The Christian Solution to Jihad

I have just returned to the United States from a two-month personal fact-finding tour to assess the state of Christian civilization in the west, visiting sixteen countries, including especially Austria, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria in Eastern Europe as well as London for the BREXIT vote. I also met with Christian social activists, and conservative-minded citizens of Canada, Germany, The Netherlands, and other European and Scandinavia countries, keeping a generally open itinerary, following the leading of the Holy Spirit and closely observing whatever He put in my path. My focus was on the two primary threats to Christianity in the world today: the LGBT agenda and Islamic Jihad; and the two strategic processes used to advance them: “sexual revolution” and “open borders” respectively.

My initial motivation was to gain first-hand knowledge of the populist cultural revolution occurring in the western world, and in the process confirmed my hypothesis that it is a reaction to rapid globalist overreach caused by megalomaniac Barack Obama’s drive to accomplish the entire leftist agenda of the global elites during his eight years in office. He awakened the sleeping populist giant and, despite some impressive gains for his Marxist cause, has created untold grief for his New World Order fellow-travelers such as Angela Merkle who have little choice but to bend to the will of the most powerful man in the world (and face the socio/political consequences). They deserve every last bit of the growing backlash they are experiencing.

However, my goal is always to seek solutions to the problems facing the Kingdom of God on this earth, and I perceive a golden opportunity for Christians of the west to turn the “progressives” crisis against them – if we can reclaim a more masculine perspective of Christianity and the courage to assert it forcefully. Our examples are the “Peace through Strength” approach of Ronald Reagan, the last true example of masculine Christianity in American government, and (with important reservations) that of Vladimir Putin, whose Russian Orthodox-dominated Russian Federation boasts relatively harmonious relations with it’s sizable Moslem population (and an LGBT community that keeps its business private rather than trying to shove it down the collective public throat).

Like the Christian kings of the Middle Ages, these imperfect men exemplify the authoritarian-leaning style of leadership on display in the Old Testament – the only form of government that war-like adversaries can respect (as Americans re-learned most recently in World War II, and Korea).

It might seem that the American experiment begun by the Founding Fathers has failed. The generation of our pioneering forebears who wrested independence from King George by force of arms and cries of “No King but Jesus,” would not recognize their legacy in Obama’s America. Those children of the First Great Awakening – who established the world’s first Constitutional Republic firmly and unapologetically on the foundation of the King James Bible and its laws – would be deeply ashamed of the wusssified Church of today. Somewhere along the way “mainstream” Christianity morphed into Secular Humanism, losing its moral bearings, the strength and order of the patriarchal society, and the guidance and protection of Almighty God.

But there remains a courageous conservative branch of the church that is battle-hardened from the culture-wars and filled with the same righteous anger that fueled the American Revolution. And I saw the same spirit in the populist movements in Europe and the UK.

With certain reservations I also view Donald Trump as an example of masculine assertiveness, that is probably closer to the “whole Bible” Christianity of the Founders than is today’s average “mainstream” Christian. The Bible does not teach the sort of moral perfectionism some have demanded of Trump as a prerequisite for their support, but on the contrary offers many examples of morally flawed men placed in leadership of civil government by God Himself. My son Samuel has aptly compared to Trump to Samson, a rough and worldly man of God’s own choosing – perfectly suited to his time and task.

The present-day error of Christians in the west is attempting to apply rules for New Testament church governance to the administration of civil government, when nearly all of the Bible’s guidance on that topic comes from the Old Testament. Not coincidentally, that is the also where past generations of Americans and prior Christian nations found their model for the family-centered, male dominated patriarchal culture that provided the stability, security and order that post-modern America has almost entirely lost.

What’s missing in the church today, in far too many homes and communities, and in the governments of the western world, is strong male leadership grounded in the “whole Bible” worldview, even if not modeling a perfect moral example. That is what finally stopped the centuries-long advance of the Moslem Crusades against Christian Europe in the Middle Ages. That is what drove America’s “Greatest Generation” to victory over the Nazis in WWII. That is what forced the collapse of Soviet Communism during the Cold War.

The lack of it is what has invited Islamist violence inside our borders.

What will make America (and Europe) great – and safe – again is assertive, resolute, paternalistic and decidedly masculine Christianity. It’s time for the church of Jesus Christ to “man up,” throw off the shackles of political-correctness in all of its forms, take back the culture from the atheists, libertines and radical feminists, and set an example of strength and order.

The progressives have long bragged that social crises provide the greatest opportunities for advancing their Marxist agenda. Now their champion Obama has brought upon us the mother of all social crises – an existential threat to western civilization in the form of moral and gender meltdown and a metastasizing terrorist cancer. However, in this crisis it should be Christian patriots who step forward to take the initiative – to gently but firmly restore by force of true law and moral right, our Biblical and constitutional foundations.

That is the Christian solution to Jihad, if we can rise to it.

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