A Memorial Day Foreign Policy Suggestion for Mr. Trump

[Preface: I am writing this article on Memorial Day, 2016, in the City of Cherbourg, France, one of the first and most important cities liberated from the Nazis in the Allied invasion of Normandy in World War II, when the United States and Russia were united in the common cause of defeating Nazi fascism. I dedicate this article to the memory of my father, Maurice Lively, who later served in the US Army in Korea (at the depths of Russian/American hostilities) and to President Ronald Reagan, whose vision of a Russia restored to its Christian foundations and whose work to destroy the Communist stranglehold there has largely been realized. This is published with a reminder that the center of Marxist evil in the world has shifted from Russia to America and to the EU where it thrives at the heart of the so-called Progressive movement that is now so close to defeating Christianity in the west. On this Day of Remembrance, let all true lovers of freedom vow to resist the Marxist monster in our midst as aggressively as we once fought it in National Socialist Germany and Soviet Communist Russia. ]

There aren’t many things about Barack Obama’s foreign policy I would want any politician to emulate, but there is one thing I would like Donald Trump to do if he becomes President: apologize to the world for the actions of his predecessor! Especially regarding Obama’s attempt to force the fascist LGBT agenda on everyone, everywhere in every possible way.

After that Mr. Trump should shut down the anti-Russian war-propaganda that the Obama/McCain/NeoCon axis relaunched in 2013 after the Russians passed their law banning homosexual propaganda to children. That law — a monumental achievement in the fight to preserve Judeo-Christian civilization — highlighted the glaring contrast of values between the now anti-Marxist Russia and the now pro-Marxist US and EU, and shifted the contest for influence in the still family-friendly nations of the former Soviet Union in Russia‘s favor. Within a few months several nations, including Ukraine, moved toward adopting a similar law and for a short while it looked like an international pro-family counterrevolution would emerge to challenge Obama’s dangerous global LGBT blitzkrieg.

Whether or not the passage of that law was a cynical political ploy by Russia (as some pundits wrongly claim), Mr. Obama and Germany’s Chancellor Merckle could have easily countered it by simply articulating and affirming America’s and Europe’s traditional family values to reassure those nations being lured eastward by Russia’s pro-family stance that we respected their beliefs. What a tremendous blessing that would have been for everyone, including those interested in building friendship instead of hostility between the US and Russia.

Instead Obama chose to abandon the “reset button” policy he had previously announced toward Russia and moved to revive the cold war. Pushing the world closer to nuclear war was deemed preferable to putting the “gay” agenda on hold.

I believe and have stated previously that Obama’s devotion to the LGBT agenda was his chief motivation for orchestrating (with the help of his pal George Soros) the Ukrainian coup to oust pro-Russian president Viktor Yanucovych in 2014 — in defiance of the EU (remember Victoria Nuland’s “F*ck the EU” comment in the planning stages of that coup? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CL_GShyGv3o ).

That coup — or “regime change” if you prefer — created the current tensions deliberately. Obama knew that Russia’s vital strategic interests in the Crimea would force the Russians to annex it rather than lose it to the US and EU (the Ukrainians have always been pawns in this proxy war). And then, accompanied by John McCain on the war drums, an old medley of anti-Soviet propaganda themes was dragged out of mothballs and re-worked to convince US news media-watching population (especially the conservatives — since we were most at risk of recognizing Russia as a pro-family ally) that Russia, not the US was the aggressor, and (ridiculously) that the Baltics and other former Soviet countries could soon be at risk of a Russian ground invasion.

That was and is a contrived pretext at best but one that seems plausible to Americans with cold-war era memories but little knowledge of the enormous positive changes in Russia in recent years. And one that has since been bolstered by three years of Soviet-style anti-Russian propaganda in both the left and right leaning major media.

(It’s quite disappointing that conservatives who can spot “progressive” political bias from a mile away on a whole slate of domestic social issues turn around and give credence to the same lying journalists and media organs when it comes to foreign policy. Especially after watching Russia demonstrate such diplomatic maturity and military finesse in Syria — while building mutual cooperation and respect with Israel — in such glaring contrast to Obama and Clinton’s disastrous ineptitude in that region.)

In concert with the smear job came the economic sanctions, collapse of the oil prices and other machinations designed to bring Russia to its knees, which so far have failed, in large part (I believe) because the Russians are vastly strengthened as a people and a nation due to the rise of the Russian Orthodox Church and the growing revival of their Christian faith. Russia is not the godless “Evil Empire” of the Soviet Union any longer. (That demon moved to Germany in the early 90s and reinvented itself as the EU). Russia is not flawless by any means, but it is a country of good people that could be a great friend of America if we stopped letting Obama and the GOP establishment poison the relationship to further their nefarious elitist and anti-Christian agenda.

I suggest that Mr. Trump could do the world a great favor and dramatically ratchet down global tensions by following Mr. Putin’s example of pushing back the Marxists and the gangsters within his borders (yes, he had his own versions of the Clinton and Obama crime syndicates to deal with) and inviting the church to reclaim its rightful place in steering domestic policy norms back toward faith and family values. Then by redirecting the US State Department to promote greater family-centered cultural cooperation with the Russian people (and all the people of the world we have offended and harmed by pushing sexual deviance on their children). With a return to authentic family values would come a natural desire to steer away from war and its evils, and a new basis for seeking common ground in all geo-political affairs. And as always, the climate for doing business would improve when our goals are driven by a common desire to pursue mutual benefit rather than exploitation and control by force of will and arms.

In his run for president, Mr. Trump has seen the true face and character of America’s domestic enemies in both the “Progressive” movement and the GOP establishment. Hopefully he will (if elected) have the vision and courage to rebuild America’s moral and patriotic infrastructure in such a way as to severely diminish the influence of these anti-family Marxists and to increase cooperation with countries like Russia which are doing the same.

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