Establishing EADN: The European-American Defense Network

by Dr. Scott Lively, White Equalist

Pastor Scott and Pastor Constant “Steve” Cooley, co-founders of the Redemption Gate Mission Society and it’s inner-city mission, tour a Springfield, MA museum display on the history of the abolitionist movement against slavery, October 6, 2019.

It has become increasingly apparent that the “progressive” political left in America intends to fully cancel and erase the heritage, legacy and culture of European-Americans from the United States under the pretext of fighting “White Supremacy.” I am a 14th generation American on both sides of my half English and half French extraction. Like most European-Americans I agree that “white supremacy,” to the extent that it aligns with Nazism or the Ku Klux Klan is wrong, harmful and contrary to the Judeo-Christian worldview that our European-American ancestors founded this nation to advance. In fact, we are dedicated “White Equalists” whose racial philosophy is summarized in the preamble of the first organic law of this nation, the Declaration of Independence: We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal and endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights. We have always believed that.

However, as with so many aspects of the progressive agenda, the words and phrases leftists use are simply euphemisms to put a benign face on malicious campaigns of hate, bigotry and violence. Statistics in police-suppressed inner-cities prove that black lives don’t really matter to “Black Lives Matter.” The supposedly “anti-fascist” Anti-fa is a modern variation of Brownshirt fascism. The LGBT-driven “Diversity, Inclusion and Equity” (DIE) movement is pathologically and narrowly dogmatic and exclusive. “The supposedly “anti-racism” Critical Race Theory is simply a grievance-based system for promoting and institutionalizing anti-white racism. The “my body, my choice” invocation of “self-determination” is a one-way street to the abortuary with no regard for the bodies or rights of unborn babies or anti-Vax born people.

For far too long, European Americans have stoically endured the battering these mentally and morally-challenged anarchists have subjected us to, confident that the law-and-order infrastructure and ethics of civility and good-will we established as the core of Americanism would survive and prevail. Rather than working to bolster and advance “white supremacy,” we conceded that racism and privilege did exist (to a limited, and rapidly diminishing extent) in America, and began working even harder to achieve the truly color-blind society we had always aspired to. It was the racially-diverse but majority-white MAGA movement that proved itself most dedicated to that goal, while pointing out that the people shouting loudest about suffering racial discrimination had been living for generations almost exclusively in the bluest and most “progressive” cities.

But since the 2020 election our confidence in America’s resiliency has been shaken as one after another of our fundamental constitutional rights and systems of self-government have given way to top-down statist dictates and hyper-partisan corruption. And the pernicious ideology of cultural Marxism has swept through both the gate-keeping institutions of the nation and the ranks of our youngest citizens like a zombie apocalypse.

It is time to act on the realization we’ve all been awakening to: that the “progressives” don’t just want to change society, they want to fully control it in every possible way, and to punish everyone who ever supported the old system. And they are on track to pull it off if we don’t rise up to stop them.

European-American identity is not in the least “white supremacist.” It is multi-ethnic, multi-racial, multi-creedal and multi-colored – spanning a wide spectrum from nearly albino-white Protestant Scandinavians, to dark-skinned Catholic Mediterraneans, to olive-skinned Jews scattered across the continent. Our identity is not defined by any of those narrow categories but by the broad and deep Judeo-Christian CULTURE that emerged over the course of centuries on the European continent, and was spread throughout the world during the colonial era – to (on balance) the great benefit of all the people of the world. It is marriage based, family centered (around a loving and nurturing model of patriarchy), community-oriented and civilization-building. Its values in their ideal form are self-determination and self rule, ethics-based law and order, morals-based culture, and tolerance-based diplomacy toward outsiders.

The European concept of natural rights that emerged in the 16th and 17th Centuries during the Hebraic movement in the church embraces and promotes national sovereignty and secure borders, freedom-based entrepreneurialism, the right to own and enjoy personal property and enter into contracts free from government intrusion, and the entire social framework of citizen created and controlled “ordered liberty.”

These are a few of the aspects of Americanism that came almost exclusively from European Americans – embodied in the Declaration of Independence and US Constitution which they wrote and established as law. They are the best parts of our cultural heritage and are things to be proud of and to preserve.

America long ago embraced a multi-cultural identity as people from other cultures came to live among us because of what we had built. They wanted to be a part of it and our immigration policies were generous to them. Despite a few rough patches we welcomed everyone and assimilated them. Slavery was a grievous blemish on our history, but we overcame it, integrated its victims into our society, and increasingly prospered their children and children’s children from generation to generation.

Americans have greatly valued the contributions of other cultures to our own, and the present diversity of our society is a testimony to our goodness and generosity as a people. None of that is problematic.

What IS problematic is the army of Marxist agitators we allowed to exploit our goodness and tolerance until they gained the power to wage a cultural insurgency against us. It is these agents provocateur who have deliberately ripped off the nearly healed scabs of slavery and poured salt into the wounds for their own evil purposes. They are the snakes in the kinder-gardens luring children into sexual debauchery. They are the Satans on the high hills of corporate commerce promising that all the rich kingdoms arrayed before them can be theirs if they bow down and worship at the altar of wokeness. Their every act is designed to destroy Judeo-Christian culture.

I am only one man, and I already have many irons in the fire, but when I see a great unmet need, I attempt to meet it. My answer is to establish EADN, the European American Defense Network under the auspices of my church. I will work to articulate fact and logic-based talking points to help European Americans reclaim our heritage, legacy and culture while also condemning unbiblical “white supremacy” – thus neutralizing the enemy’s chief weapon for demoralizing our people.

Whether you are black, brown, white, Protestant, Catholic or Jew, be proud of your European-American heritage and culture. Get up and fight back. Remind America and the world how much it owes to European Americans, while showing honor and respect to the contributions of other cultures. Let’s show them all WHY America became the greatest nation on earth, by making it great again!


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