bernie.

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