Woe to the ‘Progressives’

Woe to those who call evil good and good evil”… Who call regression progressive, and progress regressive. (Isaiah 5:19-23 paraphrased)

The reprobate Kenyan usurper posing as President of the United States — the one who defends infanticide and champions the global normalization of sexual anarchy in its most perverse forms — has called upon the world to raise its standards of morality. With the cool condescension that has become his trademark, Barack Obama recently extended his international apology tour to Hiroshima, where he proclaimed to the planet “we must re-imagine our connection to one another as members of one human race.” Lofty idealism from the center of the nest of Cultural Marxist vipers that is called the Obama Administration — where such vague abstractions so easily justify the raw abuse of every organ of the most powerful office in the world in the pursuit of global political and cultural hegemony for an ‘oligarchy’ of predatory corporatists.

The irony of Marxism-driven crony capitalism seems to be lost on the American public after several generations of dumbing-down in “progressive” public schools and universities, as is the hypocrisy of a lecture on moral restraint in science and technology by the president who has perfected assassination by robotic drones, lauded the inhuman experimentation and marketing of human embryos by Planned Parenthood, and pushed the world closer to nuclear war out of a visceral hatred for the pro-family moral conservatism of the now anti-Marxist Russian Federation and its resurgent Russian-Orthodox state church (and a well-founded fear that Russia could lure back the still family-oriented former Soviet countries absent Obama’s new cold war).

But those with a Biblical worldview are not deceived by Mr. Obama, nor the self-proclaimed “progressive” movement he heads by virtue of his role as its chief spokesman, nor the war-mongering wolf-in-sheep’s-clothing progressives of the GOP establishment.

Yet even among the enlightened there are few who directly challenge the claim that the agenda of the Marxists represents progress. For example, we allow these pompous and self-righteous moralists-without-moral-understanding to perpetuate their narrative about a supposed leftist “tide of history” without interruption, and by our silence allow their fantasy to become self-fulfilling prophecy.

It would greatly benefit the world for American conservatives to start educating their neighbors on the meaning of true “progress” in human civilization.

The root of civilization is heterosexual duality, the “one-flesh” paradigm of Genesis 1:27 and 2:24 without which human life and the natural family would be impossible. And the story of civilization’s progress is the story of our collective embrace of virtue over vice in our relations with one another: self-restraint instead of self-indulgence. It is the essence of the teaching of Jesus Christ on human affairs — which happens also to be a self-evident truth for anyone of any religion who seeks to recognize the hand of God in Creation (Romans 1:18-20, 2:14-15).

Thus the “progressive” goal to eliminate legal and social policies that favor heterosexual norms, monogamy and family-centered communities — and that discourage sexual promiscuity — is not at all “progressive.” It is regressive! It represents the unraveling of the social fabric, not the weaving of it.

In nearly everything the “progressive” perspective is upside down and backward. Good is evil, evil is good. Capital punishment for self-confessed murderers is morally indefensible. The permission to kill innocent unborn babies during the birth process is a moral imperative. Tolerance for lethal-disease-spreading voluntary sex acts that have killed millions is our highest social value. Public disapproval of these acts is a loathsome form of anti-social conduct so egregious that it justifies the suspension of the constitutional right to free speech. And on and on.

This is not a novel analysis. But it’s rarely translated proactively into a rebuke to those who use the word “progressive” as if it really means progress.

Our cultural opponents are not progressives, they are regressives, and we should all agree to challenge them on this fact every time they use the term from this day forward.

Ps. And lets not forget to pray for them to be saved and restored to sanity, even Mr. Obama.

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