The painful case of Pastor Scott Lively, homophobe to the world


This article came out today in the Washington Post.

I am pleased to note that I have been promoted to “’perhaps the most extreme’ of a network of U.S. evangelicals” but that designation was by a different writer in the National Journal here

I have replied to the WP piece below (you should read that article first).

With the Sochi Olympics gearing up, I expect there will be many news articles bashing me as a symbol of resistance to the global “gay” agenda.
Now that I’ve reached a place in my personal spiritual walk where I don’t fear the persecution and don’t really care about the opinions of the world and the man-pleasers within the church, I now actually enjoy the battle for truth. All Glory to Our God who gives boldness in place of timidity and peace in place of worry.

Why do the Heathen rage? In part for our amusement 🙂

Dr. Scott Lively

Just a short note from the “fever swamps.” The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion was a vicious piece of false propaganda designed to harm the Jews based on irrational hatred against them. The facts I relate about homosexuality and the “gay” movement are all true and well documented, some by our own Centers for Disease Control. And my purpose is not to harm homosexuals but to prevent them from co-opting mainstream family-based culture which will not survive transformation to the sexual anarchy model of the “gay” subculture.

Ironically, at the time the Protocols were “discovered” and being disseminated across Europe the Jews of Germany were engaged in a Scott Lively-style attack on the homosexual movement. Jewish moralists led by newspaper mogul Maximilian Harden exposed a homosexual cabal in control of the young Kaiser leading to a huge national scandal and very public trials. Writing in the 1940s German Jewish writer Samuel Igra postulated that this public shaming of the power-hungry “gays” was the initial cause of Adolf Hitler’s hatred of the Jews, since Hitler was by numerous accounts a male prostitute on the streets of Vienna and Munich during those days and likely identified with the defendants. It’s at least plausible.

In any case, Rauch is drawing a common false comparison between Jews and homosexuals. Being ethnically Jewish is an immutable status like being African or Chinese. Each of these is morally neutral. Homosexuality, on the other hand is a form of voluntary sexual conduct with serious moral, sociological and public health implications. It is irrational to discriminate on the basis of race or skin color. It is irrational NOT to discriminate on the basis of harmful sexual conduct.

In closing, I guess we’ll find out just how devoted Mr. Rauch is to free speech by whether he arranges for me to have a chance for rebuttal other than this note in the comments section of his attack piece. This is my formal request.

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