The Next Phase of the Culture War

For those with eyes to see, the culture war we’ve been fighting for over half a century — the war of Christianity vs. Marxism — has entered a new phase. The Marxists have for all practical purposes defeated the American church, the last major barrier to global government, and the battlefield has shifted and broadened to the international community of the developed western world. There, as here, the Marxist elites have already successfully implemented LGBT cultural supremacy and granted favored status to Islam, to neutralize Christian political influence (in all but a few pockets of resistance, such as the countries of the former Soviet Union).

Having thus severely weakened the western nations their new emphasis is the elimination of national boundaries, while creating the infrastructure for global governance under the pretext of “climate change” and “sustainable development.” That “Transforming Our World” agenda was formally adopted September 25, 2015 by the UN General Assembly in a campaign led by Barack Obama and endorsed by Pope Francis.

They are moving so very swiftly now that they have awakened the sleeping giant of nationalistic populism internationally. That has produced the Donald Trump phenomenon, BREXIT, and the rise of the so-called “Far Right” in numerous countries. An ideological world war has begun that will result in enormous political and social chaos that the elites will attempt to use to their advantage by expansion of the police state — but with a globalist flavor.

Much of the American church is stuck in the value voter strategy of the past decades (one which I have fully embraced for most of my adult life), placing its hope in Ted Cruz, the magnitude of whose loss reflects just how much “value voter” influence has diminished — a fact that should sober all of us, even those many Christians who support Trump. If Mr. Cruz had run against Dole, McCain or Romney he would have won the primaries in a landslide and become the darling of the conservative movement. But the political landscape has changed — dramatically and irreversibly — because the globalists have defeated our moral-values agenda and have begun their one-world end game.

The fight now is existential for the concept of national sovereignty that underlies all forms of government in the world political order — even the strongest and best of all of these forms, our Constitutional Republic (as it was envisioned by our Founders and honored by our grandparents).

After World War I, those who failed to adapt themselves to the new paradigm of war built the concrete-bunkered Maginot Line in France as the ultimate, unconquerable defense against German aggression. But in WWII, the Germans just drove around it.

As American Christians, let’s not make the mistake of fighting the last war rather than the next one. The battlefield has changed and we can exploit that change to our advantage if we’re smart. Let’s help the populists defend national sovereignty and defeat the Cultural Marxists, AND be fully prepared to reoccupy the positions of cultural influence that the Marxists stole from us as they are pushed back across the cultural battlefield — similar to the way the Russian Orthodox Church under Putin has re-claimed the positions of cultural influence in the Russian Federation from the Soviet Communists.


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