Scott Lively on Ruth Bader Ginsburg: Her Legacy is Millions of Dead Babies and the Defilement of Marriage.

Click on the graphic to watch the video of Scott’s off-the-cuff commentary on Ginsburg (the correct spelling of her married name) and the implications of her passing for the 2020 election. Editor’s Note: this video was recorded with a low audio setting by mistake so viewers many need to turn up the volume to hear it.

Photo: On March 9, 2015, Dr. Lively and supporter Bob S. visit the US Supreme Court in Washington DC to protest the refusal of Ruth Bader Ginsberg and Elena Kagan to recuse themselves from the ‘gay marriage’ case, Obergefell v Hodges, despite each of them having performed a same-sex “wedding” ceremony during the pendency of the case, the most egregious violations of judicial ethics in the history of the court, destroying the court’s most important hallmark of credibility, the essential presumption of impartiality owed to every plaintiff and defendant in every case before it. Ginsberg, arguably the most powerful woman in the world due to her position on the court, literally defiled the courthouse by presiding over the her faux “marriage” officiation in the Supreme Court building itself. It is for this reason that Dr. Lively, a constitutional law attorney, insists the Obergefell case is invalid on its face, because it “passed” only with the Ginsberg and Kagan votes.

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