His Created Things

Birds 3 (2)

Once while wandering on the Oregon coast
On a sandy patch
Of a rocky beach
I found the perfect Sand Dollar.

I carried my prize in my hand to the next beach
Then wondered, “Is it still alive?”

“Are you alive?” I asked the shell.
And from a little round hole on the “tails” side
Came a tiny white tentacle that touched my finger.

I almost cried.
Then I set him down by the water’s edge
And thought “Who is man that Thou art mindful of him, oh God?”

In the early dawn this morning
On a ship off Nova Scotia
A little bird lost her way.

She flew into the wall and fluttered at my feet.

She let me pick her up
And then nestled contentedly in my open hand.

We watched the sun rise together.

Thank you Lord God for loving me
And teaching me to love like you.

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