A Law Against Medical Tyranny

Peoples’ Control of Emergency Policies Amendment

A bill to amend the Constitution of the United States and/or the constitutions of the individual States to restore the right of the citizenry to limit the powers they delegate to government on their behalf in matters of public health, and to prevent the type of shameful government overreach we the people are still enduring in relation to what is commonly called the Covid 19 Pandemic.

In any public health emergency lasting more than 30 days, the right of the people to control the actions of their elected officials and public health agencies in their response to said emergency shall be deemed the highest priority of government.

From the day in which a public health emergency is declared, or any other event occurs triggering emergency public health related powers by any government actor, all government officials and their surrogates (including any private sector actors and organizations acting in concert with government to explain or implement policies) shall have an affirmative duty to take effective fully-transparent and measurable steps to determine the will of the populace regarding emergency response policies, in any actions impacting life, liberty or pursuit of happiness, so that at the end of the first 30 days the will of the citizenry may be objectively measured and followed.

No public health emergency policy shall be extended beyond 30 days that does not at minimum accommodate the rights of those citizens who decline to be subject to them, and any such policies shall be narrowly tailored to impose the least possible burden on the freedom of the citizens to make their own choices about the risks related to the emergency conditions.

In situations similar to the Covid 19 Pandemic where public health officials determine social interactions of the citizens should be limited, said officials shall not impose any blanket order on the whole citizenry, but create “safety zones” where those willing to live under “lock-down” conditions can go, while allowing the rest of the population to live their lives as they see fit.

In no situation shall any public policy assume explicitly or implicitly that the collective members of the public – the very the body which government receives its limited, delegated powers from – is not competent to decide matters for themselves.

In all situations involving public policy emergencies, the right to freedom of speech among the citizens about any related matter, shall be deemed an essential element of public policy in furtherance of the right of citizens to decide their own course of action, regardless of the opinions of “experts,” politicians or judges.

In any situation in which government officials or their surrogates operate beyond the scope of their powers as limited by the letter or the spirit of this act, they shall lose whatever immunity their office otherwise offers, and be subject to prosecution and punishment for, in a lesser case, felony malfeasance, and in an egregious case involving loss of life, (at minimum) manslaughter.

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