The Truth that could Unite Humanity Against the Evil Elites

Click on graphic to watch an episode of Lively Conversations on the topic of this article. Pastor Scott writes: I was one of the first people ever to cross this bridge over the Green River in Greenfield, MA as a newborn baby being driven home to Shelburne Falls from the hospital where I was born. It stands in my mind as a metaphor for the disintegration of America during my lifetime.

[W]hen Gentiles, who do not have the law, do by nature what the law requires, they are a law to themselves, even though they do not have the law. So they show that the work of the law is written on their hearts.” Romans 2:14-15.

I was prompted to write this article by reading a piece titled “Biden’s global initiative to replace Christianity with atheism faces GOP backlash” That “backlash” won’t get much attention amidst the many more urgent news items exploding like cluster-bombs all across the cultural battlefield. But the Biden/Obama initiative illuminates how the elites defeated Christianity here using incremental secularization, and suggests a strategy for Christians to reclaim the planet by uniting theists in a movement to conserve the natural world.

Long ago in America when our society was marriage based and family centered and the health, happiness and innocence of children was a high national priority, the state of the nation we find ourselves in today was unimaginable. Like many of you, I was greatly blessed to have been born in those years – 1957 to be exact – and to have spent my childhood blissfully ignorant of the great evils that today’s children are steeped in. We roamed freely through our neighborhoods with no fear of human predators, safe under the collective watchfulness of all the adults (regardless of their politics) and were tucked into our beds each night before the television networks were allowed to broadcast “adult” material. “Adult” in those days did not mean triple-X porn, but all subject matter deemed unsuitable for children. The world wasn’t perfect, but in most ways that really matter it was so vastly better than what we face today that it seems in retrospect almost utopian.

Utopia: “A society that possesses highly desirable or nearly perfect qualities for its members” says Wikipedia. True utopia is the Bible’s vision of Christ’s Millennial Kingdom. The lion will lie down with the lamb. Children will safely play with vipers. The animals eat grass instead of each other. And the humans live in such harmony and obedience to God that the worst sin described during that era is the failure of a few people to make pilgrimage to Jerusalem to keep the feasts of God. It is the natural world as God created it to be before sin ruined the plan, and it exists for the future thousand year reign of Christ on David’s throne, because Satan and the wicked are held in chains during that entire period, pending the Great White Throne judgment. That is the teaching of the Bible if taken literally, as I do.

As in all things regarding God’s creation, there is an alternative Satanic perspective designed to deceive human beings into turning order to chaos and blessings to cursings. Modernly, that is the “progressive” view, which defines “progress” as the destabilization of all aspects of the natural order, and the self-defilement of humanity. The plan has exceeded all expectations and we’ve reached the “beyond surreal” stage where the political, cultural and corporate elites now devote themselves to coercing children down to the age of toddlers to declare themselves “non-binary” transgenders and demand publicly funded chemical castration and genital mutilation. All other aspects of the social order – fiscal, medical, legal, electoral, geopolitical – manifest a similar degree of chaos.

And, like the “Whore of Babylon,” America has exported its recipe and appetite for chaos across the world, year after year, since the early days of the 20th Century. Initially, we were far from the only center of “progress” in the world, but we advanced important elements of the plan, such as corporate-funded eugenics, and Hollywood-quality propaganda more rapidly, so we took the lead. And, of course, following WWII we gained unrivaled power to force “progress” on the rest of the world.

Now, my analysis so far is clearly from the biblical worldview, which is a non-starter for framing a universalist approach to overthrowing the elites. My intended audience is Christian social and political activists like myself. We’re the type who spread the Gospel across the world in prior centuries against all odds, and we have the drive and creativity to accomplish great things. But we’ve been outmatched in modern post-Christian America because the “progressives” have used their control of public schools and public information systems to “innoculate” the population against traditional forms of Christian evangelism and to make them perceive us as hate-filled oppressors.

“Post-Christian” societies are nearly impossible to re-Christianize because of that, and because most believers have been co-opted to varying degrees by deviously crafted false theology such as the “Social Gospel” (created by Marxist “Secular” Humanists to appropriate Christian “goodness” while rejecting Christ as its source – thus the motto of the American Humanist Society “Good without a God”). After awakening to this reality, I invested a decade of my life trying to re-Christianize Springfield, Massachusetts as a model for the church but largely failed. The problem wasn’t in the evangelism efforts to the inner-city where we were based – those were very fruitful – it was in the vicious opposition to our cultural-transformation campaign by hard-core progressive activists in government, media and on the streets, which intimidated the vast majority of local Christians and pastors into silence and passivity. The progressives, having taken power through Marxist social activism, were never going let upstart Christian social activists usurp them.

The “progressives’” secret weapon for conquest of Christian America was incremental secularization to suppress theism and foster atheism – precisely what the Biden/Obama regime intends to do at a faster pace with this new global initiative.

The key to reversal of their “tide of history” is to remember that even today more than 80% of the world’s population shares an inherently theistic or “natural law” perspective of the world. We have many different religions but all recognize and respect the natural order of God’s universe

The elites use tactics of polarization to “divide and conquer” us, but Christianity’s secret weapon is to “love your enemies” and to bless everyone through self-less stewardship of civilization as a vehicle for teaching and upholding the law of God. We never did it perfectly, but we did it very well in America for a long time, respecting religious freedom. That same perspective and practice, if applied to the task of uniting the globe’s theistic majority to conserve the natural world in all its aspects, could save us all from the elites’ emerging “utopian” transhumanist hell.

The truth that could unite humanity against the evil elites is that God’s law is written on every heart, and, despite $trillions spent pushing materialistic atheism, its most basic elements such as marriage, the natural family and the blessing of children are still self-evident to the vast, vast majority of humankind. Conserving and enjoying the natural world is our collective natural right that Christians are best equipped to champion as our own “global” agenda.

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