Obama’s Hitlerian Departure


Top: The Museum of Liberation, formerly the Fort du Roule, on the peak of the Montée des Résistants. Bottom: Cherbourg city and harbor as seen from Montée des Résistants .



Immediately after D-Day in World War II, the American forces of the Allied Coalition set their focus on the liberation of Cherbourg, France in Normandy. The City of Cherbourg, with it’s heavily fortified deep-water harbor became a key strategic foothold and transportation hub for America in Northern France, allowing supply ships to deliver a steady stream of troops and cargo directly to the continent for immediate deployment to the front lines.

However, when he realized that Germany would soon lose control of Cherbourg, Adolf Hitler ordered Rear Admiral Walter Hennecke to make the city and harbor unuseable. Hennecke so thoroughly demolished Cherbourg and filled the harbor with debris, sunken ships and mines that Hitler awarded him the Knight’s Cross for “a feat unprecedented in the annals of coastal defense” on the day after his surrender.

As I watch our current occupant of the White House, Barack Hussein Obama, spend the final days of his disastrous presidency frantically working to make the Executive Branch unusable to President Elect Trump, I cannot help seeing the parallel.

In his article, “Whatever happened to that smooth presidential transition Obama vowed?,” McClatchy editorialist Andrew Malcolm (no Trump apologist he), asked the following rhetorical questions:

“Since Obama vowed to run a smooth presidential transition, what’s the real point of picking a tardy diplomatic scuffle with Putin? What’s the real point of setting Israel…adrift at the United Nations now? Why issue all these offshore drilling bans and new federal regulations? Why commute more federal prison sentences than a dozen past presidents combined? Why keep releasing Guantanamo terrorists when so many return to their homicidal careers? Might it be to plant political IEDs for his annoying successor…?” http://www.mcclatchydc.com/news/nation-world/national/article124204569.html#storylink=cpy

Clearly, Obama’s vindictive strategy is repulsive even to many liberals, and reflects similar egomaniacal errors of judgment to Hitler’s. Like Obama, Hitler presumed himself to be a great strategic genius. After the fall of Cherbourg, while laudeding Hennecke, he ordered Cherbourg’s General Friedrich Dollmann to be court-martialed then micro-managed subsequent maneuvers, making tactical blunders that cost the Germans the entire peninsula, and eventually the war.

Like Hitler, Obama’s bad decisions invariably lose territory for his team: and each new bruise to his self-image requires a greater need for revenge, further clouding his judgment. During his administration, Democrats have lost 63 House seats, 10 Senate seats and 12 governorships domestically. Abroad, Obama has lost most of the Middle East, virtually destroyed our relationships with Israel and Russia, and squandered America’s formerly deep reservoir of goodwill with countless nations by forcing “gay marriage” and Soros’ “open borders” agenda on them. That’s the short list of harms from Obama’s abuse of power.

Based upon my observations in more than 25 countries, I am convinced it was Obama’s presumption that he could achieve global victory for the whole progressive agenda in just eight years that triggered the populist backlash. He used his power to fast-track leftist goals and force them upon every world leader who would submit (Merkle being the foremost willing patsy and Putin being the leading refusenik). Bad for the elites, good for the rest of us, because just as we would never have had Ronald Reagan without suffering Jimmy Carter, we would never have had Donald Trump without suffering Barack Obama (assuming Trump will emulate Reagan).

I happened to be in Cherbourg on Memorial Day 2016, a week before the D-Day anniversary. I celebrated America’s sacrifice for the cause of freedom by climbing Montée des Résistants (Mountain of the Resistance) to the Museum of Liberation at its peak. The panoramic view of Cherbourg city and harbor was spectacular. I was deeply sobered as I contemplated the cost of liberating it from my cliff-top perch on a gun emplacement of that once massively fortified mountain stronghold.

Less than a month later, after a speaking and fact-finding tour of the populist revolution in Eastern Europe, I was in Central London for Brexit, and after further missionary travels returned to the U.S. on November 7th to vote the next day in the most important election of our lifetime.

I’m not terribly worried about Obama’s scorched-earth strategy, now that it’s clear the Russians will not be suckered into a hot-war with the US. Now largely impotent, Obama’s increasing nastiness will do nothing but enhance President Trump’s mandate, alienate average Americans and further marginalize Obama’s core base of Cultural Marxist zealots.

I believe 2016 was the turning point in the global culture war. The astounding, earthshaking Brexit vote in England was D-Day. Trump election was the taking of Cherbourg. What comes next is clearing the harbor and rebuilding the city, in this case Washington. Once that has been accomplished, and the populist/conservative movement has its stronghold, an advance can begin across the battlefield that unites all the various allied armies scattered across the map, and the long-enduring “French Resistance” of pro-Bible, pro-life, pro-family, pro-constitution partisans.

There is one concern on the near horizon, however, that we all should be mindful of. As the Americans were securing Cherbourg they also worked to join with the D-Day forces. In taking the Town of Carentan in costly house-to-house fighting (what we’re likely to see in political form in Congress and at the UN over the coming weeks) they formed one contiguous Normandy front. But the Germans counter-attacked to try to break that line and nearly succeeded in the legendary Battle of Bloody Gulch.

Andrew Malcom reports “…as Democrats seek to restore their party….For the first time in nearly a century a former president decided to reside in Washington. Obama has rented a mansion and office space.” I have no doubt that Obama is planning his own Battle of Bloody Gulch but one which he assumes he will win. Megalomaniacs cannot surrender graciously. Backed by armies of social justice warriors on the streets and in the hardened leftist bunkers of media, academia and big-money foundations, Obama will fight like a cornered rat to protect his legacy and it’s underlying ideology. Be certain of it, and never stop fighting until freedom has been restored.

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