Scott Lively Describes a ‘Cancel Culture’ for Our Side

Dr. Lively asks and answers the question “what if conservatives fought back using the Left’s rules?” In this video essay, Scott offers a satirical look at what a conservative version of the “cancel culture’ would look like under the banner “Marxism = Treason.”

Marxism = Treason: A Cancel Culture of Our Own

To quote from one of the earliest manifestos in the American Marxist revolution of the 1960s “This essay is outré, madness, a tragic, cruel fantasy, an eruption of inner rage, on how the oppressed desperately dream of being the oppressor.” In other words, it is an up-front disclaimer intended to ensure that the readers recognize the subsequent content as satire.

If “cancelling” things for being socially unacceptable has become the new dogma of the political left, the rest of us should recognize this not as a threat, but an opportunity. Since their leftist “tide of history” has turned our government agencies, courts, schools, media, sports leagues, chambers of commerce and city parks into rat-infested swamps and now threatens to drown the constitution itself, aren’t we now justified in launching a “cancel culture” of our own? Isn’t it about time for a Constitutionalist Cultural Revolution to purge Marxism from America?

What would that look like, if the true American Patriots rose up with the battle cry “Marxism is Treason!” and began using the same rules of engagement that the left has been operating by in 2020. Let’s look at each nest of Marxist usurpers and agitators separately – treating each as an individual cancerous tumor in a host body loaded with them.

We’d want to hit the media first, since they represent the “Air Force” of the far left, and have created a “no truth zone” over America in which any patriotic person, group, and message gets shot down immediately. We’d need a fairly sizable strike force of patriots to make a swift raid on their bases in Manhattan, Atlanta and LA. We clear the buildings, smash the broadcasting hardware, upload military-grade malware into their computer systems, and then burn the structures to the ground. We’d take over a Central Park in each location and turn it into Citizens Judicial Zone where we’d administer judgement on each executive, editor and “journalist” responsible for their campaigns of manipulative propaganda. Each individual would first tried by a jury of citizens based upon the evidence of their work, then we’d horse-whip the guilty, place them in stocks, and eventually release them on the condition they never again work in any field in which public opinion is influenced.

Next we’d want to purge the colleges, universities, pubic schools, teachers unions, and government educational bureaucracies of all the Marxists, which would pretty much leave the entire top strata of each category unmanned. So we’d appoint new leaders from the ranks of patriotic citizens who respect the constitution and the Judeo-Christian principles of America’s founders. All of academia would henceforth be restored as the “Marketplace of Ideas” and, while leftist ideas would be allowed, any attempt to force politically-correct views upon students by any person in authority would be criminalized.

We’d need to deal harshly with government officials who have abused their power to advance Marxist interests at the expense of the constitution. These White liberals would need to be removed from office on the presumption that they only rose to power based on White Privilege. We would hold immediate special and fair elections for new leaders, following the model used by the US Military in Iraq – pots of purple ink for each voter to stick their thumb in so no one can vote twice. Of course, everyone would need to prove their identity before voting, as this would be the new norm we would insist upon forever after.

The judges would not escape justice, either. We’d create a Blue Ribbon Commission on Judicial Integrity to review their past rulings against the standard of constitutional originalism. Judicial activists at every level would be removed from the bench and disbarred.

The Deep State would also be purged. We’d ask General Mike Flynn to head up that effort.

The spineless wimps in the NFL, Chamber of Commerce, and other organizations who have bent over to the Black Lives Matter/Antifa fascists would not be allowed to go back to work but would be forced to spend their work weeks sitting in oversized high-chairs like toddlers, sucking their thumbs and wearing dunce caps.

Our season of change would be of limited duration and have a clean ending point. We would justify it under the logic of the Declaration of Independence, issuing our own Declaration of Restoration (not satire) based upon it. And after the season of restoration, we would simply return to our restored Constitutional Republic.

However, during this season of purging the cancer of Marxism using the Left’s own rules, we would declare open season on the symbols, structures and systems of socialism: allowing the oppressed citizenry, on their own initiative as vigilantes, to strike back against political correctness wherever it may be found – tearing down the abortion clinics, the rainbow flags, the the “safe space for snowfakes” signs, etcetera, etcetera.

But, of course, this is all pure satire, because constitutionalists by definition believe in the rule of law. There is no justification for taking the law into our own hands so long as the constitution stands, and the systems of citizen-delegated government continue to operate, even if they are not functioning well at the moment.

The BLM/Antifa mobs now raging in our streets, tearing down every symbol of American heritage, are doing America a tremendous service: they are revealing the true, hideously ugly face of Marxism for the entire electorate to see, and all the media spiking and spinning can’t hide it from the people. And they’re doing it during the build-up to a national election in which a proven champion of American excellence (who, at Mount Rushmore on the 4th of July, has just delivered the most powerful patriotic speech of our generation), is squared off against a drooling leftist imbecile who can’t remember what planet he’s on.

No, we constitutionalists don’t need to stage screaming tantrums and burn down our own neighborhoods to get our way, we need only to remember the basics of limited, delegated government that the Founders bequeathed to us, and thanks to liberal idiocy, our side is finally WOKE to reality: Marxism is Treason, and it can and must be purged – but within the parameters of the Rule of Law.

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