The Fall of Roe and Perhaps Soon of Old Joe

Long-time readers know that I got my start in Christian activism with the fight to end child-killing in America. On June 24, 2022, the ruling striking down Roe v Wade was released, and I spent a portion of my day reading significant parts of the opinion. Justice Alito wrote masterfully for the majority in what will go down in American history as one of the most important legal documents ever written. Of course, the greatest praise must be reserved for President Donald Trump who kept his promise to put the three pro-lifers on the Supreme Court who sealed Roe’s fate, and ended fifty years of centralized federal power in service to the culture of death. The Dobbs v Jackson ruling was a powerful blow against the Altar of Molech, and for both Life and Federalism.

Importantly, while the scandalously leaked early draft of Dobbs suggested we would get a 5-4 pro-life decision, the final vote was actually 6-3, with Chief Justice Roberts joining the conservatives in upholding the Mississippi ban on child-killing past the 15th week of gestation. To my knowledge, I am the only conservative pundit who publicly called for Roberts to side with the conservatives as a message to the insurrectionists on the left that their efforts to intimidate the court into preserving Roe MUST backfire on them. And, indeed, Roberts concurred in upholding the Mississippi law, while dissenting on the issue of overturning Roe and Planned Parenthood v Casey. To his credit, Alito eviscerated Roberts’ arguments for preserving Roe in a special section of the ruling.

Now the battle to end child-killing shifts back to the individual states, and the battle lines are clearly drawn. This is a huge problem for the political left because continued hyper-polarization under the illegitimate Biden regime has strengthened and solidified the most extreme elements of the far left inside the Democrat Party, and exposed their truly lunatic beliefs and agenda to the whole country. “Moderate” voices on the Blue Team have been drowned out by homo-fascists across the board, who now exercise effective control over even corporate America, as evidenced by the self-immolation of Disney, which has lost nearly half its stock market value in just a few months and yet openly presses on with a plan to groom all of America’s children into homosexuality and transgenderism.

Dementia Joe’s response to the Dobbs ruling was to declare that the 2022 election would now be defined by the fight for abortion. First, it won’t be defined by abortion because nothing can truly compete with the economic meltdown and runaway inflation as a voter priority. But second, even if abortion could compete, the voters are absolutely NOT ideologically aligned with the radical left’s very extreme position. And third, for once, the psychological impact of public policy being “settled law” in the minds of the general public will work in our favor and not against us.

Remember how this phenomenon worked on the issue of “gay marriage?” When the Obergefell v Hodges ruling came down in 2015, suddenly half the pro-family-leaning members of the public just laid down their weapons and surrendered because “gay marriage” had become “settled law.”

I predict that same thing will happen on abortion, and that fact, in turn, will infuriate the hard left and ratchet-UP their pressure tactics against the remaining part of their coalition still under their influence — especially political leaders. In that quarter, there’s another psychological impulse that we will observe among the zealots, which is that during this time of stress they will want to punish the ““moderate” leaders for not being pure-enough in their ideology and actions.

The cunning witch Nancy Pelosi understands this phenomenon very well and went “full radical” during the first Trump term to prevent AOC from usurping her leadership role. She could get away with that because her position is by nature partisan, but Dementia Joe can’t. A hyper-partisan presidency — on either side of the line — is offensive to the very types of American’s who capitulate naturally to “settled law.” And, he’s already earned their distrust and disfavor by losing control of the economy.

Frankly, I think the overturning of Roe may be the last straw for the putative Biden “presidency.”” No matter how far he shifts to the left, he will not be able to placate the growing “Jane’s Revenge” contingent, but every step he takes in that direction will alienate more and more of the political middle. And the rest of the Democrat elite will increasing realize their only hope to avert the total shipwreck of their political fortunes will be to toss the “Joe-nah” overboard.

While the Roe reversal is an encouragement, and the prospects for a Red Tsunami are seemingly improved, the bigger picture both domestically and geopolitically is still greatly concerning. Rats are most dangerous when they are cornered, and we know the rats we face across the world today are capable of great evil and willing to justify virtually any means toward the end of keeping and consolidating power.

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