A Pandemic of Self-Appointed Control Freaks

Years ago I had an idea for an super-hero action movie called “The Little Guy” (with a first casting choice of Martin Short for the male lead). It examines the struggles of the “little guys” who live in a land where dramatic existential threats to humanity justify hugely destructive battles between heroes and villains. In my movie the focus is on the average people (exemplified by Short) whose wants and goals are irrelevant to the “elites.”

It opens with one of those ridiculously impossible but now-ubiquitous against-traffic high-speed car chases in which Short and his family are driving along minding their own business but end up in a 100-car bridge pileup triggered by their car being clipped by the “hero” speeding furiously in the wrong direction. As the “aftermath” scene unfolds, the camera stays on the Short family. As they and the people around them begin to emerge from their crumpled, steaming cars in varying states of shock, a second chase – this one in the air above – sends a super-hero and super-villain – locked in combat – careening into the steel over-structure of the bridge, causing a tangle of broken girders to crash down onto a gasoline tanker some distance off that explodes in a ball of fire, singeing all the hair off the Shorts and their fellow innocent bystanders, and knocking them to the ground – as the still tumbling action figures ricochet off into the city, smashing through a high-rise office tower, and disappear over the horizon.

We discover that’s just a typical day in the life of the Shorts. The movie is about freedom-loving people coping with a society made dysfunctional by self-appointed control-freak “saviors” on grandiose self-appointed missions.

Super-hero action movies are popular because they immerse you in the fantasy of BEING the protagonist with super powers, special skills and talents. And with special rights to act as YOU deem necessary, for the “greater good” as YOU perceive it. The normal rules don’t apply to you because you’re super-special, your cause is just, and you are specially empowered by the urgency of the threat you face.

The more unsatisfying or unpleasant your actual life circumstances are, the more likely you are to seek out these “escapist” films – which is why in troubled times Hollywood pumps them out like a gushing fire-hydrant in Hells Kitchen in a heat wave. That Hollywood hydrant has been gushing at maximum flow for a long time now as America’s crisis of culture has continually worsened under the Marxist “social justice” onslaught: wrecking families, eroding the trustworthiness of social institutions and infrastructure, systematically enslaving children in nihilism and perversion. And along the way, these mindless sensory orgies became social engineering tools. (Or perhaps they always were.)

The Matrix was an allegory of gender “transitioning” we are told by its writers. X-Men was the first of many thinly-veiled propaganda series’ glamorizing the “specialness” of teen “sexual minorities” (targeted for extermination for being different, and thus morally justified in taking any action necessary for survival – the subliminal false premise of all LGBT propaganda to kids).

Few are totally immune to the effects of escapist films, especially those who lack a grounding in Biblical reality (i.e. the self-evident intelligently created order that works naturally and benevolently when simply observed and followed). But socially-awkward types, like Anthony Fauchi, are especially susceptible, and can have their minds given entirely over to the fantasy that they are a special breed of human-kind who rightfully hold the fate of the world in their hands. For them it is perhaps films like “Outbreak” that puff their egos and set their trajectory, but the operative logic and psychology are the same.

There’s an entire army of these control freaks in power now. Yes, false “climate change” urgency (marketed as a “science-based” ideology by countless films) is just an invention of cynical globalists to justify forced transition to one-world government, but huge numbers of gullible people have embraced it as their personal crusade – clueless patsy Greta Thunberg being the chief poster-child. The ground troops of the BLM Race-Cult have their own crusade. The White Leftist Antifa Anarchy-Cult has its parallel crusade. Even the child-groomers of the San Francisco and Boston “Gay” Mens Choirs have a social justice mission. https://onenewsnow.com/culture/2021/07/12/gay-mens-choir-blames-qanon-for-its-own-sick-song?bingParse

From the NEA, to the SPLC, to the Biden Whitehouse I could list many other gangs of bullies who live in their own anti-social, mutually-self justifying fantasy worlds fueled by Marxist narratives. But the worst of them is the new multi-national gang of Medical Tyrants, exemplified by Fauchi (and Walensky at the CDC), uniting public health authorities and statist politicians in Soviet-style authoritarianism.

The world has been in the grip of a terrible norm-changing pandemic that truly does threaten the survival of civilization as we have known it. But the disease it has spread globally is not Sars-CoV-2 but “Social Justice Empowerment Syndrome” (SJES). SJES, the “self-righteous disease,” is the virus that causes a spectrum of social-disorders from mindless “virtue signaling” to full-blown conquer-the-world-for-Marxism megalomania.

Humanity could have quickly solved the Covid 19 crisis if all the little-people had a say in the process. We would have quickly and securely sequestered (only) the highly vulnerable as a logical first step. We would have tested, endorsed and adopted the cheap and proven remedies like Hydroxychloriqine and Ivermectin society-wide. We might have agreed to voluntary short-term steps to “flatten the curve” when the numbers first spiked, but we would never have agreed to months of lockdown mandates backed by endless fear-mongering propaganda. We would have never have endorsed a universal mandatory “vaccine” campaign with no allowance for natural immunity or the human right of bodily autonomy. We would certainly never have allowed our public discussion of any of these matters to be censored and suppressed by government and its Big Tech and Big Media surrogates.

But we never had a say in the response to the Covid plandemic, because our SJES-infected “betters” took it upon themselves to decide all of these things for us – and in doing so created the far-greater plague of global tyranny – transforming our world into the set of my movie The Little Guy.

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